Diablo® III

Whats your favorite follower quote?


- Scoundrel
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#1 scoundrel:
If we stand here any longer i AM going to rob you... just to let you know....

#2 scoundrel:
if we dont survive... i want you to have my rings.... both of them...

but i gave you those rings....


no need to thank me!.....
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Oh. My. God.
Just found a Kormac Favorite.

Act III: Inside the Depths of the Keep
Kormac: We see cold winters in Westmarch, but the air here bites at the skin like a bloody scavenger.
Barbarian (F): Grow some stones, Kormac.This is considered mild weather in my homeland.

Ah, I got a good chuckle out of that.
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Scoundrel: "It's a good thing there are no Goat Women."
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Ascending out of Wortham towards the spider caves, after passing five dead adventurers that can be clicked on for possible gold or item drops:

Scoundrel: Well, there's certainly no shortage of dead adventurers around here.

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Scoundrel, after returning from down:
"I'll reform, I swea-oh wait, I'm still alive."
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First time hearing this. I'm not using any followers at Act 2 and they were having conversations. Seriously funny. XD

E: I serve a higher purpose, as do you.
T: In the hardest moments, my faith is all I have.
E: The stones of faith pave both our paths.
T: A beautiful image.
S: Should I rent you two a room at the inn?
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Enchantess:Things are going poorly.
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enchantress "these lands use to be so beautiful the flowers were so amazing did you know that?"

my charcter "oh um... yeah... uh huh....?"

enchantress "oh....um....sorry...."
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yeah when i heard that i wa slike 0.0 what? children? so i looked around and i dditn find any children or ghosts but itd be really creepy if you actually found the bodies of them.
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Sometime in Bastion's Keep Stronghold...

Kormac: My amulet has gone missing again!
Lyndon: But now you know I didn't steal it.
Kormac: You stole it last time!
Lyndon: Borrowed.
Kormac: I'm going to start locking my satchel.
Lyndon: Heh heh, good idea!
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"Hold your tongue!", Ench

. . . Lyndon is awesome when he pretends to be Kormac.

1st post in my adventures. Couldn't pass this one up : )
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You really can't go wrong with any of the scoundrel's ###%%%@* comments.
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Upon entering The Old Ruins

Player (Demon Hunter): Old Tristram... Diablo's evil still lingers here.
Scoundrel: Was it the perpetual darkness or the endless mobs of risen dead that gave you that idea?
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I've been running the Crusader and Lyndon. Every conversation those two have cracks me up. The Crusader is surprisingly, subtlety snarky (female; haven't played male yet, but getting to it). Most of the Nephalem have a sense of humor, though, especially as the acts progress and they get comfortable with their companions--there's a definite difference in how they all treat each other between Acts 1 and 2 versus Acts 4 and 5.

Lyndon: I wonder if Lady Auriel has seen how many demons I've killed for her.
Crusader: One can only hope!
Lyndon: I hate you.

The way the Crusader VA delivers lines, especially in conversation to followers, is just great. I also liked her convos with the Master's ghost in Pandemonium, but that doesn't count as a follower.

I love the moments in the follower missions in Act 5, if you take Lyndon and Kormac to each others' quests.

Lyndon in the Templar Enclave: "Hey! No one hits Kormac but me!"

Kormac vs the Thieves' Guild: "Too bad; Lyndon's our friend!"
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06/03/2012 09:09 PMPosted by GreyICE
The Enchantress is kind of stuck in a naive flirting mode with my female DH that is endlessly funny (she discusses the DH's clothes and other things quite a bit).

But the winner is this:

Enchantress: "Sometimes I think about marriage..."
DH: (shocked/sad) "OH?!"
Enchantress: "I think it is not for me..."

One of my favorites, too.
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