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Lost items on AH during 1.0.2 live patch

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After installing the patch, and returning to the game, all 10/10 of my auctions were no longer view-able (they dissapeared) and none of the loot was returned to my stash.

This included two legendary's worth upwards of 200k gold.

I am not QQ'ing, but I do think that this is slight shabby.

Thanks Blizz. I don't know if I should open a ticket or not.
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I had the same problem!! Where is my loot!! I had a lot of gold vanish after the patch. :(
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Summary: Item not being sent to stash from auction house.

I had a similar issue with the auction house just before the patch today. I purchased a legendary mace for 65k gold but the mace was never sent to my stash. I thought it would be sent to me when I logged out of the game. This was yesterday so when I logged in today after the patch, I still did not have the item and I don't see it in the auction house.
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@Sujin, Try loggin out and logging back in, this might help. Also sometimes it takes hours for the AH to get all data loaded back into the system. You items should show up in time.

@Badhorse, It sounds like you were hacked, create a support ticket and have Blizz rollback your account. Also, please change your password and add authenticator to your account. Also check your recent players list and see if vipcat or fister are on there, if they are report back on here. Many people have mentioned seeing that persons name after they have lost money/loot.
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Same here. I had 10 items up. Logged in this morning and 4 were missing, and the log was empty. I have a feeling it's just glitchy because of the new patch, even though the patch has a fix for AH. If I don't see my items in the next few days, nothing I can do. It's not like Blizzard cares or can do anything right now. They're drowned with issues.
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my items are back... I had 10 up and when i logged back on it said I had 0/10 auctions going. After a little while i had 4/10 items going and one auction actually was showing on my sell list. After a little longer all my items were back to normal... it will come back, don't worry
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After not being able to sign in, and resigning TOU... all my items are back on AH.

<3 blizzard.
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Use the auction house with caution and I would avoid using the real money auction house entirely when it opens. After much correspondece with Blizzard support I finally got what I was looking for, this is from their terms of use section 15 #ii "BLIZZARD EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY (Under ii: (ii) THAT ANY AUCTION HOUSE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE;)" Basically if the auction house errors out, times out, or has a bug/glitch, blizzard will not be held responsible for ANY re-imbursements. Saying that about gold or items in a game is one thing, but saying that about real money transactions is something entirely different. Just imagine if Paypal had such a disclaimer, they would loose all their customers overnight.For more information about this see my bug report post at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271781623
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