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Best xp farm after azmodan nerf?

Close to hitting 60 atm, what is the best xp farm for 58-60?
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Road to Alcarnus Captain Vachem still works but is boring as hell. If you are using a level req minus weapon and can kill things like a boss running the first two quests of act 3 is almost as fast.
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First boss in Act 4

10,800,000 xp/hour
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What is road to alcarnus captain vachem?
Like what to do for it?
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Azmodan was a fix, not a nerf - was too easy for such quick XP gains. Playing the game instead of being on the forums is recommended too :P

If you're short on XP and have already beaten Hell D, then I'd recommend doing Act III. Tons of monsters in close proximity to one another, easy to kill big groups (the "light the fires" quest area).
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Quickest way for 59-60?
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I did valchem 58-60, though it was boring as all hell.

You start the valchem quest in act 2, take the portal, run up, talk to valchem, rescue the guards, kill the guys outside, complete quest, then restart and do it again. Took me a little over an hour to get from the bottom of 58 to 60.
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i think act 4 is fastest the 1st boss
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I have to say the following

1. Act IV - 1st Boss
2. Act III - Turn the tide
3. Act II - Road to Alcarnus
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personally, i just did act 4 areas after i killed hell diablo to continue levelling. farming mobs / champs in early act 4 was enjoyable to me.
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06/04/2012 06:22 AMPosted by Mike
Close to hitting 60 atm, what is the best xp farm for 58-60?
Kulle still gives full xp on repeat kills, and addition to the others that have been mentioned.
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Act 2 just go to Desolate Sands. 59-60 only took two full walk though. Easy really.
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