Diablo® III

Whats your favorite follower quote?

not exact but outside leorics mansion

enchantress: did you see those 2 boys playing over there

witch doctor: no

enchantress: never mind they were probobly dead
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not exact words but,

Enchantress: did you know that the grass the covers the ground is descended from a rare plant from my era? it had the most beautiful flowers

Male Wiz: I knew that already

Enchantress: oh.
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Enchantress, after killing a rare mob:

Enchantress: That is what I have trained for!

Then she proceed to die in desecrate zone.
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Act 2, in a cellar after killing some summoners;

Enchantress: "This should remove part of the illusion."

scoundrel: "I'll remove more than that."
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Leah: Adria should be up here.
Scoundrel: This is the first time a girl ever asked me to meet her mother!

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i forget the exact quote, but when kormac does the ritual to get his memory back and finds out his order tortured him for no reason. was pretty WTF moment hearing the guy who loved his order 24/7 get depressed and then angry, you could really hear it in his voice.

if you want to hear it, beat diablo and start talking to the followers that come beside you before ending the game, often times you have to listen to one of the options before a new option is unlocked and the process repeats several times. the other followers also have good quotes that are only available after diablo dies but before quitting game, so be careful you dont leave too soon.
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Hmm, has to be the Scoundrel while descending to Azmodan in act 3:

Are you sure defeating the lord of Sins is such a good idea? I mean what would i do with my evenings?
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90 Tauren Druid
Scoundrel: What would you do if I stopped following you...?

Male Monk: The quiet would be pleasing.
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while in act II with templar

something like
templar: the scoundrel told me that the women here are looking at me.
DH: its a scandal that these women here like you?
templer: I have taken a vow and these women are not helping!

while at act III with scoundrel

scoundrel: ok thats it! straight and narrow it is from now on.
monk: what made you say that?
scoundrel: these demons don't need any more power.
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Scoundrel: You seem to think that my life is full of ease.
Templar: It is.
Scoundrel: Thievery is hard work. Priceless gems don't just leap in my pockets, you know!
Scoundrel: What is your deepest wish?
Templar: To serve my order valorously.
Scoundrel: Oh.
Templar: You sound disappointed.
Scoundrel: My wish is to be incredibly wealthy and surrounded by beautiful women. Yours is simply lacking by comparison.
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Scoundrel qoutes:

Look at that thing over there! Let's kill it.

My thief sense is tingling.

I am using templar when playing my main, a DH, but sadly he is boring.
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Act 3 guard: "You saved us!"

Me on male wizard hitting numpad 6, the taunt button: "You are hardly worth my time."
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Something like..

Scoundrel: I wonder if there's a jeweled crown on that head over there?
Monk: No.
Scoundrel: A golden amulet, perhaps?
Monk: No.
Scoundrel: Oh come on! An earring?
Monk: No, stop it.

Leah: Are there any female Templars in your order?
Templar: To my knowledge, no.
Leah: ...Shouldn't the order accept anyone willing to fight evil?
Templar: Uh, I'll bring it up at the next meeting.

Scoundrel: I'll catch up with you later, I'm going to take a quick nap under that fern over there... nevermind, there appears to be a pile of demon spoor underneath it.
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My favorite by far


I learned much fro[...dies by standing in desacrator...]

She did it 3 times in a row once.
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enchantress ...

I love how she says ... " a power enemy has been laid low "
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Scoundrel - "FOR TREASURE!"
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After meeting Enchantress with the templar, not exact

Templar: did you see her skin, it was so fair and clean
Male Monk: Oh
Templar: Oh, not like that, i have vows
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
My favorite by far


I learned much fro[...dies by standing in desacrator...]

She did it 3 times in a row once.

I can't fight a Highland Walker in Inferno without her dying that way. Her masterpiece though was this exchange:

Enchantress (returns to life): My condition has improved!

(Runs into six pools of poison left behind by dead mobs, dies again.)
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