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Diablo 3 is unplayable-error 3007

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I have also Had this issue, For Weeks now I have been plagued with 3007 disconnects and then I log in again and lose all my NephVal.. Ever 20 mins to a hour I am kicked with out fail.. this has Been constant and more reliable than my alarm clock. And I have a iPhone4s.. its very accurate.. LOL BLIZZARD FIX THIS OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ENTIRE PLAYER BASE. GRATS ON NOT FIXING THIS ISSUE IN A TIMELY MANNER!
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I just want to add that this will NOT be everyone's solution to the error 3007 issue but i did find that after many trial and errors i found MY solution.

If you own a Killer 2100 network card this may help. (not sure if this applies to Bigfoots other network card series) It turned out that i was using the latest drivers which were Version My wife was not having the 3007 error so i decided to roll back drivers to an earlier version which my wife was using herself which was Version:

I knew it was not a Diablo/router issue after getting the error/DC while i was logged into both wow and Diablo on the same machine.

I have been going very well with NO errors/DCs since rolling back my drivers to Version: This may not be a solution for everyone but it worked for me so far. If this helps/fixes the issue for at least 1 person then that will make my day because i was going borderline bat !@#$ crazy.
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I have been having this 3007 Issue everyday at least 10 times if not more, its so fustrating when you have to kill so many elite packs for 5 NV spending time looking/killing them then get kicked out when you are going for a boss kill.

It never happen untill one of their latest patch, since then I've been having this issue.

Its definately not my end since I am also running FFXI online at the same time off the same router on another PC and it never lose any connection.

Fustrated with this crap service blizzard is providing.
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Same. Fix this plz...
I know this is not due to my internet connection's problem.
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I'm baffled by Blizzard with this game. I can not understand why (in my case) SC2 work so well but D3 has so many networking issues.

I can understand that the game is not balanced yet or that stats and items need to be changed or what have you. But "networking" should be a topic well understood by Blizzard considering SC2 and WoW.

The way Blizzard is handling D3 makes me wish SC2 was made by a different company so I could buy "Heart of the Swarm" without supporting the company behind D3. Adding extra "DRM" like forcing the player online a 100% is all good, but what about our rights as people who buy such products?


I have no faith that Blizzard will fix these issues in a timely fashion, error 3007 has replaced 37 (or is it the same error in disguise?) but is equally as annoying if not more.
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Funny how all the Blizzard replies indicate the issue is on our end but with the last patch some experienced it for the first time. I've literally did everything they suggested and still get 3007, I'm in the DMZ, I've tried bypassing the router, selecting the ports, disabling all security, you name it, no difference.
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Same here. I lose my NV all the time with this f$%^ 3007 disc. My Warcraft 2 over ipx network (@1998) worked a lot better than this.

Blizzard, please, if you cannot fix this error, on the next patch please save the NV buff (as WoW does) so we do not lose it when we disconnect.

This is a sad situation, I never imagined such a thing from Blizzard...
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I just happened to start getting this 3007 error today, but I have found a fix for my computer: just log out from Battle.net with Firefox. I believe that, in my case, this error was linked to a multiple login on BN, and the difference of frequency may be the result of diferent refresh rate from different web browser. So, if you get this error while being logged anywhere else, try logging out so you har only logged in D3.
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Yeah Blizzard continues to ignore error 3007. I'm just gunna have to play another game until Blizz finally pulls their head out of their @$$ and fixes this major issue.

Everyone has been beating this same dead horse since release, and Blizzard is obviously too busy with God knows what else. Securing their highly lucrative future with RMAH? Bad under-geared players crying about balancing and inferno being too hard? Or some other crap.
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Same here.. Im getting error 3007 lost connection and I haven't solve this problem yet. I don't know how to fix this .
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Yes having error 3007 again and still no response from Blues about this. Awesome!
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After 30 incomplete SB runs (4-5 stacks each time) due to this error, i finally say good bye to this game until they fix this. That's a lot of hours wasted trying to kill SB only to get disconnected by error 3007. What a !@#$ing rip off....
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Just started having same Error 3007 keeps disconnecting every 5-10 minutes. Getting annoyed because I know its not my internet connection, or anything on my end. I hope Blizzard and Battle net figure it out soon.. I really like this game but not when I cant play and keep getting disconnected. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!! =(
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This makes me sad...I feel like this started happening since the most recent patch. Wonder if it's related.
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I got disconnected and then BAM Error 3007. I was looking for this error on Google and then BAM again, found lots of lots of ppl having the same problem and Blizzard will still claim the problem is in our end.
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06/15/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Adraxxus
I got disconnected and then BAM Error 3007. I was looking for this error on Google and then BAM again, found lots of lots of ppl having the same problem and Blizzard will still claim the problem is in our end.

For me, it definitely is on my end. Anytime I'm running uTorrent, I'll get kicked out of battle.net with this error. I'm not sure why precisely and I'm sure there's some way to fix it but it's definitely a problem of my own creation. I've been thinking about buying a new router for a while so maybe that will help matters, who knows.
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Having the same issue here. The game keep on disconnecting after a few minutes. No issue when I play other Online game. SC2 is working fine too only Diablo3
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