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Is there a way to not die alot as the monk?

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As a DH I can just stutter step to avoid attacks, but idk what to do besides just stand there as a monk and as a resut, i die quite a bit. Are there spells that let you micro more or is this just part of playing the monk?
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Move. If someone casts a desecration pool under you, move.
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yeah obviously. what about for everything else?
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Use Shift+attacks to better manage space around you.

Poison, molten, desecrate

Anything dropped on the ground just move to where you need to be to avoid taking the extra damage then hold shift and punch away. Rinse and repeat.

Frozen, move to a spot where you wont be frozen and hold shift and fight.

Most of the times what happens is if your not holding shift. Your character will move into combat and will be standing on something bad. Back up an inch and shift click to still hit the same target but be beyond the aoe damage range.
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Stack mitigation until your eyes bleed. Armor and resists. Use one with everything and pile on one resist of any type and +all resist.
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Serenity now!
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Awesome, thanks guys
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Why are you dying so much? Maybe I'm not that far into the game where it actually gets difficult or maybe you are on a different difficulty setting than I am. IM able to heal myself with spells and I use potions when needed, That guy that follows me around also heals me from time to time. Maybe I will get to a point where I start dying more later on, Hopefully it does get a little harder later in the game. Basically all i do now is blitz everything anyway.
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It's kind of a sissy thing to do, but my ally has helped a lot. He is relentless. I summon him, and he just goes at it and still manages to incur tons of aggro, keeping hefty mobs off me. As well, I'm using the reach left click with the damage buff with is a nice way to get your dps up without having to sacrifice a lot, and it lets you kite quite successfully. Also, tempest rush is nice too if you are about to get smacked down by a nuke, just tempest rush backwards and dodge it very easily.
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I havent actually used tempest rush at all so I'm definately gonna try that out. @Dovahkiin I'm in Act 2 on Hell difficulty
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84 Night Elf Druid
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I use dashing strike like its going out of fashion, when you see the big hit coming in just dash, have the stun rune on also and you can almost stun lock people. also serenity (or whatever the invuln is) with the heal rune and the heal spell with the damage rune keeps me alive as well, but other than that keep moving around
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I havent actually used tempest rush at all so I'm definately gonna try that out. @Dovahkiin I'm in Act 2 on Hell difficulty

Be wary though, there have been some noted bugs with this where you try to get away, and it just puts you right back where you were. Same with flying kick (or whatever it's called).
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You cant dodge stuff that drops on ground, ei. Poison, molten, desecrate as Archangel mentioned.
And it does to much damage, to not want to avoid it (ei mitigation is worthless for this).

So basically, move out of way of it or die.
What this means is, you have to reposition yourself and the monster (by haveing it follow you), or by knockbacking it, unto a "clean" spot and fighting on.

knockback skills monks have:
1) Lashing Tail kick
2) Tempest rush
3) Fists of thunder (kb)

Pull monster to you, after repositioning:
1) cyclone strike

Repositioning skills:
1) Dashing Strikes

So either kite abit + cyclone strike, or knockback+follow target after the kb.

I prefer to use the knockback route myself so far... Im only in Nightmare mode currently.
Lashing Tail kick (also my single target dps skill, and Spirit convert to life skill) is my favorite.

Also when monsters are "arcane" and drop those purple Orbs... time your serenity use, to right before the orb touches you, and you can carry on fighting even with a orb rotating right next to you.
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Stack Dexterity, a single resist and proceed to get your Van Damme on, son.
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