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Next Expansion what Classes?

a new and original class that i think will be fun is a psyhic or a mind controller, stuff like that
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How about something like Leonidas(this is sparta guy) or a beastmaster
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Are there any demons left to kill for a sequel/expansion?
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I like the fallen angel/reformed demon idea.

Lilith follower or (what was his name?) fallen angel follower.
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I'm sure they'll come up with something new, though its possible if they like the idea of one of the old classes from D2 they might give it another shot. I wouldn't imagine that one would be a paladin but its not outside the realm of possibility since it is a pretty popular archtype.
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I think they have made it quite clear they will not be bringing back any of the direct classes from Diablo or D2 aside from the barb (unless u count the monk from Hellfire). Also, the fact that there is a templar follower all but rules out the possibility of there being a paladin related class (lore wise). it will more then likely, like most the classes so far, be a mix of 2 or more classes from d2 (ie witch doctor is druid and necro, demon hunter is assassin and amazon).
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I would say something like dark night heavy melee hitter that can resurrect dead monsters to fight for him also to make a shape shifter kind a spin he could shape shift into enemies he defeats by harvesting their souls (example kill a boss still his soul and then transform temporarily into that boss with all its powers and he could collect different monster souls, like special globes that could be triggered at will from the inventory, another cool tradable item imagine you would defeat some rare crazy affix boss and you harvest them trade the in the auction house).
It needs work but that is what i would like to see.
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I'd love to see another STR-based melee class, but not a knight/paladin.

I'd prefer a blademaster of some kind. Maybe based of the Samurai.
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My thoughts are It'll be.

The rebirth of Druid. This one in my opinion, the most unique class in Diablo. It differs greatly from the other 5 classes. Being both a caster and a meleeish character. It could add a good variety for players.

Otherwise, I think it'll be a Strength/melee character. Probably some kind of Death Knight off shoot. Called a shadow warrior or something.

I don't see a Paladin/Templar being likely, because Monks are basically the Assassin/Paladin squished into one class. If a Paladin class was brought in, it'd differ greatly probably from Diablo 2 version.
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if i were to decide i would choose a newer classes like
-alchemist-more like collaboration of witch doctor and the wizard
and since we have the demon hunter i was thinking yes
some kind of a slayer though i cant think of a proper name
or this is pretty stupid but i was thinking like the collab of
barbarian and paladin w/c is barbarian + paladin = a viking vicious holy warrior
just an idea though
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(TL;DR version at the end of this post.)

I want to see a "Halbu/Jamella" class in the expansion. I don't know if there's any canon lore about ex-mortals in the High Heavens, so here's a rough draft speculative back story:

When the Archangel Tyrael fell to Sanctuary, he not only unwittingly unleashed hordes of the angry undead, he also resurrected some of Heaven's greatest mortal champions. These warriors of the Light were allowed special entrance into the High Heavens, tending to Auriel's gardens, Itherael's library, and the other heavenly realms. (Imperius seemed to merely tolerate their presence, for he believed that even the lowliest angel should rule over something in Heaven.) Back in Sanctuary, the Resurrected have found a reborn purpose to their existence. After centuries of mundane servitude in the High Heavens, the Resurrected can now continue their war against the Burning Hells!

"Hail to you, Champion!"

Anyhow, the "Resurrected" class (alternatively, "Heaven's Champions") would be similar to the original Diablo's "blended" classes (i.e., a Warrior could cast spells to some degree of success, a Rogue could fight melee, a Sorcerer could shoot arrows, etc.). Their skills would run on a split combination of "Hope" and "Destiny." Some active skills would temporarily boost different stats, using slower-generating Destiny. Other active skills would be old Diablo spells, using quicker-generating Hope. Some passive skills would boost stats longer -- as long as certain skills are selected. Other skills or skill runes would lessen the cool-down period for health potions, bringing back the potion spam-type of game play.

The Resurrected would be able to equip weapons and armor from any class, but with less effectiveness. Furthermore, weapons and armor would have both level and minimum strength/dexterity/intelligence/etc. requirements for this particular class. Passive stat-boosting skills are a necessity for the Resurrected.

Also -- slightly off-topic -- if we get to actually fight Imperius in the expansion, he'd need more than angels on his side. One new enemy could be the Soulmate, inspired by Plato's concept, in which (quoting Wikipedia) "humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces, but Zeus feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them." To modify for the Diablo universe:

In truth, Imperius not only tolerated the existence of elite human souls as servants in Heaven, he secretly experimented with them. In the dark corners of his Halls, the Archangel of Valor attempted to purge the demonic side of the souls of his Nephalem servants. He found that doing so created unstable beings that could threaten his realm. As a solution, Imperius merged two unstable souls together and created a secret army of these so-called Soulmates, just in case...

(Alternatively, Soulmates could be minions of Malthael, created during his madness in the Realm of Pandemonium.)

Soulmates would look translucent, like the Monk's Mystic Ally, but would have two faces, four arms, and four legs, like Plato's description above. Like the Mystic Ally, these Minions of Valor (Wrath) would come in different elemental varieties. After your character kills a Soulmate, there would be a chance that one half would survive and continue attacking (like the zombie torsos in Act I). Alternatively, the surviving half would be volatile and eventually explode.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

TL;DR version:

1. Human souls in the High Heavens?
2. Halbu/Jamella/Diablo-throwback "open" class called "The Resurrected."
3. "Soulmates" as Imperius' or Malthael's minions.
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Druid.Shape shifting into Werebear or Werewolf, pet /minion army, commanding nature and elements. Ability to be melee tank melee dps ranged dps ranged petmaster etc. Druids were always my favorite. Summon a wolf pack and become a werewolf! team jacob ftw!
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druid be the best fit
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Paladins, seriously, they should never have been left out of D3.

They are an integral part of the franchise.
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