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Life on hit for wizard?

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So I bought a 2hander with 560 life on hit to help counteract reflects damage champions but it seems to do almost nothing? For monks life on hit is a HUGE benifit but I do not feel that benifit so far and often do huge amounts of damage to myself (unhealed) even with no hydra.

Is life leach on damage better for wizard or something? How should I deal with reflect?
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Monks also attack a lot more frequently. Personally, the best way for me to deal w/ reflect dmg (especially from the damn Venom Hydra hitting multiple enemies) is to use Diamond Skin. Absorbs all damage & allows you to build back your HP w/ Life on Hit or Life Regen.
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Or, if you're ballsy enough to run without Diamond Armor in Inferno, just be very cautious with your DPS output and balance it versus your regen (Galvanizing Ward is your friend).

Life leech isn't as effective in Inferno (due to 80% nerf to it).
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Someone made a spread sheet on life per hit, it seems dependant on the skill you use. For example magic missle was tested out to giving 100% of the life per hit(not split variation) Spells like living lightning gave extremely low (like 0.1%?) blizzard scaled it depending on the skill.

I just do less dps against reflect, it sucks but what can you do :/ Potion when its up to crank out both hydra nd blizzard!
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Life on Hit is usually more beneficial for OH/Source setups, as you cast a lot more Sig spells, and quicker to boot.

Not to mention that some of our 'core' abilities don't proc it (i.e. VHydra).
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For more info see: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149154265
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