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Safest char for hc?

People consider monk and wd to be safe cause of their passive which gives you a second chance in case you screw up.
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got my wiz to act 2 hell (lvl 57) all solo with no difficulties whatsoever. died to something stupid which was my own fault and not my build. i feel 100% safe doing the exact same build (almost identical to the build listed a few posts up from me for the guy farming treasure goblins in inferno). wizard is great because your two "oh $hi+" skills are diamond skin (absorbs tons of dmg) and a double teleport. if you cant double teleport your way to safety then you shouldn't play HC anyway, lol.

if you would like to add me i can give you plenty of insight as to the survivability of a wizard. my new wiz is now 41. and i could use some hardcore friends on my social tab, all my friends play softcore like a bunch of sissies.

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SO you'd rather play a "safe" char than one you want? Sounds dumb. Go back to SC
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So far I've played DH and Wiz, both still alive. Wiz in Hell, DH in NM. As long as I keep up with my equipment and use my head I decimate everything that tries to get close. Some special mobs have really given me trouble (almost lost my DH at a surprise ambush by lucari warriors with Jailer and Arcane) but overall I've managed allright.

Planning on going monk as soon as one of these dies, so no comment on that.
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I'm a little put off by this question. I was playing with my DH lvl 40 and joined a public game with some random WD. Immidiately he asked me "why would you play a DH on hardcore, they die so easy. You should play a WD." About 5 minutes later he got killed by a unique mob that I took out on my own.

The game is designed so each class has its advantage and disadvantages, but overall they are pretty well balanced. Each class has its own type of heal an or escape techniques. Survivability is going to be base on how you play as how you use the tools that are given to you.

Monks and Witch doctors do each get a free death at high levels, which is a big plus. DH has some good evasion skills and with its high DPS if your good at kiting you can down some of the most fearsome mobs. Barb is just a beast (though inferno is a beast killer), as wiz has some great damage reduction.

I recommend you play whatever class you like, and use their skills to the best of your abilities to survive. Just remember all of us will die eventually.
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