Diablo® III

Next Expansion what Classes?

bring back the necro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This being blizzard they will probably go with something lame like paladin.
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05/30/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Ricky
A Panda class would be pretty awesome.

go play WoW
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I think that the classes mentioned all sound good, (especially witch, ninja, and warlock -- holy moly)

But really, they will probably continue on with the present storyline. LoD presented a mage-hunter and a druid. Not sure where the druid came from in the lore really, but the Assassin was pretty much straight off of the original mage clans in the story. So they will either find some derivatives of the current class and insert new playstyles, or they will use the current followers as templates for new classes. I think bringing the templar to full view as the paladin class would make the paladin fans happy, the enchantress would make some of the cc-lovers happy, and the scoundrel would easily make all of the rogue classes happy. As much as i desire the three i mentioned first, they wont be included, and neither will the necro.

They could also bring back classes reimagined from diablo 1, which would be awesome...a vizjerai with the old apocalypse, flash, blood star, and perhaps a demon summoning ability...a warrior with inherent repair skills and more of an innate damage resistance with more defensive powers than offensive ones...but they'd probably be well to not include the sister, or to include a dirty fighter/scavenger.

I can't wait for it, myself.
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They should make an overhead style MMO that looks like Diablo, only is more open world and allows everyone to be in the same world. They could bring all the wow classes over and we could all do 40 man raids. Just zoom the camera out a bit more and give us UI mod support.
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I say why not bringing back Paladin, Amazon and Sorcerer. Make that 8 heroes all together.

With a different name and unequal attributes compared to Diablo 2....

Sorcerer CHANGED to THAUMATURGE (or just leave it as a 'Sorcerer', will be just fine)

Available heroes will have an extra skills and passive skills as well.

Would also want to see a new follower class, Assassin, a melee type.

I want to see 3 or 4 extra act., entirely different compared to the acts available in D3 and D2.

I want my D3 Expansion to be worth it.
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i think a pharaoh would be sweet. maybe a pirate or something like that.
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They should make the treasure goblin an optional class and call him the Truffle Hunter.

Insert a quarter and runs off and digs up a yellow, no user interaction required.
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Druid or Pirate
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A dual wielding derish-middle eastern/saracen inspired class
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