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How to fix patch looping - Aussies

i'm sorry but no. I did this and it went back to doing the same thing after changing it back.
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this might sound like a silly question, but when all you guys say 'it worked' do you mean the patch update worked.. or the patch update worked and your in playing the game right now as we speak?
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It's a good question. I used the fix and my game is now saying it's version 1.02 but I'm still looping
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ReiJin's method worked
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OK my bad, the fix that worked the other day no longer works, and neither does the OP's (created two new files...)
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It doesn't work for me. I am still getting that silly patch loop. =(
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Works! Thanks :D
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I tried it and got the corrupted file message also. Didnt think of just moving the file and now Im re-installing luckily it doesnt take to long.

I'll try the language thing if I have the same issue.
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bleh tried this trick twice, did both the monkey magic forum dudes tricks aswell...

update bar comes up, dls 100% but yeh when the menu screen comes up its ver. 9749 and not the new one.

after you guys claim 'its worked' is it actually the new patch? or have you guys gotten past the 100% bar and just gotten stuck?

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Worked for me, updated and able to play the game.

Thanks for doing Blizzard's job for them.
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Thanks Reijin. followed your instruction and it done the job smile
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Did not work for me.
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I've just got it to work by renaming the .agentdb.

Was: .agent.db
Now: ren.agent.db

and it worked a treat (which is weird, I was hoping it would say "can't find file, downloading another")
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Thanks ReiJin, worked a treat.

For thos still having trouble make sure you open the file in wordpad and save after the changes!. Also the first and last instance of http://enUS.patch.battle.net:1119/patch were correct for me, with the middle entry about halfway down the page reading as http://enEU.patch.battle.net:1119/patch which i changed to US.
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You're all welcome.

In regards to anything I've done, and does it work so I can play?

I have an Aussie version of D3, Collectors Edition. Bought it from EB. Play on the US servers.

The changes I listed are the only changes I've made.

I am currently in game and able to play with my level 44 Demon Hunter.

If it didn't work for you, I'm sorry, but it worked for me and others. If you need more help, I'd suggest sending an official request to Blizzard.
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Got it working! For those of you who still struggle: after you changed the Agent.db file, save it, and then, DO NOT start your game from desktop, start it from the windows menu and it will work!
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just got mine working.
game refused to update when opening through steam (non-steam game). changed the enSG's to enUS's, etc. opened through the actual game .exe, and it updated.
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Patch downloaded and now playing again. TYVM
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