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Diablo 3 is unplayable-error 3007

same issue ever since the 1.0.2c patch, I had literally no disconnects before that and now I'm lucky to stay connected for more than 10-20 minutes. Prime example of why its something on blizzards end and not ours. If everything works fine before you patch the game, then all of a sudden I can't stay connected for more than 10 minutes then yes, you broke something blizzard. PERIOD.
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I am having this exact same problem. I cant play the game for more than 5-10 minutes at a time if I'm lucky.....total waste of 60 bucks....
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I am having the problem since installing this new patch
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Also having this problem.
I think we need to get an organized thread going about this since the stickied one maxed out.
I have tried:
-forwarding my ports
-plugging directly into my modem
-leaving general chat on
-disabling all antivirus
My ISP is comcast, and I play during both peak and non-peak hours.
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I just bought the game apparently i should have read some forums about issues, but why would I it's diablo, great games so far.
You buy a game, install it and then play it pretty simple.

But unfortunatly i cant even get past diablo 3 setup screen let alone download the game files nice to know that blizzard is racking in all this cash for a game that doesnt even function.

Quite upset, i'm sure we have all threw some money away on things we dont need or use but as for this what a shot to the face.
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i have error 3007 since 1.0.3 as well. Even though nothing on my end has changed and when i sent in a ticket, blizzard basically responded with

"Sorry we're too busy to help you"

great customer service there.
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Same, tryed everything. Disabled my antivirus, my windows 7 firewall, Opened all the right ports in my router, checked 4 bad connection every other net based games works. Still i get kicked out ''You have been removed from the game'' every 2-5minutes.

The game is totally unplayable now.

FIKS the problem Blizz! Its on you not us!!
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Right now I get this after every 20 minutes.
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last 3 days and nothing has changed still error after error 3000.3005,3006,3007. Ever since the patch I have not been able to play longer than 5 min max with terrible lag. This has already cost me 50 k in repairs cause of disconnection errors when I have full internet strength on my computer.
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I see the issue I originally posted about not only still exists but seems to still be a problem for others in the community. Funny how some are experiencing it for the first time after a patch but Blizz insists that its a issues on the "user end".
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I have opened a ticket a week ago..no helpful answer yet. the last one asked me to reset my router and the previous asked me to stop using a proxy (which I don't). They are basically clueless as to what is causing disconnect errors. I have lost almost all hope of ever seeing this fixed. Maybe the next patch will accidentally fix this the same way that patch 1.03 accidentally added this bug.
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Yay! I just saved 60 bucks!
I started playing the starter edition to see if the game was worth it or not and been getting this error over and over.
So the decision is easy... Its not. I feel sad for all you people that wasted your money on another Blizzard product :)
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same issue i beileve its a cache issue, there was a command line posted somewhere in the forum to type in dos that actually got me to log in no problem

tpe this in cmd prompt and restart comp

pconfig/flush dns
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yea rubberbanding is server side unfortunately thats not going anywhere till blizz gets it running better....... glad you got in
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