Diablo® III

low frame rate?

I am currently running this configuration:

AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core Processor 2.4Ghz
Nvidia GTS 250
1TB Hard drive
Internet connection is 20+ depending on the time of day

The video settings i'm currently using are as follows:
Fullscreen Windowed
Vertical Sync on
Everything is on Low
anti-aliasing is on
Low FX is checked

I'm getting about 40fps and when fighting, even the smallest mobs, it drops to around 20 and lags pretty bad.

I have played on another computer with the same graphics card and have gotten 60+ all the time and none of the lagging. Only a lot of rubberbanding. Also, on that computer. Everything was put on the best settings.

Any ideas on why this could be happening?
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What are your CPU/GPU temps when you're playing?

You said the GPUs are the same? Could you try your GPU in the other computer if that person will let you plug it up? That could tell you if the GPU is crapping out or if it's something else in your rig.

Also, are both computers using the same drivers?
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I have the same problem, my game drops to 10-20 fps in mobs and/or large places,

My PC is:

AMD Bulldozer Zambezi Six-Core 3.3Ghz
4Ghz RAM AMD Entertaiment Edition 1333Mhz
Nvidia GTS 250 1ghz DDR3 256bits
1TB Hard Disk
Internet connection 30Mb

- GPU temp 60ºC to 65ºC

Turn all the settings low, in 800x600 resolution, the FPS drops to 10-20, always when fighting mobs, the FPS drops,

Hey Blizzard, can you help us?
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Does this happen with any other game?
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In my case no,

Games like MW3, Black Ops, Battlefield 3 e GTA 4 runs in very good quality and always in more then 30 fps.

I have the latest driver for Nvidia GTS 250, the 301.42, released in may 22.
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Then it's the problem a lot of nVidia users seem to have having; there's something wrong with D3 / drivers, and this won't be addressed until in the future drivers (or patch from Blizzard)
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I heard about this problem, i hope blizzard fix this soon =/
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I have the same problem ;(
core i5 - 2,2 Ghz
ATI mobility HD5650

testing on older drivers and 12.6 beta
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Why fullscreen windowed?
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06/05/2012 02:14 PMPosted by Zache
Why fullscreen windowed?

Easier to alt tab and have mulitple windows open in the background. Fullscreen windowed definitely affects performance though...and not by a small margin.
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Be sure that your drivers are up to date.

In addition, try turning AA off, as it does tend to put more of a burden on your video card.
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