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Whats your favorite follower quote?

Thought I'd post in the forums cause I found one really funny while traveling with the Scoundrel on my female DH.

"Do you think Adria fancies younger men?"

"Sometimes you still surprise me Lyndon.."
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90 Worgen Rogue
"Men and their leaders never prepare for a catastrophe because they fear it will lead to one. Fools."
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"You think the Thieves Guild is organized?"
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"I wonder why Kormac acts so strange when I'm around."

"It's probably because he is in love with you."

"What...? You really think so?"

That's probably not exact, but close enough. That's from the enchantress btw.
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Im just hangin out in New tristram....

Scoundrel "you cant just leave with a lady like that and abandon me here all by myself"

Templar "I cannot follow you if we just stand around"

Scoundrel "Dont take that templar with you! He'll put you to sleep with all his blathering"

Scoundrel "I understand im not for everyone, But give me a try and you wont go back"

Scoundrel "Im not as bad as i look really! Stop walking away!"
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After corpse-dragging myself and finally killing some nasties...

Templar: "Can we find more like that?"

Me: "Ummm...sure...mind if I repair first?"

Love my Templar :D
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Enchantress: "I feel like you're my elder sister.. is that wrong?"

DHuntress: "No. Just don't ask me for advice about men."

Enchantress: "About.. :!: That is..! I.. :long pause: I-don't-know-what-to-say!"

She is freakin' cute.


Enchantress (while repairing/selling):
Somehow I imagined the Hero of Prophecy would be more.. lively.

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I can't remember the exact quote, but I can't believe nobody has mentioned this one. I LOL everytime this conversation happens:

Enchantress: Do you have anything to drink (or eat)?

Barbarian: Nope...just a pound of salted meat.

Or something like that.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Enchantress to Withch doctor (female)

"Are you considered beautiful in your country"?
Witch doctor "Why do you think I am wearing so little?"

Rogue comments on Sorceress when they first meet:

"I love your dress"
She replies: " I am not wearing a dress"
Thief: "That's what I mean"
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90 Human Warrior
Scoundrel: if i die u can have my rings.
DH:i gave them to u.
Scoundrel: your welcome.

Scoundrel: do u mind if i stay here? u can handle the demon alone.
DH: sure but u wont get any gold.
Scoundrel: i am coming
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Scoundrel: Hmm, there seems to be no more rats left here.
Barbarian: Wrong. There`s you.
Scoundrel: HA
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90 Draenei Warrior
Scoundrel: Please take me out of here! If I see one more solder stagger in here with his face ripped off, I'm going to vomit on someone!

Scoundrel: If I was a demon and I had to live in this smoldering pit, I would probably want to invade another world too!

Scoundrel: Angry naked women are attacking me? This is my summer in Westmarch all over again!

Scoundrel: I'm beginning to think the keep's main defensive strategy is getting the enemies lost in endless parapits and side corridors!
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Act 3, approaching Azmodan.

Kormac: When I was training, I'd dream of storming the hells themselves. This is all I ever wanted!
Male WD: ...Sometimes you worry me.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
*Haedrig Eamon's wife turns walker*
Scoundrel: "This is why I'm never getting married."
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Scoundrel: "Sometimes I wish, when we first met, you took one look at me and fell madly in love!"

Scoundrel: "But then, I remember how much gold we've made together!"

Fem DH: "You know it won't end that way, right?"

Scoundrel: "Right.. right.."

^ I find it sort of endearing that he keeps trying with my DH despite her rejecting him constantly, lol.
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Act 2 in the hidden camp.

Nobleman: You have sought knowledge for many years... yet you look so well preserved for your age, Adria. Just how old are you?
Adria: Go to Hell.
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90 Gnome Mage
Enchantress: You are very clever Leah!
Leah: Oh I wouldn't say that.
Enchantress: Of course! You are too cunning to boast.
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The Enchantress is kind of stuck in a naive flirting mode with my female DH that is endlessly funny (she discusses the DH's clothes and other things quite a bit).

But the winner is this:

Enchantress: "Sometimes I think about marriage..."
DH: (shocked/sad) "OH?!"
Enchantress: "I think it is not for me..."
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