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Some unmentioned viable builds

Hi all you fellow wizards out there!

I recently looked through some of everyone's build ideas and noticed that nobody had anything similar to mine so i thought i'd introduce a couple of new ideas, this is the build I've been using on inferno so far and it works very well for kiting, killing packs, single target, not dying, killing elites and pwning bosses.


Essentially the idea is that blizzard and hydra will pretty well deal with any pack and make elites kiteable while force armor provides the ability to survive a few hits from most things, the homing missile is great for corner shooting and with arcane dynamo passive you can tell if there's things off screen, once you get 5 stacks you fire your laser for obscene amounts of damage and turn all the elite mobs into a pile of snow on the floor - this works because channeling spells keep the +75% weapon damage from arcane dynamo until you stop channeling them. Also a nifty thing to remember is that if you have a cold damage weapon the cold blooded passive will also help you with basic weapon damage from arcane missile.

I've found that taking too many utility skills like teleport and mirror images just results in dying from a lack of ability to snare mobs or dish out enough damage so instead i just rely on moving about a little.
Currently i only have about 30k dps while buffed and ray of frost still crits for anywhere from 70-130k (which happens often with 30% crit chance) I also roll with a 1-hand weapon, off hand and Wizard hat each of which has +15 max arcane power which is important for a semi-spammy build, if i had any arcane on crit i would change the ray of frost rune to black ice or numb but i simply cant sustain the channel at the moment without it costing less.

This one is just a fun build for party play, it pretty much requires that you have a decent crit chance and a fair amount of arcane on crit but if you can pull it off then suffice it to say you could roll with 3 assassins (high single target dps) in your group because you alone will be able to deal with every trash mob on screen.


This one is also just a fun build for party play, feel free to switch out storm armor or sparkflint for other skills like blizzard for more CC (if you can handle the arcane cost) but you WILL need extreme amounts of arcane regen for this


I use this in party play sometimes when i'm rolling with other high dps classes as it buffs their damage immensely with conflagration and tends to make most of the mobs on screen flinch all the time: The general idea is just to keep every mob debuffed constantly, if you have a fire damage weapon you could switch out the shock pulse for any other primary skill and if you're mana pool is suffering you could always go with arcanot familiar and energy tap force armor... beware this build RAPES FPS!!
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uhh i dont know how you expect to survive with just force armour, no diamond skin or teleport what are you going to do if anything gets close?
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ray of frost in a kite build? uhhh
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No reason not to use venom hydra, or at least arcane. Frost hydra is redundant.
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OP isnt up to Inferno?
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it does say in the first couple lines that I am, this build dishes a truckload of damage, perhaps try it out before just outright going "oh thats not the stock-standard" why would someone repost what's already being done?
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How on earth do you think this is a good build in inferno.

You NEED teleport or atleast mirror images/nova.
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