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Dont want to use sharpshooter

I just got to 41k before ss, and i have 20% crit, 250% crit dmg and 2.06 attacks per second ( with 2h xbow )

Just wondering if it would benefit me more with something else, like night stalker.

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with that kind of +crit damage; no...it wouldn't benefit you i don't think.

Now, if you start losing crit damage in favor of natural crit chance or IAS then, sure, other passives might be more viable.
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Basically, why this question came up.

103k After Sharpshooter.

Got a quiver with 15% IAS and 7.5% Crit Chance.

92k After Sharpshooter.

Without Sharpshooter though, i was at 38k, then i went to 41k with new quiver.

So it made me think maybe with 20% crit i can drop sharpshooter.

So you're saying i should keep sharpshooter on then? :)

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i think if you're at 25% crit chance you don't need sharpshooter

cull the weak is pretty amazing when u combine it with damage or the +10% crit caltrops
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I use Archery/Steady Aim/Tactical Advantage. Dropped SS awhile back and never looked back.
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i like tactical advantage for sure. hmmm

cull the weak could be good too, i will try a few.

thanks for the replies!!
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The higher your +crit damage, the more benefit Sharpshooter is.
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oh really?
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With high % to crit w/o sharpshooter (like 20% at least), Sharpshooter won't benefit you that much since you don't need to force crits. Also, you will be hitting crits pretty consistently so that SS will never get a chance to stack up. The only other passives I would take in its place are Tactical Advantage and Night Stalker for mobility and disc regen, respectively.
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Thats what i thought, i could see low crit % and high crit dmg sharpshooter would be better. but i also have high crit %, so i think i wouldnt benefit enough from it
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Let me fix this for you:The less often you would otherwise crit, either from playstyle, weapon speed, or gearing, the more benefit sharpshooter is.Meaning if you crit like crazy anyway, sharpshooter is not needed. If you don't crit that often, sharpshooter becomes awesome.

Okay, that makes sense. lol

Thanks :)
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Cull the weak seems to be the best, some nasty crits
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