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Next Expansion what Classes?

Obviously the next class is going to be called "Barbarianator". Seeing how much blizzard loves barbs!
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cant go wrong with the good old necromancer with his summoning skills and ability to fight with swords and such. but an assassin class with the ability to teleport behind enemies or go invisible with massive aoe damage. ability to dual wield ceremonial knives and also uses mana like the witch doctor but gains mana by attacking and mainly uses strength... it would be a good option to consider since there isnt another character that uses strength. the assassin in my opinion would be an awesome addition to the line up because people like assassins. one day i hope to be a real life assassin and kill everybody stealthily, with precision and brutality :D
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With the Barbarian being the only one with strength as the main attribue,we need some other class to even the score,and maeby some cross class.The dual attribute system is a headache ,but meaby it is possible,if done right.
My option would be,an Angel.Tyrael sacrifised his status,to become a human,and still got to be Wisdom in the end,so ,why some other angels could'nt do the same?
Class: Angel
Main attribute: Strength,maeby strength/intelligence
Resourse: Mana,maeby something mixed,like mana,and some stored up charges,(WoW warlock soul shards,Paladins holy charges) or Wizards passive's-arcane dynamo,stack system,something like that.
Active skills: Penance-DoT with cc,Smite-ranged nuke,Invocation-buff,with AOE damage,Mana memory(or Occultic Flux)-shows the left bits of his angelic power(interpret as you wish).
Passive skills: Nor the fall,nor the rising-the acceptence of his change lets him gain wisdom,from Tyrael maeby,and gives damage against demons or all enemies,around him XXyards,and some other part,The gift of learning-being human,and yet being a full angel before,lets you see more than others,giving some bonuses to certain skills,like Demon Hunter's passives with rockets etc.
Damage type would be holy,or maeby arcane,physical ofcourse.And it would be melee-ranged type character.My idiea,in hope that you and Blizz like it.

I'ts no small read,but if you do,I dont think you would be dissapointed : )
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Necromancer. I'd love to play a necromancer in D3.
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Werewolf trying to find a cure by defeating Diablo! He could the the 2nd class to use strenght!
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I say bring back "Cain" as a playable class lol.... skills would be IDing the entire inventory of items at a time. Would be able to bore mobs to death wth long stories and how things were in D1/D2 days.
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Vampire Werewolf
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someone who specializes with shields, a character whose dps scales with a shield would be pretty tight.
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Necromancer for sure.
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Zombie. Diablo deserves to have some of his undead minions turned back against him. I'd park my Monk and WD in a minute if I could play a zombie in this game. I'd probably even be able to keep from rolling a necro if zombies were available... but that'd be a tough call.
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12/17/2012 12:49 PMPosted by Waycooloz
Vampire Werewolf

Necro's and zombies fit the lore. Werewolves and vamps don't. Bethesa makes a suite of games for people like you. Oblivion, Morrowwind, and Skyrim await your long toothed, furry arrival.
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I had an idea for a STR class they could put in xpac, but I don't know if it'll work:

STR class that can spec defensively (like a D2 Paladin, sans Holy dmg) or a 2h (like a D2 Spearazon). Only certain skills and runes are active, depending on subspec.

Both can spec into an aura called "Strategy":
- Payback. The dmg will be based whichever has the highest (class, merc, or other player), then amplified by the class' STR. Can crit. Requires Shield.
- Counterattack. Chance to counterattack. It doesn't trigger "GCDs" (doesn't interrupt skill usage). Chance is based on the class' STR and dmg is on individual player's white dmg (reg wpn swing, no skills). Can crit. There's a counterattack animation. Requires Shield.
- Precision. Boosts CC. Requires Shield.
- Haste. Boost IAS. Requires 2h.
- Savagery. Boosts CD. Requires 2h.
- Unending Assault. Increases resource regeneration. Requires 2h.

Both can spec into Zealous Jabs (Zeal + Jab). Can rune to hit multiple targets, hit one multiple times, etc.

A. The Shield/Defensive subspec will have the following (all require Shield):

"Defense is the best Offense" (Passive). Part of shield "Armor" rating adds to dmg, similar to WD and Wiz OH.

"War of Attrition" (Passive). The longer the fight, the more damage is dealt.

Will have skills similar to some of the D2 Paladin's Combat Skills. For example:
- Shield (D2 Paladin Holy Shield, sans Holy). Increases STR contribution to armor, increases block chance and amount, and increases resistances.
- Smiting Charge (fusion of Charge and Smite). Charges and smites a target with their shield (2hits). Depending on runes, it could taunt, stun, knockback, etc. Spammable.

B. The 2hander/Offensive spec will have the following (all skills will require 2h):

"Offense is the best Defense" (Passive). Boosts Armor and Resistances by x%.

Killing Streak (Passive). Every kill, within 5sec, adds dmg.

The 2h damage spec will play more like Spearazons:
- Fend. Similar to Fend, but strikes nearby opponents simultaneously and has longer range.
- Elemental Strike (whatever). Hits a target then spreads to nearby mobs. Depending on runes, it could add Lit dmg and stun, Fire dmg and fear, Psn and stacking Psn dmg, etc.

Can't think of other skills to add. Feel free to add, change, etc.

Lore: They came from a kingdom of professional soldiers/mercenaries and hired by other kingdoms to fight in their wars, even if it meant fighting each other. They realized it was foolish to fight their wars when the forces of evil threatens all, and has come to aid anyone in the mission to vanquish evil.

Quote: "If I am to die, it will be a death worth dying for!" (some corny sh*t like that lol)

They could give them a Roman/Greek theme and call them Centurion/Legionnaire/whatever.

I have another one that's VIT-based, but I'm still fleshing it out. It has basically 6 playstyles.
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They WILL release an expansion - two in fact according to the interwebz.

It's got to be a strength class (assuming one new class) because the barb is the only strength class ATM. The question should be - will it be a completely unique class, or a full on return of a classic class that is strength based (or made to return as strength based).

I'd say paladin but I think a new unique class would be a cool suprise.
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Tyrannosaurus Rex...

goes along with the 'panda animal' theme, but is a viable notion when considering strength as the key stat.
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Here's the VIT class:

This VIT (it becomes a dmg and HP stat) class gets special bonuses from STR, DEX, and INT.

It might be interesting to gear, because they get bonuses from gear that some classes would consider a bad roll. They can also use everyone's class-specific items (depending on spec/subspec).

It will have 3 distinct playstyles (Melee, Ranged, Caster), with different subspecs per playstyle. Each subspec will bring up different skills when a subspec "form" is activated (like a Wiz Archon form).

A. The melee class will play like a D2 Assassin and Shapeshifting Druid. The "Were" form will act like a Wiz Archon form, changing LMB, RMB and 1-4 skills. Primary attacks places a "charge", which improves the "finishing move". Charge attacks and finishing moves have different effects depending on runes. Melee will have the following:
1) Werewolf subspec. Melee DPS-oriented.
- Can only dual wield any 1h melee wpns (inncluding Monk Fist Wpns and Barb 1h Mighty Wpns), except 1h spears, .
- Can use Monk Spirit Stones.
- STR and/or INT adds IAS.

2) Werebear subspec. Tank.
- Can only use 2h melee wpns (including Barb 2h Mighty Wpns and Monk Daibos), except Staves.
- Can use Barb Mighty Belts.
- DEX and/or INT adds Armor and AR.

As far as skills in each "Were" subspec, I've no idea what to put there. Feel free to add or change.

B. The ranged class plays like a D2 Bowzon or a Javazon. Both can use DH OH (quivers), might require renaming to "Ammo bag" or something. Both can use DH Cloaks. There will be no visual transformation.

Both can "run and gun". Changes the LMB to movement only. Target by pointing the cursor. Ranged will have the following:
1) "Bowzon" subspec. Good with single target
- Can only use DH hand xbows (hand xbow+quiver or 2 hand xbow), xbow, or bow.
- STR and INT adds CC.

2) "Javazon" subspec. Good with multiple targets (AoE)
- Can only use 1h Spears (1h Spear+quiver or 2 1h Spears), and Polearms.
- Quivers add +DMG, similar to Wiz and WD OH.
- STR, DEX, and INT adds CD.

Again, I don't know what skills to add in each subspec.

C. The caster class will play like a Sorceress (kind of) and a Necromancer, but will have either an angelic look (bright aura) or a demonic look (dark aura). Can both use 2h Staves.
1) "Angelic" subspec. Plays like an elemental Sorceress and Holy-something else.
- Can only use Wiz items. Can equip a 2h Staff and Wiz OH.
- STR and DEX adds Resource Regen
- LMB: Tempest Orb. Basically Frozen Orb that deals Cold and Lit dmg, and slows and interrupts nearby enemies.
- RMB: "Heaven's Wrath". D2 Druid Armageddon + Blizzard. Deals Fire, and Cold dmg. Target area will have fire patches that deals Fire dmg. Chance to freeze them.
- Skill 1: Flash Nova. Nearby enemies will be sucked near you, then hit with an AoE attack that deals Lit and Fire dmg. All enemies hit has a chance to be confused and attack nearby allies. Those not confused are stunned instead.
- Skill 2: Teleportation. Has no CD.
- Skill 3: Ressurect. Ressurect fallen allies to full health (other players or mercs).
- Skill 4: Avatar of Light. Look and play like Imperius. Invulnerable. Lasts for a short time.

2) "Demonic" subspec. Plays like a Necromancer. Spells also costs HP, but deals more dmg.
- Can only use WD items. Can equip 2h Staff and WD OH.
- STR and DEX adds LS and LoH
- LMB attack: Bone Spirit that explodes into Teeth when it hits. Teeth seeks other targets. Deals Shadow dmg. Targets are afflicted with Decrepify.
- RMB attack: Corpse Explosion (Fire dmg, chance to fear) + Poison Nova (Poison dmg, stacking psn debuff). Doesn't require corpses.
- Skill 1: Infernal Bone Prison. Deals Fire dmg to imprisoned target until broken. Can attack target while imprisoned. Target only attack the prison.
- Skill 2: Summon Skeleton Army. Summon 2 of each: melee, ranged, and caster skeletons. Caster dmg can do poison, shadow, or fire that can leave a stacking psn debuff, decrepify, or fear. No duration.
- Skill 3: Revive Dead. Revive fallen monsters to fight. No duration. Can revive monsters already revived before (upto 3x), but gets a debuff that makes them weaker (-25% HP and dmg).
- Skill 4: Summon Demon. Has all the properties of Clay, Blood, and Fire Golems. Has Iron Maiden/RD.

Lore: Nephalems, maybe? After the destruction of the Worldstone, an angel (Malthael?) trained humans/Nephalem, for the day when the forces of the Burning Hells come back in full force.

Then, the usual Blizz modus operandi happens: this angel got corrupted/goes crazy/becomes a vessel of all of the Evils (Tathamet?). So you have to kill him.

OR all angels and demons combined and became a darker version of Anu. You either beat the darkness out of Anu or just kill it, ridding humanity of all angels and demons.

I dunno.
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Don't embarrass the Druid with being included in this disaster.
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but any new class will be fine I guess.
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it well be a shapeshifting healer
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Ive seen alot of concept art for a "crusader" being thrown around.

They need to add 2 classes though if they are going to have a solid expansion

Crusader- to fit the str knight role

I loved werewolf and werebear in D2 they could add them as class who's primary stat is based on what form they assume. Werewolf is dex based, Werebear is str, and maybe like a wererat or something for int based.

Then whatever form you were in would get bonuses (like WotB) but also different bonuses to certain skills.
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