Alright, I can breeze through act i no problemo (like most it seems).

Now I've been doing some farming and upgrading but I seem to have hit an impasse here in terms of where/what I need to gear up (obviously everything could be better and some are probably obvious). I could use advice in where to go next, here is my character info and all equip I'm currently using. Any advice on taking the next step to get my reasonably comfortable in act ii would be greatly appreciated.

(Hopefully it's all readable i tried to limit the size as to display correctly on a low rez laptop screen, when I'm playing in 1920*1200)

I vary my skills and am still experimenting with builds but my current norm looks something like this.

BoH w/circle of life
BF w/faith in the light
Serenity w/ascension
Moh w/time of need
FoT w/lightning flash
Seven sided strike w/several sided strike

*Edit, passives are transcendence, one with everything and seize the initiative.

I've been sort of stuck here for almost a week now and haven't really made in progress in progressing through act ii, so again any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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