Diablo® III

Vendored a white staff I had in my inventory


I was pretty sure the staff of herding "can't be sold". http://www.diablowiki.net/images/9/9f/StaffofHerding.jpg

More likely he was running along and decided to throw all the white stuff out of his inventory that he thought he had accidentally picked up.

Good question. Perhaps you should ponder it.

It wasn't a question, I was just suggesting there are other ways to lose a 'no sale' item other that vendoring.

I seem to recall in another game there was a way of 'locking' an item you didn't want to sell. Might have been WoW or Rift or such, I can't remember which.
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You could try customer support and see if they'll restore it.
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its supposed to be white..that is part of the joke
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I had a hell one, and I think I might've done the same thing, but I thought you couldn't vendor it.
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Player 1:


Player 2:


Player 3:

>This isn't possible based on how the game works, you likely have no idea what you're doing.

Player 1:

Player 1:

Can we keep these kinds of exchanges to General? :(
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[quote]The movie Idiocracy.

This is the problem. We are headed to this...

"Welcome to COSTCO. I love you."
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What kind of dummy carries it around?

Port back to town as soon as the pit lights up, and put it back in the stash. You don't need it in your inventory to enter. And you really don't need a connection hiccup wiping out a very expensive item.
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What kind of retard sells it?

Seriously though. L2Read your items. QQ moar.

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To answer the original question, the way to get it back is to farm the items again. On the plus side, you still have the plans learned, so you dont need that one again.
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CAN you get the items again? cause i've seen random mushrooms and clicking on them yields nothing(though i dont remember if that was pre or post Staff creation)...I feel your pain though, in order to pick up a yellow item i tossed the white trash(including the staff), luckily my friend was there and kinda fragged me for dropping it, and i was VEEEERRRYY happy that he did...couldn't imagine losing it, f any rings, that's my precious!
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Yes, I know a way to get it back...

Keep making posts about it here and cry a lot, and a Blizzard intern will come down from the sky and bring you a BROWN staff of herding, so you don't sell it again like a retard
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What the hell is wrong with you people?

Sure the guy said he was frustrated the item was white or whatever. But the point of the thread wasn't that it wasn't his fault, he was asking if anyone knew how to get it back.

If you want to be a douche to people for no reason, the general forum is that way --->

OP, sadly I don't think there's any way you'll be able to get it back. Sucks, but you'll just have to get it again. Good luck.

Reading comprehension is gud.

The OP said, "What kind of retard makes it sellable and white name so that it looks like trash?"

The question is rhetorical. The developers are that kind of retard. He is being a douche to people for no reason and we are returning the favor. If he had just asked how to get it back we would have told him to submit a ticket ingame and a gm would return it if he had deleted it.
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