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Achievement "Crispy Critters" (Bug?)

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I've been trying to do this achievement by burning the RIGHT critters but i cant get it for some reason i've tried to get them to little hp then burning, burning from full hp, middle hp, burning a 10 mob group, 5 mob group, only 3, but nothing i cant get it, is it bugged or they have to die ALL at the SAME time? not a fraction of a second allowed?

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Im having the same problem too. I put a full hour in on this last night. It such a pain to kite these sparse critters around the map. I ultimately have to clear the whole map first before I can even attempt it.

Long story short I think its bugged as well. I had them all (5) die at the same time and it didn't count.
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Yeah. I've tried a few times myself. I'm pretty sure it's bugged.
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Yeah, I just had 6 die at the same time (the splash saying so popped up), but no achievement. :(
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same here
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I'm also having this issue with the achievement. It has to be broken. Blizz please look into this.
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Also not working for me :(

I am making sure to use Tormented Spiders, not Stygian, and still no dice. I've had all five die at once and just three, and it didn't trigger. Clearing the entire floor multiple times before having them spawn. Just doesn't want to trigger...
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There is a video of someone getting the achievement, but that doesn't mean it's not bugged currently. I can't get it, myself.

This brings the total # of bugged achievements on my list up to 6 (No Stone Unturned, Wanderer of Tristram, Taking Notes, Primary Sources, Espionage, and now Crispy Critters).
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It´s pretty specific how you have to kill them.

This is what I looked out for:
The Tormented Stinger must be FULL HP(unequip any thorns equipment/dismiss followers)
The Tormented Stingers must die in the same SINGLE flame blast.

Important: Tormented Stingers can only die to 1 flameblast in Soloplay. If you´re in Multiplayer, they get a HP boost and dont die to 1 flame.

I know this achievement is very frustrating^^ Herding single stingers and painstakingly killing dozens of other monsters with non aoe skills or simple weaponswings.
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this is already addressed in the known issues list.

the achievement isn't actually bugged -- but the description of how to get it is misleading in a way.
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Yes, they're full HP, and yes, they die in the same single flame blast. Done this several times with and without additional enemies, it's never worked.


Just saw the post. The description implies that all of the critters are found in the same zone, but they're not, good luck? That doesn't make sense to me. I can get over 3 tormented stingers in the Arreat Crater level 2 every time, from the Hell Bringers. So...again, I really don't get what Vasadan means. Super confused now. But, if it's as simple as changing the description of the achievement, something that would take minimal time and effort to change, I don't see why they wouldn't have done that by now.

Anyway, if you two are saying you have the achievements, I guess that's evidence enough that it's not bugged. But I would need more clarification as to how it's done, because I've been doing it exactly right, to my knowledge, and have no more ideas as to how to do it differently. Are there different kinds of demon forges, maybe? If so, I haven't been able to tell a difference...
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I got it. -_-
I'm thinking the achievement doesn't work in the Arreat Crater, at least not level 2.
But I got it on my second attempt at doing it in the Tower of the Damned, level 1.
I was doing the exact same thing that I had been doing in the crater, so either only tormented stingers from TotD work, or it's a fickle achievement that only hands itself out once in a rare while for no apparent reason.
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Based on what you all described here, and the information on the following page and video:


I was able to get it doing it the following way.

* Start at the quest Kill Azmodan or The Second Heart and use the waypoint to travel to the Tower of the Damned, as they suggested.

* A Hell Bringer can spawn on the eastern side south of the last forge, but also on the west, and since I was doing this at 60 I just ran the outer loop clockwise to check in both locations, clearing as I went. I made sure to clear because this kept the unwanted mobs out of the way of the forge flame and made it easier to control which mobs went into the flame.

* I did remove all thorns gear first, because I have way too much (did this on my monk), and after 2-3 attempts found they just weren't dying in the first blast of the forge.

* I kited them back to a forge that gave me a good angle to step into, and I equipped one item with thorns, gloves that had 12. I just let the stingers hit me until 3 of them were about half health. Slow and controlled with the 12 thorns. Stepped into the forge where the cone of the flame would get at least 3 and got the achievement immediately.
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Thank you khynnea that seemed to finally work. I had killed 4-5 at the same time in the tower like 15 times but it only gave me the achievement when i had put on some low thorns (6damage) and got them all to like half health then stood in the flame.

This just does not seem to work if they start at full health, even if they all die in the same firebreath. Tower of the Damned level 2 seems to have a Hell Bringer near a forge about 80% of the time.

Tip: I would also kill everything else in the area before having the critters pop out of the ground to make it easier to control them. Hope this helps.
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i've been doing this in normal mode for about 2 hours now i do no damage to the tormented stingers and 3/5 die in a single blast(no thorns) only thing i do to them is freeze them with frost nova and not gettin cheevo could the frost nove be screwing it up?
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It took me about three tries in the Tower of the Damned. First I went through and cleared the whole map of enemies, being very careful to not destroy any cocoons or get near the Hell Bringer. After that I walked around getting as many of the stingers as I could. I did it with a lvl 60 character, so I just stood right up next to the fire: walking towards the far end, with the creatures trailing behind, then tucking up right against the side of it, so they had to swing around and line up to get at me.
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I did it the same way as GennyWar. Other websites say that they cannot be damaged, but that is incorrect. I brought five from the Hell Bringer over to the bottom-most hell forge (the same level as the waypoint), and made them all clump together. I found that forge to be easiest because it has a little hole you can let them group together on their own in.

The first fire blast killed two and damaged the other three, second blast kill three in one shot and that was the achieve.

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Bunk! I call bunk on this! It IS bugged! I just killed NINE of these sons of !@#$%es in Arreat Crater lvl 1 and nothing. I pulled all 9 in on me, the first flame killed 6 of them (I know it got all six cause I got a massacre bonus for it), and the second flame killed the last 3. At neither time did this achievement trigger. I'm SO SICK of all the bugs in this game! Blizzard... ^-*! you. Fix your damn game!! What's the matter? Didn't have long enough to make it?
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You have to kill exactly 3 dudes at the same time, not one more.
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It's not bugged.

Make sure not to be going after stygian crawlers, they are completely red. The tormented stingers have a blue tint to them. Visit the tower of the damned, first floor. Find a hell bringer, and then clear the area around it and make a path to a demon forge (fire breathing trap). Once everything is clear, run next to the hell bringer, and 5 tormented stingers will spawn. Lead them over to the forge, and have them stand in the fire. As long as 3 of them die in the blast (doesn't have to be right at the same time), the achievement will pop.
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