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I joined the DH bandwagon

So I leveled my mage to 52....and then decided to reroll over to DH. I am not completely sure what all to look for with this class outside of kiting a lot so any advice that I can get before I get home from work would be appreciated (especially tips on what builds for what kind of weapons). Thanks in advance for any of you that reply.
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Get a good weapon. Its all you need. Dh easiest class in game. End of story.
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Appreciate the good weapon advice but what constitutes a good weapon for DH? 2 1h or a 2h xbow/bow? Is DPS the only thing to worry about with weapon or is it like mage and ias is just as important? Sorry...spent days learning wizard and would like advice from someone who has already done the math and understands how the class works completely so I don't end up in hell with no clue on how to raise dmg.
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05/30/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Lilethe
Get a good weapon. Its all you need. Dh easiest class in game. End of story.

Typical noob who hasn't actually played DH properly.
Let me guess, your barb is now stuck because Inferno doesn't allow you to just stand there and faceroll your keyboard?
Yes kiting and stutter attacks are very easy to do, yet the majority of gamers will never be able to do it right. Funny how something so easy could be so hard for so many.
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Instead of trolling him for a very vague response why don't you shed some light on this for me.
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High dps 2h crossbow with ias.. but you basically just stack nothing but damage and mf.. you don't need to get any resist or health, everything will 1 shot you, just smokescreen everything and dodge.
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Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for! Any required talents other then smoke screen?
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Hungering Arrow with the shatter shot rune is a personal favorite for mass kills. I find caltrops and spike traps help a lot. Impale with over penetration is great too. I've never really deviated from my build and I've never had much of any trouble. Oh and I find vault underrated, it helps in a pinch to grab out of reach health or just to get the hell out of a mobs way.
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elemental arrow with nether tentacles seems to be the best right click. I use hungering arrow with devouring rune.. preperation is mandatory to give you more disc to smkescreen. I use lingering fog, plus backup plan. I personally use caltrops with the 2 second immobilize. If you are fighting uniquie that you can kite, you can just lay a long row of them, and just prep to lay more and more. my last move I use, which is deifnitely debatable is spike traps, with the rune that lets me place 6. It's pretty cool when you see a unique or are aboutt o fight a boss, to lay 6 traps for a total of 1650 weapon damage.

Edit: If you do the spiketrap thing, make sure they aren't reflects damage, or that 1650 weapon damage will auto kill you, which you can smokescreen if you realize it fast enough.
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That is funny because my lvl 60DH, yeah sure he gets 1 shot, but he is still the easiest character to play. You cannot argue that. My wizard has to kite around a hydra, and barbs need to gear up insanely. I just stand there and marine-stutter-step all day with my frozen weapon. Its real hard!
Hard my !@#$.
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DH is my farming tool, got a nice weapon at lvl47, now i am 59. easy. all armor with GF
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DH gets 1 shot yes, but you are built for kiting. Melee gets 3 shot and can't kite at all. Stop being !@#$%^-s and realize the DH is a LOT more powerful then all the other classes. I have a DH and a Monk in Inferno now and the DH is like 100x easier and has worse gear.
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For how easy DH's appear to be to others the slightest mistake in act 2 is a revive screen. I have both a 60 wiz and a 60 DH both stuck on belial both take about the same "skill" to play efficiently.

It's all "easy" to those who can do it. Staggering isn't any more difficult then kiting around a hydra, nor the other way around. Sorry if you think it is your wrong. What I find amusing is the number of people who can't do it. Friend of mine who is a long time WOW player, raiding guild etc. etc. cannot for the life of him kite.
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