Diablo® III

Next Expansion what Classes?

alchemists that drinks different potions to transform part of his body fight with either holy attributes OR demonic. Preferably back story for being a demon spawn.
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A full angle or demon wouldnt work as far as lore. The reason we are powerful enough to own everything is that humans got the best of both when the angles and demons got busy. Maybe you could have a newly bred nephlem raised in heaven or hell.

Take away the druids elemental tree and you have a strength based shapeshifter with summons answering alot of the requests I seem to be hearing.
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05/30/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Ricky
A Panda class would be pretty awesome.

If they do ima be super pissed and at the first sight of seeing this news (if they do make the panda a class) I'll immediately demand a refund. (Unless they post the class on April 1st then i'll just send them an e-mail saying how bad that joke was and how overused it is now. Adding a panda as a character was a april fools joke back in the warcraft 3 days, and they've just played with it as much as they can. look at MoP, if that doesn't crash WoW into the ground i will be very surprised.)
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Think he was being sarcastic when he said "Panda".
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Fallen Angel would work and also a demi Demon would work too. Look at Leah. Leah was like half demon or something.
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05/30/2012 11:33 PMPosted by Krusiv

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I'd like druids and necromancers back.

I have bad memories of paladins being stupidly and game-breakingly OP, so I'd rather not see them back.
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Im not spending my money on any exp pack for this game. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"
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Druid / some form of a feral shape-shifter.
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For all of you who typed "Paladin ,Necromancer or Amazon":
Demon Hunter-Amazon(Bow)+Assasin(Traps+passives)
Monk-Paladin(Auras=Mantras ,Zeal=Fists)

Well ,to be honest my suggest is:
2.Javelin user

Nothing else can be there ,probably there will be max 3 heroes in the expansion.I WILL HOPE FOR ACT V and new town Boss probably.Why not Baal?The game still talks about him and Barbarians.
So , what do you think about that?
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05/30/2012 11:49 PMPosted by Troglodyte
They've been in essentially all games Blizzard has released.

Games of blizzard that doesnt have paladins

- Lost Vikings
- BlackThorn
- Rock&Roll Racing
- Starcraft
- Broodwar
- Starcraft 2
- Diablo 1
- Diablo 1 Hellfire Exp

Games of blizzard that does have paladins
- Warcraft
- Warcraft 2 & exp
- Warcraft 3 & exp
- World of Warcraft
- Diablo 2 & LOD
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What do I think should be the next class?
Gharbad the Weak
Just saying
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For all of you who typed "Paladin ,Necromancer or Amazon":
Demon Hunter-Amazon(Bow)+Assasin(Traps+passives)
Monk-Paladin(Auras=Mantras ,Zeal=Fists)

This. Whoever is typing Paladin, Necromancer or Amazon must be seriously dumb.

No Paladin, Assassin, Amazon or Necro are coming back. The Druid is the only one who has a chance.

And NO, there won't ever be an Angelic/Demonic class or whatever.
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05/30/2012 11:33 PMPosted by Krusiv

I choose the Malice class. It's the class like Shang Tsung's charcter in MK. A character that can morph into any other class but stays that way after the morph.

Can I get paid now blizzard?

pce to that, put in scorpion or replace the barb with jacks
and if worse comes to worse the new class will be yoshimitsu
Edited by Wolf#1123 on 6/3/2012 4:14 PM PDT
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The Space Marine class

"A War-Pig stranded on the human populated planet of Sanctuary..."

"Raynor, where the f*ckin hell am I?
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