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Stats for Inferno Act 2

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So far (despite bad equipment), I put everything in damage.

My question is, for the act 2> 3> 4, I must continue ignoring the HP (how much hp for this?), and put a lot of damage. Or should I put HP (how much?), resistance and leave damage a little behind?

Thx and sry about my english guys.

Today i have: 1k Dex, 20k HP and 20 resistance >.<

Thx for all :)
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Stack damage until you can farm Act 3 siegbreaker. Then you can start to add HP at that point if you wish. You definately need at least 70k dps with sharpshooter before you start to add defensive stats.

I recommend you keep a defensive set and a dps set. I don't mean go any buy out two whole sets of items. I mean if you find for e.g. gloves with good defensive stats, then keep both the defensive gloves and your old offensive gloves.
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I just got 60 yesterday, played a barb and just rerolled a DH and A2 inferno is giving me a tough time. I have 24k hp, 68k DPS with SS...

Its mostly those cats that keep jumping at you, any tips for A2 in general? A1 seemed SOOO easy.
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06/03/2012 07:05 PMPosted by RPaj
Its mostly those cats that keep jumping at you, any tips for A2 in general? A1 seemed SOOO easy.

Learn to kite, learn to exit game when you get retarded affixes, and be ready for lots of rage quitting.
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run faster...
finger on SS button...
put some caltrops...
have mercenary by your side...
cross your fingers, that you don't get that random range effect kill you after you've killed those mobs.
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80 Tauren Druid
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Right guys... thx a lot for all this informations ^^

How much Damage i need to make Act 2? I have 54k and is too hard kill mobs "fast".
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