One of my only complaints about the game so far, and i know many others feel the same way, is the lack of fury spenders that are worth using. So i decided to make this thread to see if anyone uses them, how they use it, and possible solutions to making them more viable.

To start off, the only spender im using atm is rend with the 9% healing rune. It compliments my build as the usual life on hit and healing setup.

The problem is, this still leaves me at full fury 90% of the time and absolutely nothing to do with it. Granted some abilities need tweaks while others are way more worthless, i still think its a good idea to give some good feedback and ideas for fixing this in a very general sense.

My first idea is to make them do more damage, i think this is the biggest problem with them, as most of the time you can start osing damage by using a lot of these abilities.

Second is to add more utility to some of them. Siesmic slam already has this by being able to add a stun or a knock back. Making it useful and sometimes letting you get away with not having extra stuns on other abilities. Also a useful utility for a lot of abilities is adding a healing effect. Granted this is extremely boring for a rune, i still think its more fun that just not using an ability at all.

A good example of something blizz could do is add a baseline effect outside of the rune, for example: the rune on leap that gives extra armor after you land. I know this doesnt use fury, but with things like that and still being able to modify the ability with a rune ontop of the base effect, the abilities would be a lot better.

Just some quick thoughts as the servers are about to come up and i want to play =P.
I would be very happy to see some good ideas for ppl who feel the same as me, on how to fix this issue.
If you disagree with me i understand, but if your going to say its fine please provide your evidence on why you think its good as is.

Happy hunting, and please keep this thread constructive, everyone knows the game has issues, restating them without adding a solution doesnt help anything.