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In a collaborative effort with the community, I'm putting together a list of some of the common and hard to find questions about Followers in Diablo 3. This is a work in progress, please add your input in the comments below, and lets hope for a sticky.

Q: Why does my follower hit for so little damage! Is something wrong?
A: No, nothing is wrong. The companion is not meant to be as strong as a second player, but they make things a easier in single player mode. They have a 15% damage modifier, which of course depends on their gear (though stats are added differently, see below). This might not sound like much, but the extra damage, cc, heals, or buffs, makes things a lot nicer.

Q: Is the companion stealing my XP?
A: No, he doesn't.

Q: Does +xp, + magic find, and + gold find on my companion help me?
A: Yes, it does, though at 20% of the amount on the gear.

Q: What about other stats?
A: No, primary stats or weapon damage on your follower's gear only affect your follower.

Q: I picked a move for my companion that sucks compared to his other ability, what do I do?
A: Right click the portrait of your companion, and hit retrain. It's instant and free.

Q: What's the best follower?
A: This is like asking what the best class is. There isn't an answer. Pick based on what you like. The contribution they give shouldn't make or break your game, so something as simple as liking the follower's dialog is a good enough reason to pick that follower over another.

Q: My follower keeps grabbing mobs and killing me, what do I do?
A: If you're in an area that you'd rather have no help than have the follower run off and pull a group of elites, simply right click the follower's portrait, and hit dismiss. When you're ready to have them again, just port back to town, and hire the follower again. You'll port back to the very spot you left. I will say that I have very little problems with the Templar doing this.

Q: Where is my Follower's gear? How I do I change his weapon?
The F key will bring up the screen to look at and change your follower's gear, as well as select which moves you pick for them.

Q: I see on the D3 site that followers update their gear, when does this happen?
A: Edit 6-10-12. When you hit 29 and 49, your follower will upgrade the next time they level up or the next time you hire them. Even if the unused follower appears to be and a previous tier, hire them, and their visual armor upgrades.
  • Kormac: Green tunic - Armor with blue kilt - Armor with red highlights.
  • Eirena: Bikini Top - Not showing cleavage - Not showing midriff. Although crude, it's an easy way to differentiate the three sets.
  • Lyndon: Light Jacket - Overcoat - Dual quivers at the hip.

Q: Will I get more dialog with my followers in higher difficulties?
A: I think so, but I still don't have a definite answer. I'm on Act II of Hell now, but haven't noticed a difference.

Q: What stats should they use?
A: You'll most likely get more bang for you buck stacking vitatility to keep them alive longer, but the three companions have the same primary stat as their character counterparts. Templar uses Strength, the Enchantress Intelligence, and the Scoundrel uses Dexterity.
Edit 6-5-12: Followers get 2.5x primary stats, to make up for the smaller amount of gear slots. That being the case, prioritize primary stats on weapons over + damage, even though + damage is better for your character at lower levels.
Edit 6-6-12: Followers get benefits from all primary stats just like characters do.
  • Strength increases armor.
  • Intelligence increases resistances.
  • Dexterity increases Dodge change.
  • Vitality increases HP.

Q: Will reselecting skills for my companion cause my valor buff to reset?
A: No, it won't.

Q: Why won't my companion hit level 60?
A: JOLSL posted an answer for this. Your active companion can ding 60, but your unused followers stay at 59 until you level them individually to 60.

Q: If I roll a new character, what level will my follower be when I meet him, will he have the same gear?
A: Your follower will be your level - 1 when you meet him in the game, and he will start with the default gear.

Definitely more to come, this is what I can think of atm. If you have questions to add or answers to correct/add to, please do, and a stick would help! Thanks for the help from posters so far!

I simplified a lot of the answers to get away from the 5000 character limit, I'll keep refining things over time.
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One of the achievements is; "I'll Be Your Wingman"
"Lets a follower get the killing blow on all the following enemies.

Skeleton King, Queen Araneae
The Butcher, Maghda
Zoltun Kulle , Belial
Cydaea, Siegebreaker Assault Beast
Ghom, Azmodan

I'm getting pretty close to getting this one since I've been trying one of each character class and gender, at least through Normal and/or Nightmare. The companions do update their gear as far as I see so far, and I'm continually hearing new conversation out of them. Each of them will comment about each area, a lot of players might be missing this if they don't swap their companions around and let them play tourist in the areas they haven't seen. Some of it is very amusing, and I find the companions very helpful in slowing or distracting enemies, if you keep improving their gear. I wish Blizz would let you give them armor, it would help their survivability,and help us pack-rats clean out our inventories.
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I mean the three tiered update of gear that's a stark change. The Templar keeps the same gear aside from his weapon and shield and then upgrades to a new set that includes a helment. The same goes for the other two companions, there's a stark sudden change, I don't know when or why it happens.

See the example here:
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Elothox, I have a character almost ready to change difficulties and I'll watch and see if the gear changes then, IIRC they got their new gear then, but I'm not certain.
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Thanks TimberCutter. I know for sure that my templar changed the first time around Act III in normal, so it might be tied to the Act, or perhaps difficulty. This game is so new we don't have the established theorycrafters and guides like we do for wow.... yet. :3
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Updated a few things.
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The followers do get new dialog, seems like it's per-difficulty-level at least. I know after hearing the same stuff out of the Enchantress forever during Hell mode, I've heard a number of new dialogs from her so far in Act 1 Inferno.

As far as effectiveness goes, I think Enchantress has been the best for me (wizard) so far. In Hell and higher the follower's going to die regularly anyways, so it's just a matter of "what buffs/abilities will help you out randomly when they happen to be alive", and her attack speed and confusion/pushback abilities are decent, and at least her DPS (w/ +int gear) isn't quite as horrible as the others
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You get 20% of your follower's mf/gf
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Dialogue options are not affected by difficulty, but are affected by which quest youre on. Any new options you are seeing in higher difficulties just means you missed them the first time around. Random lines that they say out in the world might be affected by difficultty however, not sure on that.

Followers do 15% dmg, however, their abilities have no dmg reduction, so gearing is still useful.

As fluffy said, you get 20% of the followers gf/mf, i would imagine this also applies to +xp.

The followers visual armor is a tricky thing. Its not strictly lvl based, as my HC barb had kormac in his blue armor set in the mid 20's. Now at 32, the enchantress and scoundrel are still in their basic outfits. I keep kormac geared, but havent given lyndon or eirena a single piece of equipment. he is also still in normal, so its not necessarily difficulty related either.
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You may want to add in that changing your followers spec will not reset your nephalem valor buff.
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The followers visual armor is a tricky thing. Its not strictly lvl based, as my HC barb had kormac in his blue armor set in the mid 20's. Now at 32, the enchantress and scoundrel are still in their basic outfits. I keep kormac geared, but havent given lyndon or eirena a single piece of equipment. he is also still in normal, so its not necessarily difficulty related either.

It's possible that it's related to what act you're in. I noticed Kormac updated around the beginning of Act III or so. Lyndon and Eirena don't have super noticable changes compared to Kormac. But the simple ableit crude way is this:

Kormac: Green tunic - Armor with blue kilt - Armor with red highlights.

Eirena: Bikini Top - Not showing cleavage - Not showing midriff. That's the easiest way to describe the three sets of gear for her.

Lyndon: Light Jacket - Overcoat - Dual quivers at the hip.

I'll work this into the FAQ above, and I've incorporated several answers into the FAQ, thanks for those that have helped, please request a sticky.
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Q: Why won't my companion hit level 60?
A: I've heard conflicting things on this. Some people have posted screen shots of their companion at level 59 with the XP bar saying 0/0 of level 60, while others have posted shots of the follower at the correct level, I assume this may be somewhat glitchy, we might have a definitive answer in the future.

I don't know did the game design it like this or it a bug, but my unused follower stop level up at level 59, I need to bring each of them out for a run at the field to get each of them back up to LV 60
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I have only used the templar (i'm a witchdoctor) and he's not died but maybe 2 or 3 times. When my pets die the mob or mobs will come after me. In fact..even when he stands in fire his life doesn't go down. He has appox 100k health at level 60. Is this normal?
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Durell, I'm not sure what would cause that. But I know that in WoW there's a passive aoe avoidance that pets have, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a similar mechanic in the works. But I know that my templar has definitely taken aoe damage in the past.

Izayah, I tried to only add one definitive thing from one set to the next. There are several changes in each tier, but the ones I mentioned are very obvious in looking at follower.
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Izayah, one other thing, my Barb is 46 now, so I'm coming up when the change happens. I'll try to pay close attention to both myself and my follower to see when it changes, and then post the change.
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I just hit 49 on my Barbarian, and my templar still hasn't upgraded his gear. So we'll see what happens in the next few levels.
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Update to my last post. While still at 49, my follower's gear did upgrade. The other followers appeared to have not changed yet, so I hired each of them, and they upgraded as soon as they went active.
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I found followers have the most dialog options that can be unlocked AFTER beating diablo while they are standing around congratulating you, but before ending the game. The templar even finds out about his past by using Jondar's technique, among other things the followers do in the "epilogue."

Weapons with bonus cold damage will give your followers' auto-attacks/abilities a built in snare that lasts for around a second before Inferno, and less once you reach Inf. Combined with the Scoundrel's multishot, and you have an aoe slow tied to his attack speed. If you use a bow with IAS, 2xRings+Amulet with IAS, your scoundrel will attack slightly faster than twice a second. I don't really use my followers for damage at all but more to help me contain the mobs and keep the heat off me by using cold damage snare/chance on hit.

Also, 'chance on hit' works with followers and is my favorite thing of all time to give to them. It gives their auto-attacks and spells a chance to trigger random affects, like stun, freeze, blind, knockback, immobilize, chill, etc.

Amulets can have 'chance on hit to blind' and although you can't search for it in the AH, it is the only 'chance on hit' that amulets can get. So give your followers one of these bad boys and expect to have your enemies get sand in their eyes every now and then. All 'chance on hit' effects work on elite/rare packs, but the length of it tapers off in Inferno.

Weapons and shields have the widest range of 'chance on hit' of any piece of gear. While most armor slots are relegated to only one affect per slot, like belt=freeze, gloves=stun, bracer=knockback, etc etc, weapons and shields can have any of the 'chance on hit' effects.

My favorite chance on hit to use is by far is Stun and Freeze. They both prevent the mob from doing anything, like moving and/or attacking. Fear and Blind both prevent attacking, but doesn't stop them moving. Immobilize stops them from moving but they can still attack - this effect is more suited for kiting builds where you don't want mobs to be in melee range, but even still archer/ranged mobs will be able to attack. Knockback has a small stun attached to it while they are being pushed back, and Chill is basically the same as having cold damage on your weapons.. when it procs.
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