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Next Expansion what Classes?

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A druid
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I had an idea for an "Alchemist" class, not really sure how it would fit into the lore, but some abilities would include.
Fire potion = deals fire damage
Poison potion = deals poison damage.
cold/lightning etc (you get the idea)
Blinding potion = blinds enemies
Sticky potion = slows enemies/jail's them

Haste potion = increase's users attack speed.
Stat potion = raises str/int/dex/vit stats.

All these potions' runes would basically be the same,
Normal is normal
1 rune would decrease intensity but increase effect radius.
1 rune would target a single enemy/friend but increase intensity.
1 rune would increase duration of effects.
Bit of a different class, didn't really think too much about it.
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Archivist... R.I.P Cain

My pet skill should be a girl belittling me inmidst of fighting against the hordes of hell.
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Paladin, Angel/Fallen Angel, Demon/Redeemed Demon are the classes I'd really like to see in the expansion.
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05/31/2012 12:29 AMPosted by Kadieras
Paladin, Angel/Fallen Angel, Demon/Redeemed Demon are the classes I'd really like to see in the expansion.

You mean Redeemon?

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invisible protis sniper
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05/30/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Ricky
A Panda class would be pretty awesome.

This + mounts.

I want a Diablo mount.
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Necromancer is a must. Too many people crying for necromancer.

I think they should release new necromancer with the name "Warlock". It sound cooler and shorter.
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While I would love to see paladin added, it just won't happen. Most of the signature skills for D2 paladins are already in D3 on other classes. Barbs get a form of Zeal (why, I don't know), and monks have all of the auras, which are pretty much cut and pasted from the D2 paladin. Half the time my monk is wearing a sword and shield, and I've already been told numerous times that I look like a paladin anyway.

I would love to see another tank type emerge, probably deathknight. Right now you have 2 melee classes and 3 ranged classes, so it would make sense.
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how about Ninja?
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Archangel - Holy Fighter type with lots of buff/debuff skills with some constant mild damage with small resource cost

Demonish (ala hell-boy) with shapeshifting skill into a demonic character, some skill are different when in demon mode

Witch - a curse type play style :)
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I'm happy i'm not the only one that misses the Amazon. It sucks that they are a female-only class, because Diablo 3 could really exploit the sense of honor and religious side of the Amazonian mythos. Also the survival skills, javalin skills, and even some elemental passive/healing skills I'd deem appropriate. I think a lot could be done with that class, but wont be done unfortunately.

I believe the Druid will be a class included with the expansion. People complain about the WD's summons being lame. The Druid is part summoner, part tank, part shape shifter and part magician. He could be really awesome and like the Amazon mythos, can be expanded on so much. Also, he can be male or female! lol. A female Druid....****************

is it terrible I already have pictures in my head of what she'd look like!? Hire me Blizzard....
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I don't think any of D2 classes has a chance to return except maybe for druid.

Paladin would be too similar to Monk, a "holy" fighter who can heal and give auras
The Assassin skills were splitted between Monk (martial arts) and Demon Hunter (traps) and the Amazon... well, we already have the Demon Hunter.
Same for Witch Doctor / Necromancer

Blizzard mixed and matched old spells and talent trees revisiting them and distributing them to create five extremely different classes. No Paladin, Assassin, Amazon or Necro are coming back.

The only class who differs from the actual ones is the Druid, since we actually have no nature-oriented class and neither a shapeshifting one.
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05/31/2012 12:51 AMPosted by Luke
how about Ninja?

Is that the one that ninjaed the fun ?

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Most likely another Strength-based melee class because we only have one right now. The paladin sounds good.
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