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Terrible lag


Your hardware looks fine, not really lacking anywhere. Your connection is what still bothers me though. We aren't able to offer support for troubleshooting wireless connections. There are just too may variables involved that could be limiting performance and causing dropouts.

Running wired is the one true troubleshooting step we have for determining if that's a cause of a problem or not. I can't simply ignore it and continue as if we've done that. It just takes a cable, even a long one will do stretched across the floor. If you're prohibited by the distance between your computer and the modem/router, that alone is good cause for running a cable as that distance can be a major factor.

Support Information Administrator

After all the info OP and others provided, after all their time spent trying to help you resolve the issue, this is the best we can get--basically blaming the victim against all contrary evidence?? Does this admin not see the dozens of people (including myself) saying that other, even more demanding games are running perfectly fine with their ISP and wireless setup.

Reason, logic, human empathy--all is sacrificed in blizzard's pigheaded refusal to acknowledge even the possibility that this is server side and that YOU messed up and that YOU need to get on top of this ASAP because we paid YOU, because we are the customers, because we are getting no customer satisfaction, because we are doing the best we can to help you troubleshoot your own problems and you spit on us and ignore us like we are worthless rabble out here. HELLLLLO?
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It's obviously not server side if I'm not having the problem?
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Relax guys. It's Blizzard's servers, not your internet connection. Give it awhile and Blizzard will realize that it THEIR problem. Then they will finally do something about it (hopefully).

Although, Blizzard has been quite rotten lately. The aren't the Blizz they used to be.

I just wished they would have made the single user version of this game offline.

Yah, the problem with that though is these guys would still be getting high latency because their computer has some kind of hardware fault which is only being brought to light when running Diablo III.

Now , we know the problem isn't the gfx card since they're running BF3 on Ultra... so what's most likely happening is their CPU is constantly alternating between thermal states.

I suggest , if possible, get a hold of another CPU and switch it and see if that cures the problem.
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lol, no!

i played d3 perfectly before i moved to another place (and ISP) and now it lag like crap..

bf3 isnt, css isnt, everyothergameonmysupercomputer isnt!

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im having the same problem !! any solutions?
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how come the latency is better in the morning then worse at night. it's not the darn computer :(.

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05/30/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Jakweezy
I am having severe lag issues where the game will pause (only my characters still moves around the map). These everything will speed up and 9/10 times I will be dead. This problem has only gotten worse with the recent update. I can connect to the internet fine through a browser and I rarely get a disconnect message. This is happening when I am playing single player. Please help!

I do believe it's your harddrive.
I've had same issue and every time I have the same lag, my HD would be going crazy.
Switched to SSD and problem was resolved.

My only problem is the random server lag of death that happens only during elite encounters...
It's not the PC or the network connection.
It's the D3 server for sure.
Multiple units working on the same network would have lag of death (that's what I call) at different times.
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error 316609, can not create game ?
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i've been having issues as well. It's not lag really because Act 3 the bridge is causing my pc to drop down to 8fps. Seems that the new update has texture issues or something. My driver are the same and it didn't happen before the latest patch.

It's not my pc either

i7 2700k @ 5ghz on water cooling
2 x 7970's @ 1000/6000 on water cooling
8gigs of ddr3 1866mhz
2 x 120gig Vertex 3 ssd's in raid 0
1200w psu

What's the deal? Please fix the issue or figure out that the new patch broke amd drivers and get with them for a hotfix that fixes the issue.

And where's my profile now? says doesn't exist. I'm going to start passing up on game's that play off of someone's server and not my pc. always ends up being a bad experience!!
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man i been going nuts glad it not just me went all through my comp tried different downloads no change
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pre patch 1.0.7. i was running @ highest video settings with no problems or framerate drops. post patch, framerates are in the teens. ping is fine. changed my video settings to lowest possible and still have sub 20 fps.
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