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LIFE on HIT is what you need:)

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I have Belial and easy mode farm status and early Act 3 inferno with basically Life on Hit. 900+ Life on Hit and monk are really fun again. That might be the stat that blizzard expected us to need on items. Sitting at about 500 resist all. Here is my spec.


You can vary this alot, but I find this the easiest spec to one shot Belial with a 5 stack every time.

Good luck.
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Do you only have LoH on your weapons? It seems like a really good way to go, but high dps items are expensive enough without having to pay that extra for +500 LoH. As well, if you have to take some from your armor, you start to sacrifice your resistances/ vitality/dex/etc.
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The amount of defenses you'll have to sacrifice should be very little considering the only pieces (that I know of) that have Life on Hit, besides weapons, should only be rings and amulets. And you can find decent amulets/rings with Life on Hit + Dex, Vit or Resists. Sometimes, if you're lucky you can find attack speed with LoH.

Also, don't forget you can gem for LoH on your weapons. It CAN be somewhat expensive but Radiant Perfects give 190 LoH and Stars give 300 LoH so if you have 2 weapons with sockets, you can easily get 600 LoH from just those.
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I was thinking about it, and in some cases the defenses lost might actually outweigh the offenses gained.

Lets say you sacrifice ~3% mitigation through resistances for 500 life on hit. And they are hitting for 20k (from what I've heard, this isn't uncommon in inferno). If they hit once for every 2 of your hits, you may gain 1k life, but they will have hit for 6k.
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