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With super high end gear...barb still sucks?

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get a sheidl with 4700 block 1400 armor and 28% block chance for 500k, additional stats like 120vit 12% hp for a couple million more on a rare one. stormshield is highly overrated it is not even top tier shield. my blue is better. along with string of ears, helm of command, justice lantern, ur 50% or so block for another 1/3 the amount will help alot. (1000 more block on shield>all stormshields stats combined)
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It's all about that balance.

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The problem is your weapon. The main thing you should look for on a weapon is the highest DPS you can get. Unless you get some nice Life on hit, all other bonuses are extras. You can get your stats from your other equip, but raw dmg comes only from the weapon.
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Well my shield currently gives me over 20k extra health (has 140+ vit and 12% life), as well as over 60 all resist and some strength, and my weapon gives a ton of vitality, str, and dex (i use vitality = armor passive)...so to switch to a 2hander, I would drop down to ~55-60k hp and have quite a bit less armor.

Even with all of my tank stats, I still have to rely on spamming revenge and using the charge heal to stay alive. That is what I'm not understanding about barbs who choose to go for higher dps in exchange for vit/defense passives. But maybe that only works with the absolute top gear in the game right now.

Life per hit is also a crappy stat. It is not worth sacrificing vit/str/all res to get a few hundred life per hit, which in the end does nothing when you have 80k+ hp and lose 15-20% of your life per hit.
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I like using leap with armor over furious charge. Even if 50 mobs are hitting you with leap/armor, they don't do very much damage and your revenge will proc instantly. If you furious charge you sort of screw up the mob grouping and you get less health back from revenge procs.
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I will try out the leap with armor when the servers go up. I'm assuming you can usually kill most of the pack before the armor buff runs out with your dps
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