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Barbarian Stat values?

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Hey all, so here's a project I've been trying to work out for a while.

I want to find a way to set the value (not gold) of gear. The idea would be something like this:

Gear Stat / Value of Stat / Per Point of Stat

Armor = 1/1
Str = 1/1
Vit = 1/1
Res All = 10/1
Life on Hit = 5/1
Int = 1/10
+ Damage = 2/1
DPS = 1/1
Attack Speed = 3/1

SOMETHING like this. This would let us figure out the value of an item based on its reward. An example would be:

Chest Armor of Exampling
Armor = 300
+ 50 Str
+ 50 Vitality
+ 10 Resist All
(Overall Value = 300+50+50+100, or 500)

I know LoL had something like this as an addon, but some simple rules would be awesome. it would really help me out, for one. I KIND of do this when looking at new gear for upgrades, but it's by no means perfect. I might, for instance, choose a +50 Res All armor vs. a +100 Str armor that also had Vitality, which SOUND's OK, but my DPS goes to pot, as does my HP.

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There's too many variables to make it as clear cut and dry like this. Sometimes you need super high dps for an elite, sometimes you need more defense and resists and survivability. It depends on the situation but I will say that having resists and keeping your strength = vitality helps a lot.
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The problem with viewing stats like this is the values change based on your current stats. if you have 13k armor but 100 resist all, then the resistance is going to be like 1000/1. It's all based around what you currently have, that's how you determine upgrades.

Say you have 50K HP, 500 resist all, but 3K DPS and 5K armor, now strength is going to be like 1000/1.
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So then, instead, what I really need to do is find "minimum stats for Inferno Act 1" and gear around that over values in general....
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