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Despite the enormity of this post and all its criticisms, I LOVE this game and definitely will get my moneys worth with it, and then some. And while there are tons of faults with the game, I believe its amazing points greatly outweigh them. However one of my favorite things to do is to give feedback on a game, so i spent hours compiling a list of every little thing I could think of (though Im sure there's plenty I've missed) to provide critical feedback for, giving it as much detail as I can, making it as neat and organized as I can, etc. Anything not mentioned here, I was either content with or absolutely loved (like the skill system <3). I figured if I included both the positive AND negative feedback, the post would just be way way too big and most of my positive feedback would be "I LOVE THIS CHANGE/FEATURE! AWESOME JOB!"

My goal with this is to provide so much feedback with details etc that one of the mods feels compelled to acknowledge the thread's existence and maybe, just maybe, by some shining beacon of hope, one of the guys on the design team will read this. Not only would I feel accomplished, but as a guy slowly getting more and more established in the game industry himself, I'd be honored :) But enough with introductions, here's all of my critical feedback

  • Mechanics Design
  • Item Design
  • UI and Bugs
  • Story (SPOILERS!!!)
  • Lacking Features
  • Client and Conclusion
  • -

    PS if someone knows how to code in the links please let me know. I could never figure out on the blizzard forums :/ At least Chrome automatically makes them links
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    Mechanics Design

    1. "Out of Energy" Cries: Are downright ridiculous. In one of the interviews, it was mentioned that the design team wanted to make everything feel perfect for the classes, such as making players feel every hit the Barbarian makes as a brutal smash. So why then does he simply say "Not enough Fury!"?... My big badass hulking monster of a hero that attacks with tree trunks and drinks blood just told me that he isn't angry enough to hurt the demon THAT badly. Maybe just lay back for a little bit.
    Or in the demon hunter's case: "I'm a cold-hearted Demon Killer whose life has been ruined by demons so I hunt them blah blah... But I don't HATE them! Oh gosh no, that'd just be too in-character for me. Instead I'll just shoot the weaker arrows at them."
    All the "Not enough (energy)!" cries need to be changed to match the characters' personalities/themes.
    Discussion thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5578591654

    2. Mana and Arcane Power are way too similar: I dig the fact that every class has a different resource. Fury and Spirit are similar but one slowly goes down while the other slowly goes up. The Demon Hunter rocks its own thing (which I love). However Arcane Power and Mana are both the same thing.
    The only 3 differences I can find:
    A) Mana values and Skill costs scale as you level, whereas Arcane Power has set values
    B) Wizard Primary abilities don't cost anything, but Witch Doctor primaries do
    C) Mana regenerates slightly slower than Arcane Power
    Why these don't make the energies nearly different enough:
    A) Unless you do an unorthodox build/armor set, your mana pool and skill costs will scale up on the same line, meaning that whether level 5 or 30, one skill will always take roughly the same percentage of your mana pool. Therefore it's no different from Arcane Power, which will always take roughly the same percentage of your mana pool due to non-scaling numbers
    B) Yes, Witch Doctor primaries cost mana, but it's so insignificantly small that the regen covers up the cost. Really. Poison Dart and Flaming Skull are both 10 mana at lvl 60. So the primaries might as well not cost anything.
    C) Though Mana regenerates at a *slightly* slower rate than Arcane Power, there's more regen armor for mana simply due to the fact that it's mana, making the slight difference even more insignificant.
    There needs to be a lot more distinction between them

    3. Waypoints: Towards the beginning of the game, waypoints are used in all the wrong ways (imo of course). Inside houses and such. I realize Diablo 3 is NOT Diablo 2, but it seems like it took the team until late act II or early act III to realize how waypoints should be used, and they never went back and fixed things. Out of all the waypoints in Act I, when/if I ever want to go back and farm areas in act I, I will only use less than half of the waypoints simply because a lot of them were there for nothing more than "go back to town then come back and continue your quest." Waypoints, like in diablo 2, should be used for larger maps that are several maps past the previous waypoint, around a lot of monsters or some farmable area, or some other reason players would want to actually use the waypoint after they're done with that quest. There's seems to be no pace to it either (sometimes theyre one after another and other times it skips for a long time)

    4. Why are jewels' names white? They blend in with crappy items way too easily. Instead, they need to pop out like the runes did in diablo 2 with that mustard-orangey color.
    Discussion thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5594212353

    5. Diablo fight: I already made a big post giving constructive feedback on the Diablo fight. Here's the link because it's too big to just quote for here (warning, spoilers) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149542175#1

    6. Skill Cooldowns: Why do skills' cooldowns activate just from being moved on the action bar? Their effects don't trigger and it isn't the same as switching spells mid-fight. Is there any proper justification for this? It's no longer an issue on Normal difficulty, but on Nightmare and up, it's still there.

    7. The Monk: At the time of writing the only classes I've played past lvl 30 are Monk and Witch Doctor and all of my thoughts on the Witch Doctor are just my personal opinions on which skills are more fun, so I didn't want to make an entire "class" section just for the Monk.
    I have 3 issues with the monk, though the middle one may or may not be my personal opinion on the skills (not sure since several people have agreed with me, but I understand that many people play many different ways).
    1. The skills don't vary enough. For example, everyone I've talked to and myself only use 2 of the primary attacks -- each with one specific rune -- because they're just much better/more fun (the first primary with the teleportation rune and the long-range primary with the extra-range rune). No real complaints with the diversity in Secondary, Defensive (1), or Focus (3).
    2. Technique skills (2). Dashing Strike is useful on occasion, but he often ends up on a random side of the enemy where you wouldn't expect him to be so there's a minor delay in continuing to attack the target, ultimately rendering the Root effect null. It also just feels.. not as strong as it should be. Exploding Palm is really useful for bosses/champions/rares, but when fighting normal demons (typically in big packs) it's hard to keep up with which one you want to hit with it, who's been hit with it, etc. There's also only 2 of the 6 versions of the skill that make it ANY use at all in normal use (when there's a ton of enemies, not one specific enemy you're focussing on). Sweeping Wind, to me, seems like SUCH a short cooldown. I don't want to have to pop the same buff before every single engagement -- it isn't fun. I don't want to have to CONSTANTLY watch my 6-second CD to make sure I don't lose a decent not over-the-top buff. There's 2 fixes to this. It could have reduced damage and longer duration, making it another aura/mantra, or it could undergo more serious changes and become an actually fun ability. (see more in the next point)
    3. Mantras (4). I hate these. I really do. I -LOVE- the skill system because it makes every skill slot important, every skill viable at some time or another, etc. So why are FOUR of my 21 (almost 20%...) Active Spells instead just Passive buffs I have to re-conjur every now and then? That's no fun at all. I think it would be MUCH more fun if there was a 6th type of abilities -- meditation, zen, idk -- and the monk should have a slightly different Passive set-up from the rest (like the Demon Hunter has a different energy set-up, which is awesome). Instead of giving the monk 3 Passive Skill slots and 14 skills, instead give him 2 Passive Skill slots (10 and 30) with 10ish passive skills and make the lvl 20 Passive Skill slot instead a Mantra slot. The 4 mantras would move to here and could still have runes, but this way we wouldn't have to have boring no-fun PASSIVE skills in our Active skill list. That just makes less skills to choose from and one of our 6 skill slots no fun at all.

    8. Barbarian War Shouts expiring: I love the fact that when a Monk Mantra expires, there's a nice visual and sound effect to make it obvious. GREAT idea! :) So... Can we get this for Barbarian War Shouts too?

    9. "Rare" Mobs and unfair encounters: Currently, I'm in act 2 on nightmare difficulty. I'm not even in the hard stuff yet (or shouldnt be) and already I see at least one Rare mob on every map I go through! It's defying its name
    Also, there needs to be some way to stop unfair encounters. I love the randomization aspect of Diablo games -- not just the maps and items, but the encounters too -- however randomization always leaves extra room for things to go wrong. For example, I've run into 2 Champion packs right next to each other multiple times, sometimes even with a "rare" spawn fairly close too, so I run into him when kiting!
    EDIT: I just played a game where I got SEVEN (7) Champion packs on one map -- counted, not exaggerated -- AND FOUR (4) "Rare" spawns. AND the 4 rares were in two groups where both times one was RIGHT next to another one. I realize this is a very very small chance of happening due to the randomization, but I was playing on NIGHTMARE, not inferno! There needs to be a cap system for situations like this! Make it a low cap for Normal then raise it for each difficulty and keep it out for Inferno. But come on.. Nightmare shouldn't be this hard, even if it's a fluke.

    10. Boiling Oil in act III: This is really minor, but I'm trying to report everything that the team may have overlooked. While I LOVE the destructible environments and thing it's an excellent addition to Diablo III, I think it's very stupid that we can destroy the "Boiling Oil" containers on the fort in Act III. 2/3 of the Act is just trying to keep it fortified, and these things were used in castles back in the day for fortification, so it doesn't make any sense, especially since they're all over the place.

    11. Breath of Heaven: One of the runes for Breath of Heaven (the monk healing spell) called Blazing Wrath increases the player's damage by 15% for 45 seconds. Since the duration is fairly long, this turns into a buff rather than a nifty feature that might turn the tide in battle when youre in trouble (i.e. in need of a heal). Balancing numbers aside, the duration on this should be dropped down to 10 seconds or 15 at the MAX. With Mantras already, monks really shouldn't have another buff to keep up. Lowering the duration (and increasing the effectiveness to balance it) would effectively make this rune into how I described it above rather than a must-have like the game is supposed to avoid.
    Discussion thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5578591859
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    Item design

    1. Belts: I really wish belts were still more than just another piece of armor. I feel like the number guys could easily have incorporated a "+% effectiveness from potions" mechanic to all belts. Wouldve just been a little more number crunching, no actual design stuff to work out. Or some other health/potion mechanic unique to belts instead of that.

    2. Unique items: Everyone already knows the issues with this. In the developer update, this was touched on so theres no reason for me to talk about it anymore

    3. Item Sets: There either needs to be way more sets or the game needs to have some way of giving players a good idea of how many there are out there and what kinds/levels they are. All I know of are the class-specific lvl 60 sets mentioned in one of the achievements (glad to see the return of Immortal Kings though!)

    4. Class specific items: (ex. Voodoo masks) should give INCENTIVE to use them! If I'm playing a Wizard, I obviously want to use a WAND, not a sword. But if I find a sword with better stats, I'll be a machete-wielding sorcerer. Whether by raising all the stats or by some other method (I don't doubt Blizzard's design team's creativity for a second), there needs to be a lot more incentive to use class specific items
    Discussion thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5626184041#1

    5. Auction House vs Item Farming and Crafting: The Auction House completely replaces any item farming mechanics or that awesome feeling when you find a seriously epic piece of loot. Rather than "OMG YES, I CAN TOTALLY USE THIS FOR ALL MY CHARACTERS WHEN I LEVEL THEM!!!!!!" we just feel "Oh neat, this'll get me a nice #k gold on the AH *shrug*". The same issue arises when crafting with the blacksmith. I like the blacksmith system a lot, but why would I spend 1,000g worth of blues (salvaged) to make 1 random-stats item when I can buy something perfect for that same 1,000g on the Auction House, typically higher item-level and higher stats too?

    6. Helmets: I don't understand why there are non-Class-Specific helmets. The Demon Hunter has hoods, Witch Doctor has spirit masks, Wizard has wizard hats, and Monk has spirit stones. Given the choice, I'm ALWAYS going to choose my class-specific headpiece over a normal one -- it's more fun that way! (and there should be incentive for it too, as mentioned earlier). So then why are there normal helmets? Just give the Barbarian class-specific helmets like in Diablo 2 and take out all the other ones. I know this would give him one extra class-specific item but it's not that big a deal -- he's the only class that uses Strength items too, whereas there's 2 for Dexterity and 2 for Intelligence. Just because something's one way for the other classes doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad decision for one class
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    User Interface

    1. Waypoint menu: I hate everything about the waypoint menu. Firstly, in Diablo 2 it actually provided a list of them all so you would know if you missed one. Secondly, it also provided players with a fairly good idea of their progression through the act. Both of these features should have stayed and really need to be added back to the system.
    My other issues with it come from its attempt at organization. While it may seem like a good system on paper, all it does is take up some of the room that other waypoints could use in order to shorten the list. Very few players will remember "The Cathedral" vs "The Courtyard" rather than remembering how early/late into the act they found that specific waypoint. Dropping the organization system and going back to the method from diablo 2 would actually make the waypoints easier to keep track of as well as fix the 2 other issues mentioned above

    2. Quest Log: First, like the waypoint menu, the quest log also used to provide a good idea of progression through an act. Again, this should not have been thrown out the window, as it made things much easier than having to check the achievement that lists the quests or having to look on the character selection screen. Players need a quick and easy way to see how far through an act they are, especially on their first times through.
    And while the Quest Log in diablo 3 is much bigger since it takes the whole screen for the current quest, it's still even less detailed than quests were in diablo 2. This is partly due to the much more active/changing "objective" system used in diablo 3, but not entirely. The box in the quest log with the details should be much bigger and give players more details to the quests. The quest log as a whole is just wasted space -- it doesn't provide anything more than the objective on the right side of the screen already does.

    *Please note: I'm not posting the same bugs/issues everyone complains about such as the server issues, AH bugs, etc. Those are already well-known and would just take up space. I am going to list some that I think may be looked over since they're fairly small and unimportant (but a bug is a bug, and should at least be known if not fixed)

    1. Startup background: When you first launch Diablo III and Diablo's head appears in the middle of your computer, clicking on the image causes its background to turn black (as opposed to translucent). Clicking a 2nd time turns it white and causes the computer to stop communicating with the program (giving the "wait for it or terminate?" pop-up). The program loads fine however

    2. Quest/Difficulty on main menu: On the main menu (screen with your chosen character before you jump in a game), if you switch heroes the Quest/Difficulty to the left doesn't update when the hero is chosen. It takes Starting/Resuming a Game to refresh it (but it does refresh before the loading screen)

    3. Pinging on minimap too early: In Act II when you get to Covetous Shen in his barrel, before you free him the exit of the dungeon (it's not one of the random dungeons) pings farther down the road on the minimap, despite the "leave the dungeon" objective being after you both free and talk to Shen.

    4. Minor Pathing Issue: In the Hidden Camp, just above the stash, there's some sort of shrine thing that looks kind of like an easel. If the player is coming from the north part of the camp (by Haedrig and the merchant) and clicks the stash or any area south or west of the shrine thing, the pathing system doesn't work. The player must guide the mouse/character around the shring thing manually.

    5. Crucible click-registration radius: The crucible doesn't register being clicked if the player is standing on the far end of its pedestal.

    6. Bug with Monk Mantras: Players can change a passive skill slot to Chant of Resonance ("Duration of all Mantras increased by 7 minutes. While one of your Mantras is active you gain 2 Spirit every second."), activate a mantra, then switch back to a different passive ability and the mantra will still have a 10 minute duration rather than 3.

    7. Chest doesn't stay open: It's possible to go back to early act I in the cave where you and Leah fight a unique guy and she learns about her mother even after that quest is completed. The chest in there is not a one-time chest, so it's possible to abuse this to keep getting items (granted it isnt a resplendant chest, but it's still a chest nonetheless)

    8. Skeleton King's armor: After killing the Skeleton King, his armor flies everywhere. It's actually possible for it to fly down the endless pit in the middle of his fight area. It even makes sound as it hits the walls for a good 20 seconds before it hits the bottom lol

    9. Zoltun Kulle's ready for battle: When entering the map where you actually fight Zoltun Kulle, his golems are highlighted yellow like enemies and theres a boss marker for zoltun kulle on the minimap before the fight starts

    10. The Black Soulstone: After killing Zoltun Kulle when you're supposed to go get the Black Soulstone, the next part activates after you run under it -- it's actually impossible to click the stone itself

    11. Can't use Town Portal: After killing Zoltun Kulle, you're still not able to use a town portal on that map. You have to go back to the map with the 2 side entrances and the one you were just in in order to use the town portal

    12. The Scouring of Caldeum vendors: Before talking to Leah to start the quest The Scouring of Caldeum, there's no merchants in their area in the Hidden Camp. After talking to her, they all show up

    13. Item Right-Click tooltip: When viewing the de-gem and salvage pages for shen/haedrig, the bottom of items still say right-click to equip rather than right-click to de-gem/salvage

    14. Belial talks to walls: When Belial gives his little speech before switching from easy mode to an actual challenge, he faces left, center, or right. However if you run around, he doesn't turn to follow you so he's talking to the wall and it looks really stupid for a lord of hell

    15. Sound and Animation out of sync: A lot of in-game chat (such as the one from Belial mentioned above) that isn't an actual cinematic keeps playing if you pause the game, so the animation and audio get out of sync

    16. Add a checkpoint on the bridge in Act III: More of an issue than a bug, but there needs to be a death checkpoint halfway through the really long bridge at the end of act III (similar to the ones in early act III that don't SAY Checkpoint, but when you die you don't have to run alll the way back)

    17. Wizards can't break barrles: Wizards can't break barrels, if standing up-close to them, using the spells Disintegrate and Beam of Frost. From far away it works fine.

    18. Shadow Creature aura: Steps to reproduce:
    1. After defeating Ghom (the half-way boss in act III), you get the quest to go into the armory where strange noises are coming
    2. Upon entering, you are attacked by a lot of the Shadow Creatures (I forget their official name)
    3. Die before killing all of them
    4. Run back into the armory after re-spawning at the entrance to Ghom's room (standing on a waypoint)
    5. Look at the ground near Tyrael
    Though the Shadow Creatures were all gone or mostly gone and Tyrael was finishing the last ones off, the ground looks like one of the creature's aura -- it also moves (multiple to show that)
    Pic: http://imageshack.us/f/205/bugjk.jpg/
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    Lacking features

    1. RECONNECT FEATURE: The most important thing in this entire post. There NEEDS to be a reconnect feature in this game. With a constant connection required, hardcore mode, resetting maps, etc, how is it POSSIBLY acceptable to not have one? Currently if you lose connection for even a second, you're toast. I work with a company that has ONE programmer and even our game has a reconnect feature (also online-only). Seriously. This needs to happen ASAP.
    Discussion thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5575472036#1

    2. In-game Auction House: No way to access the Auction House in-game. This wouldn't be as bad of an issue if leaving the single-player game didn't reset maps, but it would still be nice to have a merchant in New Tristram, The Hidden Camp, and Bastion's Keep that let's you use the Auction House. (see point #4)

    3. Repair Items in Stash: There needs to be a way to repair all items in your stash due to the Auction House requiring items fully repaired (which is reasonable except for this one inconvenience). Just add change the current "Repair All" button to "Repair All Equipped and in Inventory" and add a third, "Repair Stash" button

    4. Single Player maps: Single Player should have an option to keep the same map rather than re-randomize it each time, especially if the character doesn't join a multiplayer game, switch quests, etc. I would love for my characters intended for singleplayer only (at least for one difficulty) to be able to quit at any point and come back later on the same map.. Singleplayer shouldnt just be Multiplayer with no one else in the game with you. This is a major issue for those who like to fill out the whole map, try to find all the logs, visit all the dungeons, etc. Though they don't all spawn 100% of the time on a map, it'd be nice to have the CHOICE.

    5. Run with the map open: If you don't let go of the left mouse button, you should be able to keep running, like in WoW. It's obnoxious to have to close and re-open the map every 3 or 4 seconds because it only registers where the mouse is when I open the map and runs that far then stops.

    6. Names on the map: When mousing over things on the minimap or especially on the big map, the cursor covers up the name that youre trying to read. Theres needs to be some fix to this though I can't think of one off the top of my head, but it basically makes the feature pointless as it's unusable.

    7. Chat options: Why are there no chat options??? The team ripped off WoW's chat system (which I'm fine with) but didn't bother to add in the options that go with it... There's a lot of issues with this. Some as minor as wanting to change the color of different types of messages to other MAJOR issues, like chat being too small. Due to my really bad computer, I can only run the game on the lowest 16:9 resolution, which means the chat is way too small. Even I have trouble reading it sometimes and I'm 17 with near perfect vision. This goes right up there with the Reconnect feature on the NEEDED list.

    8. Remove "Recent Players": Maybe I'm just missing it, or is there really no way to remove "Recent players" in the social window? It's an annoying feature. If I wanted to know when someone's online, I'd just add them.. All it does is get in the way of the people I DO want to know if they're online.

    9. Lock the Action Bar: If the design team is so intent on making skills activate their cooldowns when skills are moved around (on Nightmare+), then there needs to be an option to lock the action bar.

    10. Track Achievement Progress: While some achievements are simple, such as "reach lvl 30", we need some way to track others like "Complete Act I in less than an hour" or "Dodge 15 Hits in a Row". Another biggie.

    11. "Bonus" quest feature: I thought this was an awesome addition! But I was really disappointed at how rarely it was actualy used. I only saw it on 2 quests total :(

    12. Crafting "minimize/maximize all" buttons: When on the Crafting windows for jewels/blacksmithing, there should be a button that switches between "collapse all" and "maximize all" (probably right under the dropdown that provides other options)

    13. Selling items with gems inside: There should be a pop-up warning when the player attempts to sell an item with a gem in it, whether on the Auction House or, more importantly, to a vendor

    14. More auto-loot options: Why not give the option to automatically pick up jewels and/or potions along with gold? The only reason anyone wouldn't do this is if their bags are full or they're running through a low-level area where the potions are too low, which would still be useful for their lower characters, so I see no reason against this.

    15. More "show loot" options: in diablo 2 we could set alt to not show items below a certain rarity. I would love to not see whites/grays again. I would love even more to be able to say "don't show me whites or grays UNLESS MY CHARACTER IS LVL 10 OR LOWER" but I think that may be a little too complicated to be worth the time. The simple rarity filter should still be there though.

    16. Turning character: This is a minor complaint, but why can't we turn our characters on the main menu, yet we can turn all of our characters in the Profile window and even other players' characters (even non Real-ID!) through the social window?

    17. Don't hide any features: Give a "tutorial" window for Elective Mode, Zoom In on Inventory Being Opened, the fact that you can always retrain followers, the fact that professions are only leveled through gold not by crafting, etc. Anything that players might not immediately know. And please don't just add them to the tips on the loading screen because then there's a chance they won't see it for a good while.
    Also, I'm not sure if shift and alt are in a tutorial window or not. I figured they were, but my friend got the game yesterday and is already mostly through act II, yet he didn't know about either of those until I told him. If they're already there and he just didn't see them, then ignore this part but I figured I'd mention it just in case.

    18. Demon Journal: We really need some way to keep track of demons' abilities and what they mean. For example, while I can remember what Mortar and Electrified do, I don't understand what QA Lead does at all. I shouldn't have to look up stuff online to strategize about the game (I know it's not a strategy, but higher difficulties = required skill = some thought beforehand)

    19. Joining a lower difficulty game: I realized today that if you join a friend's game in the same difficulty (different act/quest) it doesn't make you restart your quest! Maybe it's because he didn't progress the quest objectives any while i was there, I'm not sure. Either way, this feature should be extended to joining a friend's game on a lower difficulty as well. Currently when you want to join a lower difficulty game, you HAVE to change your quest to something in that difficulty in order to request/receive an invite, which automatically makes you restart your quest when you go back to your own game.

    20. Notification from Auction House: There should be a pop-up or chat notification when one of your items sells/expires on the Auction House! One of the relevant features from WoW that should've been carried over but wasn't

    21. Auction House to Stash options: We should be able to retrieve items from the Auction House to a different tab than the first one. For example my THIRD stash tab is my Auction items, not the first. This is a nuisance.
    We should also be able to drag items in our stash around while in the Auction House, especially since it's not accessible in-game..

    22. Lower Water/Fire Graphics Option: There should be an option for lower graphics on Water and Fire effects. One of the GREAT things about all Blizzard games is that they don't require almost anything to run on low. On my very low-end laptop, the water and fire effects are by far the biggest causes of slow-downs in the game

    23. Compare both rings: Players need some way to compare an unequipped ring to the one equipped in the 2nd slot as well as the first. This is mainly an issue for the Auction House, but it would be nice to have in general
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    1. Launcher: When I open up the launcher, why am I encouraged to buy diablo 3? -.- come on

    2. Guest Pass to Full Version: This happened both to my dad and to one of my friends so I know it isn't just a bug; it's a design flaw. If a player plays the Guest Pass and decides they like it, they keep the characters after they buy the game, but have to start over at the beginning. So they're going kill wretched mothers at lvl 9ish. This seems like something that just got looked over, but still really needs to be fixed

    I doubt it matters, but I'm a 17 year-old kid who works with a small indie company in Austin and is going into the game industry (programming specifically though I hope to be on a design team as well). I really love giving feedback for games (especially betas!) and I've talked about the faults in this one for hours with my friends and people at the local game store. I also made a large-ish post for minor StarCraft II suggestions too, though they're not as big of issues as these. But here's the thread: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4427533247?page=1
    If you agree with most of these ideas please +1 this and/or request sticky so that hopefully at least one Blizzard rep will notice this thread. I spent a lot of time putting this together and I'd hate to see it just get buried like everything else

    Also, Archangel posted a very in-depth feedback thread split up into sections for each act in the game. Check it out here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5151274712#1

    Lastly, sorry for advertising but I think this is 100% worth it. If you play StarCraft II at all (or know anyone who does) PLEASE take a moment to check out this thread. ProbableLoss is hosting a STARCRAFT II TOURNAMENT TO BENEFIT AUTISM (people can donate directly to the foundation, no scams) and we're really trying to get the word out. Here's the link: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4768448839
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    Bump. Would hate to see this get buried after all the time I spent on it..
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    Running with the map open is a huge item on my wish list! Really not sure why this wasn't in the game from the beginning.

    Also, in addition to a repair all in stash button there should just be a repair button in the auction house itself. Or if it's not fully repaired the auction house will charge you a repair fee when you list it.
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    100 Night Elf Druid
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    I agree about the blacksmith thing. You could spend 100k in gold plus mats for a low level item, or you could spend 100k on the best item ever created for that level... your choice.
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    We need that lock button. Like yesterday.
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    05/29/2012 10:30 AMPosted by Loot
    somebody need to be gainfully employed or has a very peculiar way of spending free-time

    Hahaha, I just really like giving feedback to games. I wouldve done this in the beta, but I don't play betas if I buy the game on release -- ruins the first day :P
    But yeah, I actually did stuff like this for free for over a year with a small indie company, then became the forum moderator, then they started paying me and now I get $50 a week doing stuff I love :) I'm the Community Manager, Forum Moderator, and UI manager. It also means I have one more contact in my industry, a good/fun job while I'm in High School/college, another letter of recommendation when I apply in August, someone I can ask tons of question to as I teach myself programming, etc etc etc.

    This is just what i like to do ^^ But I'm hoping Bashiok will catch this thread and maybe even show it to someone on the design team
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    sigh, already buried on page 20...
    Please +1 this if you agree with a lot of it
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    Thank you to the mods for deleting the trolls in between my initial posts.

    This is getting ridiculous :/ Not sure what to do to stop this from getting buried... I'm sorry for 3 bumps in a row but I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to do
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    Post under this one was an accident (caused by a stupid forum bug :/)

    EDIT: just added the following

    Mechanics Design:
    - Barbarian War Shouts expiring
    -"Rare" Mobs and unfair encounters

    Item Design:

    Lacking Features:
    -Joining a lower difficulty game
    -Notification from Auction House
    -Auction House to Stash options
    -Lower Water/Fire Graphics Option

    Added a Bugs section in the same post as the UI stuff and added:
    -Startup background
    -Quest/Difficulty on main menu
    -Pinging on minimap too early
    -Minor Pathing Issue
    -Crucible click-registration radius
    Edited by Animus#1326 on 5/30/2012 3:40 PM PDT
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