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DH Act 3 Inferno Trouble (Help!)

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So I managed to get through Act 2 without to much trouble, putting aside the fact that everything 1 shots me, EVERYTHING.

Now I'm on act 3 and having alot of trouble, I think it's because there isn't enough room to kite properly without a ****ing bat coming down and 1 shotting me with a fireball.

I was curious what's the best route to go gear/spec wise? Should I just go full DPS (glass cannon) or Hybrid? I'm kind of hybrid at the moment which isn't helping at all because everything still 1 shots me, which is why I'm thinking that resistances are a wasted stat for Demon Hunters?

Here's my current spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRXVYl!eTY!YcZbZc. This build has treated me pretty well but I haven't explored any other builds.

Some Stats:

Dexterity - 1354
Vitality - 772 (27k HP)
DPS - 29919.19 without Sharpshooter and 57749.95 with Sharpshooter.
Armor - 2339
Attacks per Second - 2.03
Critical Hit Chance - 8% without Sharpshooter.
Critical Hit Damage - +110%
All Resists - 180-250

I'd love some insight on what I should be looking for gear wise and maybe another spec that has worked for any of you that play a DH.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Do the exploit or get someone to give you the waypoint for The Siegebreaker.
The entire first half of A3 is stupid hard compared to the rest of the act and the loot is worse, so there's really no point in ever doing that content ever.

These were my stats at the end of A3:

1311 Dex
971.9 DPS XBow (673-1094 dmg)
55% Increased Attack Speed
24.5% Crit Chance
204% Crit Damage
DPS: 38k

892 Vit, +20% Life bonus, 37.7k HP
2409 Armor, all resistances below 50
25% Movement Speed
Despite all this I can count on one hand how many times I survived getting 1 shot. The health is really just to make the Azmo fight go smoother.

Caltrops - Immobilize
Preparation - Backup Plan
SS - Lingering
Marked for Death - Mortal Enemy
Hungering - Devouring
Elemental - NT

My DPS is probably a bit higher than what you need to clear the act, I had my passives set wrong (didn't want to fix them and lose 5 buff) and still had little trouble.
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replace battle scars with either backup plan or focussed mind. healing 60% becomes useless when you are one shot.

replace torturous ground with something else. a couple enemies getting stunned for two seconds looks good on paper but when most mobs move so fast that they are on you faster than your reaction time can even percieve it makes no difference, you will get one shot.

same with the rain of vengeance. the knockback effect is more effective but im sure there are other skills you can take.

consider replacing archery or steady aim with tactical advantage. the movement speed boost it gives with ss is enough to move through an entire mob of baddies while invulnerable giving you great opportunites to escape. the one you take off would depend on your weapon. if a xbow replace steady aim, if a bow replace archery.

bat companion may be a good option if you find you run out of hatred fast spamming those nether tentacles but depending on your play style you could go with something else.

and yes go glass cannon. no amount of dmg reduct or res is going to save you from this nightmare..
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90 Tauren Druid
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Thankyou very much for the replies. I will try your build, D2MX and the change of passive you suggested, metagod.

Also anyone up to give me The Siegebreaker WP then? :P
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Second that.
Anyone who quickly explain "exploit waypoint for The Siegebreaker" and give me the WP will get 100K from me.

Add me :)
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that build i just used. got to act 4, 60min ago and had the same stats as you with no problem at all.
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Wasn't aware of any exploit however I have the WP to Siegebreaker if anyone wants it.
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Would like the waypoint
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I can roll through most normalm mobs in Siegebreaker with stats similar to DMX minus the HPs but most elite packs just destroy me... What am I doing wrong?
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Guys, there is a bug to get the siegebreaker waypoint (or any waypoint actually).

Dunno if its a good information to be posted on a forum, because we can still use it before blizzard patches the exploit. But do some research, its not that hard to find.

And about your problems... The only way to try and tank stuff with DH is using SP Gloom. I tried it for a day and was a big !@# failure. With 4k armor and 500 resist all (both kinda low, but way higher then yours) I was able to tank 2 hits with gloom on... That just dont cut it.

Im still hoping that a mixed build will arise and our days of being one shoted will be over, because thats just utter boring. But not yet, and not without TONS of gold.

So yeah, drop all that health/armor/resist, cause it wont help you at all!
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