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Diablo 3 is unplayable-error 3007

Hi. I bought this incredible game a few days ago. Im serious I love this game. It is a ton of fun when it works... well thats the thing isnt it.When it works. This happens to be not so very often with myself and many others. Again and again I disconnect within 5-10 minutes of logging on, every time. not some of the time. All of the time except for when I played at very late hours. (1-4am) I tried to play then and hey look at this great game I love it. It was just magical and ran like a fairy tale. (seriously try it. Its the best way to play this game) I believe I could play then because it was during off hours for the servers. This would mean the servers are the issue. They are under a lot of stress and or something is plain WRONG. All of these people are not having connection problems of their own. No. That is impossible with the hundreds of pages of posts I have seen that say the same thing over and over. So mUcH InTErNEts RaGE. All I would like is for someone to say what in the world is going on please! To anyone reading this: do you constantly get disconnected for no reason and if so, have you tried playing during off hours? Did this work for you aswell?
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I've been getting this error since launch. Haven't been able to play at all. Blizzard is still pleading ignorance for this and refuse to work on this. They just give troubleshooting errors that have worked for some but not all.
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Myself and a group of friends (all in different cities) are having our ping cycle about every 30 seconds from the low 200's to 3k+ and then getting 3007 errors every 5-10 minutes.

Seems the stickied post about this error has reached its post limit, which is unfortunate since so many people are still experiencing it.
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I've been having this issue since I got the game a few weeks back, and it is incredibly infuriating. Because of the intense frequency of the disconnects I can barely make it through any mid-size dungeon. I find myself sprinting through levels just so I can reach a check point so I have a new area to progress 30% of the way through before disconnecting - super lame. Multiplayer isn't even worth attempting, and can I mention how absolutely aggravating it is to fight an elite mob or boss for 10 minutes and then get disconnected before you have a chance to pick up the loot? Very.

Here's what I believe to be absolute truths:

- Account Related: It doesn't matter if I play at home, or at a friends on his PC, my account gets disconnected within an hour of game play. Similarly, my friend can play uninterrupted at either location on either PC for over an hour.

- Issue is intensified during peak hours: I can play for about an hour or so late on weeknights, or in the morning, but by 7PM PST its not even worthwhile for me to attempt to log in. Similarly, on weekends during the day I can't even stay connected for 5 minutes.

- Not Related to Client-side Latency: I don't have a problem playing any other game at any time of the day. At this moment I can play 20+ games online via PC or console, and only one of them will disconnect me without fail within a 5-60 minute period (depending on the time of day) = Diablo 3.

- Proof the player's disconnect is initiated by the server:
When my network disconnects I'm returned to the account login page as a designed response to when the game can no longer detect the internet. However, this particular issue returns me to the character login screen 9/10, and that is a designed response that can only be initialized if the connection is continuous. There are three components to this situation: The user's Hardware/Connection, Blizzard's Hardware/Connection, and then the user themselves. If the connection is never severed, and there was no user input that caused the game session to close, than that leaves only one other party that can initiate a disconnect = the servers. More specifically, the server's protocols.

My best guess:

I have no means to verify this, but I believe that by some categorical aspect (new, location, setting, etc.) Battle.net accounts are being assigned a lower latency disconnect threshold than intended. It seems to me that as soon as there is a single spike in latency, the server disconnects the player.

My solution:

Honestly, the game is a blast, but I mainly purchased it to play with friends, and that's not going to be a reality until this issue is fixed. If Blizzard stands by that this is caused on my end then all I can do is laugh, stop playing and warn others. I'm still giving it time as I do enjoy the game, but due to the time restrictions that I can play my patience is wavering. My advice to anyone who asks is to avoid purchasing this game until the issue is fixed because its not worth rolling the dice to see if you are or aren't one of the people that suffer from frequent disconnects, and there doesn't seem to be a solution in sight. Alternatively if you've already purchased the game try playing in non-peak hours to get longer play sessions and cross your fingers that Blizzard works on a fix.
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I guess you're behind a router if so put your computer in DMZ zone on your router and you won't be having this issues (port forwarding doesn't help) I am saying this from experience since I had the same issues and I got it fixed by placing the computer in a DMZ in the router and no probs anymore!
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I replaced my router for this (stupid I know), a new Zyxel for an older FritzBox, but it was the only option... tried portforwarding/general chat, etc. Now it works fine :-S . I'll switch back, when they fix it or I'm bored of D3.
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I am having the same problem, I have no idea what is causing it though. I ended up reinstalling the game a few days ago and was able to play the game yesterday, but today I cannot get into the game at all.
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I just install the game and sadly I can no go pass the authentication of the game. It is very frustrating that after been waiting for this game for at least 4 year this happen.
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this thing started happening to me today, i thought there was some 1 trying to steal my account.
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I have been fine until this week's patch.
Now I am crashing with error 3007 every 5-20mins and cannot get from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Playing during off peak hour does NOT help.
I'm Australian, so I am off-peak by definition. :P

Blizzard will tell you that it's somehting on your end. Most likely it is not. Like I said, a whole lot of people are having this issue, and a lot of them ONLY since this last patch.

On top of that, I am fine playing European servers........ *roll eyes*
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i quit utorrent and joined general and all good so far after disconnecting every 5 mins which was sooo infuriating
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I'm having disconnect 3007 errors as well in my play session today. D3 has been fine for me in the weeks prior, but today something changed and its really frustrating.

No changes to my router firewall settings at any point in the last 3 weeks. I do know what I'm doing and how to manage a network.
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Funny, SWTOR was having this same problem with there error code 9000 disconnects. Players saying it wasnt on there end and Bioware saying the same. Still dont know if it was even fixed and that games been out for months.
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I have also had this since launch, today was the first day I have tried to play in almost 2weeks, I just wish I could get a refund.
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Same here, error 3007 all the time, I had it when game launched but fixed it by opening some ports, but TODAY it came back again in a different way, it used to throw me directly to login, now it throws me from the game to the character screen, then after 15-20 secs it throws me to login.

My Internet/router settings haven't changed.

I too thought that my account was being hacked and changed password 2 times

I was thinking about quitting diablo (I already have 4 characters at lvl 60) and withtout PvP there's not much more to be done rather than farming unbalanced inferno champions and resplandecent chests (wich they keep removing from the game)

This error's comeback is definetly not encouraging me to continue playing.
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I'm having the same issues as above. Up until the last patch everything was fine. Now I am getting "You have been removed from game" and error 3007 intermittently (approximately every 15-30 minutes). I've lost several full stacks of NV which forces me to just play the AH. Even within the AH, I get disconnected from the server quite often.
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I have been getting it since day one so I havent played it since and also since there is no "ingame save" feature just saves at "checkpoints" which is totally stupid when you have to keep starting over and over
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I also have the same problems as described above
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This is in regards for a constant error of code 3007.

I've read over and over on various forum threads of Error 3007 Lost Connection. And to be quite frank from every Blizzard response, it is nothing more then the exact same thing over and over. Either a 'Self-Troubleshooting Guide' is recommended OR, we get told it's a user error of some sort. So for you BLIZZARD, allow me to shed some light on this very fast growing problem.

Error 3007 is a 'LOST CONNECTION' Error that shows for a rapidly large growing number of players with constant posts and new threads being made over and over. So, here is my first question. IF this Error 3007 is a user error and trouble shooting is the simple fix, why does the number of received errors grow? How can it be user related when so many suffer it?

World of WarCraft and StarCraft2 Players have not complained about loosing connection, it's just the loss with this game. Everyone has been saying the same thing. I will rephrase for better understanding. "ALL GAMES THAT REQUIRE ONLINE ACCESS TO PLAY WORK PERFECTLY FINE EXCEPT FOR DIABLO 3"

I play World of WarCraft and Diablo II BattleNet all the time and nothing is wrong with either. Never do I get disconnected. I run Steam from Valve and all my online games work just fine. The fact I am here making this post shows I am online.

Here are some factors BLIZZARD to show that this constant growing error is NOT user related and is NOT a simple 'troubleshooting fix'.

Factor #1: High Volume of players from all over the world play this game. We are not all in the same house, on the same router, or on the same provider.

Factor #2: ISP is varied from player to player. Some run Comcast, Charter, Frontier, DSL, Cable, or FiOS. Meaning that everyone single player aside from one's in the same house have their own set up regardless of provider.

Factor #3: Router and Modems. Some players are connected directly from the computer to the modem, others go through 1 or 2 routers. Some have D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin,Dynex, or some other brand for a router. Whether the router is wireless or not should NOT matter if the player has a direct LAN connection to the router. Being wired or wireless depends on how they connect to the internet NOT what router they use. [I contacted Blizzard Support via phone and they asked me the router and I told them a wireless but I had a wired connection and we were going through steps to help get a better wireless connection. Complete incompetence.]

Factor #4: IP Addresses. Everyone has one if you are connected to the internet, everyone's is different no matter what. So if this is still a user related error for our 'Loosing Connection' how do we change this? Well simple answer you can't. So safe to say that everyone with an internet connection has an IP address, so, a 'User Realted Error for this lost connection can be started here in knowing...We as the players in this mass group are not responible for the lost connection.

Factor #5: how the game was obtained. Some have downloaded it from buying it from from the website, other got it with the annual pass of WoW, others got a standard edition of the game, others got the Collectors Edition of the game. So Loss of Connection Errors being ruled from this is ridiculous.

Complete power cycling can help, yes. Ensuring your router's firmware is up to date, yes. Making sure ports are set aside for D3, yes. These are all three some factors that MAY increase the stability of your connection, but as with most, it does not.

I do not want to have to go out and buy some really really expensive router and get a bunch more cat7 cables just to play this game. Every other online game works fine, not a single connection error at all.

BLIZZARD: Every other game works fine, WoW, SC2, Diablo 2. The connection for the servers work fine, no disconnection at all!

As some have said with so many variables with this, ISP, IP Addresses, modem styles, router styles, network cards(whether added on or the on board default), ethernet style cables, the difference in either wireless or wired connection, so many are different for every single person, but ONE thing and only ONE thing is the same. Where we are all receiving this Error 3007, through BLIZZARD on Diablo 3. (Not WoW, not SC2, not D2, Not any other internet required game, JUST Diablo 3)

So please, any blizzard representative who is reading, don't give me a guide for trouble shooting, it doesn't work. I've spent the last day and a half trying to figure this out and there is no answer. I've exhausted every method of my own knowledge, the ones I found here, even called to get additional help and nothing worked. So many other deal with this same exact problem.

Server Bug. In the emergency maintenance work some scripting along the way has gotten messed up. At least something has been plagued. Fact is there is something with the Diablo 3 server that fails to keep a connection with the player and closes. At first I could understand some of us having it and it require mere troubleshooting and we as the players couldn't hold the connection with the server, but now it's still continuing. Many people have spent $60-$100 and many haven't been able to make their first character or even see the game yet. This cannot be something as simple as troubleshooting, especially with such a high growing number. Instead of taking time to research troubleshooting ideas to post that have already been exhausted, get a team to investigate the server scripting itself and find where this bug is and why people keep getting disconnected.

As of 3:17pm EST Friday, May 18th, 2012, for the first 30 pages of 152 for threads, 86 threads have been made for these to errors (3007, 3005, and/or 3006).

A total of 1563 posts as of right now have been made on this growing issue. Meaning with people posting multiple, there is at least no less then 1000 different people who've suffered this.

The 1563 Posts are all posts made by people like us, the gamers.

This isn't even the total amount, just the first 30 thread pages.

86 threads, 1563 Posts, BLIZZARD RESPONSES: 7

This post was made by someone else...

[Everyone! Blizzard has found the cure for error 3007!
It is our routers!
They are not allowing diablo servers to have a constant connection please do this and you will be a happy camper
3) Forwarding ports 1119 and 6881-6999 on the router to your computer's current IP address. This site shows how to forward ports on a variety of routers]

Alright, let's break this down.

WoW, and SC2 gamers don't have to do this. I play WoW and don't have to do this. Nor with any other internet needed game have I had to forward the ports in the history of me owning a computer and playing games. I have met and played with several hundred gamers all over the world and have come to have them as some of my best friends and NONE of them have ever had to forward ports before.

Next we look at the fact that there is no reason we should need to forward any ports. We should be able to just launch the game, log in and play. No messing with firewall settings and router ports. Nothing against people who have no clue what they are doing, and when you put someone who has never encountered it before in the driver seat, it can lead to potential disaster and really mess up your day.

My computer system surpasses both minimum and recommended requirements to play Diablo III, as well as many others here. We are not going to go out after spending $60-$100 to be able to play a game that SHOULD have been ready to go.

This CURE is a temp fix for some NOT all. Every router, every computer, every player has a different set up. Have you personally tried this yourself? Probably not. This error continues to grow for people and many don't even have routers! Some are on university connections where in order for something like that to be fixed that have to submit paperwork for it to be looked at first. THEN it goes into consideration and doesn't always get done.

As a note to this, I have done the port forwarding, firewall changes and everything. Nothing changed. I was still kicked with this error. Some people have added with changing chat to General Chat. Well this is all well and good, but i am getting kicked either during the credential authorization or right as I enter the character selection menu. Don't even have a chance to load my chat zone.

The fact people can increase their stability to help with this issue is great., if they know what to do. However most don't know what they are doing and the issue is they can really screw up their system doing this. however here is one issue I have with this. We shouldn't have to do this. I've been gaming for many years and I have NEVER had to route around anything. I've never had to adjust anything that require internet access. Some people are with a modem and router, some people have two routers, some have no router just a modem, some are on wired or wireless university internet.

Quite a large amount of people can't adjust the routers completely. Especially on a university internet. So this idea of adjusting firewall and and router is not going to work for everyone, just a handful.

The next issue I've seen is joining 'General Chat' and it ends this. I automatically am set to general chat. My range is from the credentials to character selection. That is the furthest I get before I get disconnected. Sometimes so instant if right after I connect to battlenet server. Right after it connects it gives me Error:3007. So this chat change helps some but not all.

There is no magical fix cure that one person can do for all. With everyone having different set-ups of internet, computer systems, ISP, etc., What may work for some won't work for all. This error and several like it is growing quickly. A lot of people loosing gear, quests, items, etc. The biggest error now is simple disconnection on a wide spread basis right at the start or a max of roughly 5 minutes maybe. Several are fine, most aren't.

This issue is a bug of some sort. Corrupt data, missing script files, I don't know. But with how widespread this issue is, it can't be user related. We shouldn't have to adjust anything. Everything else works for everyone, why only D3 and no real response from BLIZZARD. Tech guys, we know you are passing info on, we know the issue is being looked into, but some more updates, information, just letting use know we aren't being ignored and the actual errors are being looked into, not just being advised to try these methods of troubleshooting. It's to wide spread to be that 'simple' of a fix. Especially when many have done EVERYTHING suggested and still suffer the same problem with no change, like myself.

This was prior to the first official week of release.]
[Alright, I have been on the forums off and on for the 6 days. Tomorrow marks the first official week of release for Diablo III.
I've tried every single troubleshooting method that has been suggested by both you and other gamers on the forums. I still receive Error 3007 and occasionally 3006. Nothing has worked. There are so many who can't even make their first character. Like myself, I cannot even log-in far enough to change the chat settings, I get disconnected so quickly.

As for many here in the community, we are tired of the standardized 'Here are some troubleshooting tips'. We are tired of the lack of response, we are tired of the fact that we have all paid $60-$100 or the 1 year WoW subscription to get this and a large majority of use haven't been able to do anything.

In six days, 222 thread pages have been made. A large majority of them over errors resulting in the inability to play. At least 100 threads have been made over just error 3007, and over 3000 posts have been made on this error with only less then 15 response by Blizzard? And this is just on 30 pages of threads, not the full 222.

People have lost weapons, items, storyline progress, and now even some loosing characters all together if. These people are lucky to get in, but still to suffer this issue is ridiculous.

So many tickets have been put in on this matter, that now I can't get anything answered, this is all I get.


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

We would like to thank you for the enthusiasm you have shown towards Blizzard games! Recently, we released Diablo III and due to the success of the launch we have received a high volume of phone calls, petitions, and other responses. We are working diligently to process all requests in a timely fashion; however, we are unable to get to your request at this time.

We recommend visiting our support site at us.battle.net/support as the self-service options are comprehensive and our articles are capable of answering most questions. If you are unable to find an answer, please re-open the petition which will retain your current place in line.


Blizzard Customer Support

I tried calling, I've tried multiple times this week and no less then a 90 minute wait, and even got a 'Estimated wait time' of roughly 5 hours!!! REALLY!?]

For these errors, all we get is troubleshooting tips or as a blizzard rep has said "IF this is on our end, then we might be able to release a patch in the unknown future." IF, IF IF? really, thousands of players suffer this problem after so many have tried different things and it has started in so many ways and it's not Blizzards fault? well unknown future isn't good enough.

If you agreed to the terms and installed the program you can't get a refund. The game is now license to you, meaning by regulations of contract and FCC rules and stuff like that, you can't return the game. Though I have to agree with many others, we haven't been able to play at all, so Blizzard isn't holding up their end of the deal.

This is a server issue with either corrupt data, missing scripts, scripts in the wrong locations, or something along these lines. PLEASE Blizzard, stop giving us the same responses and give us something that can actually help.

Lately though I have been able to get on here and there for 10-20minutes frames before getting kicked for Error 3007. Then it is hell getting back in with an assortment of 3005, 3006 and 3007 messages. Latency has been beautiful, 100-210 has been my range. I died at the skeleton king and was immediately DC'd. Haven't been able to get back in since. Whatever issue was going has started to get fixed some, i can actually play after nearly two weeks, but still several issues. Why is there not yet a patch for this fix. Stop worrying about the in game auction house, stop trying to do simple rollbacks to see if it might 'help the problem. Get a team, find the problem make a patch, and sovle this server issue once and for all, thousands of people have paid good money to play.

May 29th, 2012
New patch, 3007 gets worse.
I updated the new patch no problem, everything is working fine with that. However my disconnection issues have thoroughly increased. Now I can't get past the loading hero list before I am cut with the Error 3007. Every post made on this continues to go ignored, why? What is going on? Why after 2 weeks is this problem not fixed?
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