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so, how long should I keep farming act 1 inf

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06/01/2012 07:57 AMPosted by Beorach
If you need gold, you might try slipping back to hell where you can burn through quickly and sell all the items you get. I was salvaging everything in my a3 nv run last night through a3 hell and still made about 100k in an hour without really trying too hard in lesser gear than you have.

Well this might be ok for you, but you can pretty much get this from butcher runs and better chance that something good drops that will sell for a lot more, or something good drops you can wear.

I would either start at the last quest to kill butcher or the one to kill warden then the butcher. Then after 5 nephalem stacks I would go to the old ruins wp and look for the dark cellar and Dank cellar and quickly kill anything in those.

Just my 2 cents if you guys are having trouble.
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I forgot which WP it is, but there's a WP where you are close to "Cave of the Moon". Inside you can find 2-3 packs that will quickly give you 2-3 stacks of Valor, plus chests. Then you can go to Hall of Agony > Cursed Hold afterwards to get 5 stacks to kill Warden and Butcher.
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NV is Nephalem Valor. I'd love to be running Inferno but haven't had much luck so I've taken a step back to farm and save up gold for better gear. I'm setting in mostly 50+ int / 50+ vit / 20+ resist all stuff now with int / ias jewelry. My weapon's a fast (1.6 attacks per?) 600 dps 1h and I'm using a damage orb with int on it. Reading up on here has me thinking I need to get 50+ resist all gear and hit the movement speed cap before I try kiting in Inferno again (or maybe I'll go back to trying to melee by getting armor / resist all / life on hit stuff (and then likely find it's nerfed after doing so)).
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Now do you recommend farming certain parts of act 1 or the whole thing over and over again? Right now I start at the part before jondar and run all the way to the butcher before resetting. Is their a more efficient part of act 1 I can farm?

Frankly, it doesn't matter.

If you're wearing a significant amount of MF, champion/chest farming is slightly better. If you run around with 200% MF, you'll get lots of rares from champ packs and chests. In that case dropping your stacks to make a new game wastes time even with the boss waiting on the other end. So you down the 5 easiest champions you can find to max out your mf, then go find all the random dungeons for their chests. They're only somewhat "random", not very hard to find them at all with some practice.

If you're relying only on valor for MF, farm champions to 5 valor, then do jailer + butcher. (have jailer's drops been nerfed??) Bosses have special behavior where some special number of extra drops default to rare quality. Meaning valor has a much larger impact than MF.
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I've only read about Nigel Cutthroat's drops having been nerfed. You remember him, right? Aren't you watching your back for his "thieves guild" despite having gone to hell itself?
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Gone through with 20k life and 24k dps ~230 res. Did die 1-2 times on the way to Belial (+/- 400). Belial himself was a piece of cake (only arround 15 death mostly due to the snakes in phase 2). Blizz/Hyd/Elec

The key (for me) was the timing of diamondskin/teleport and in which situations to wear the +2k hp/+12%runspeed/-1.6k DPS boots and in which not. Another important thing was when to use teleport to create the tankimages and when to keep it off CD for retreat.

If you find a Group of Meleesnakes or those fast crawlers with defensive skills or fast pull em into a corner and die. The rest of the champs in A2 are rather easy.

Extremly rewarding doiing it w/o the AH. But better be wiperesistant.
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