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Native Client Language - Errors 81, 82 and 84

It seems that as of today (Jun 8th, 2012), Battle.net is imposing regional language restrictions, forcing players to play Diablo 3 in their "native client language".

Upon login, players running Diablo 3 on a language different from their region are being prompted with Errors 81, 82 or 84. All of them read as follows:

"The client does not match the accounts native language. Please, use the game native client."

So far, this problem has been encountered in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Hong Kong, and Korea, and there has been no official statement from Blizzard on the issue. Possibly, this is going to happen in every other country as well.

Update: there have been several responses from Blizzard. They can be found on this thread. To make a long story short, Blizzard representatives said everything is working exactly the way they want, thus implying that language restrictions will now be permanent. If you are not satisfied with Blizzard's response, please continue posting on this thread so that we can show how upset the fan base is and hope something will change in the upcoming days.

If you are experiencing the same problem, you are well-advised to submit a complain/ticket in the link below:


Sending as many complaints as possible is of paramount importance to make sure Blizzard will provide us with a solution for this problem. Otherwise, we will end up in the same position as Starcraft 2: everyone having to play the game in their "native languages" and in regionally-based servers.

Thank you in advance for your attention,
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I have this problem when I tried to login this morning... I am not happy.
Same here
This Iw ant to play it on english why deny me that?
Same here.

It's stupid to try and force players to select a specific language. I bought D3 cause it allowed me to play in English, now they take that away?

Is D3 going to be another SC2 with separated regions/languages? This is just foolish. Blizzard is seriously disappointing right now.
Same here (Spain). Ticket submited.
same problem i dont know why blizzard did such stupid thing specially on language lock im not a giants regional servers, lock or country currency but lenguages? thats really dumb specially on a pc game... ill back to steam now battlenet dmr sucks worst than windows live games
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This already happened in SC2 and it's really annoying. Finally yesterday bought a retail copy of the game in the regional language (Spanish), download more than 8 Gb for the English client and when I tried to login this morning the error appeared.

I mean, I know Blizzard make a good job with the translation, but the choice of language it's something related directly with the personal preference, besides the feature of playing in any language client was already implemented previously, so what's the "technical issue" argument this time?
What about people i country's like Croatia? There is no translation for our language and we still can't play on English. Blizz needs to fix this really fast...

I downloaded RUS client and i can play, but can't change language. Now i can't download EN version again, only russian...
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Fail News ...

WE bought Eu Version for English Not for russ !!
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Same Here, I bought my game online, And it says "Global" In the battle.net account.
I'm from Israel, I have no clue what to do.
There is no translation for Hebrew as far as i know.
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I'm from Brazil, and am experiencing this problem as well...

As we need to be connected to play the game, I expect at least that Blizzard allows us to choose our preferred language (English, Portuguese, whatever) to play it.

Blizzard, we want no region restriction!
same here, cant play anymore. try to download the game again, but the installer is in russian...

i found out this...
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This is absolutely ridiculous... I hate playing my games in any other language! I just bought the retail version yesterday and I find this extremely racist! Forcing a language on to the players, based on their country of residence? I AM MAD!
The strange thing is that i played yesterday throughout the day without a problem.
Did it happen to everyone just today?
I tried to login this morning and there you have it: Error 81.
My ticket was submitted!
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Just submitted a ticket. This is such a stupid action, I mean why limit people to something they don't want to? They were OFFERING the game in all languages ( at least at my version) I could just download the diferrent client and play it the way I wanted.
I really hope Blizzard can "fix" this, since I don't think I can handle playing this game in portuguese, knowing that I could play it on english.
I bought the game yesterday, had to intall in portuguese (im brazilian), when changed to english had to make another installation, and now i'm stuck with portuguese?? I always play games in their original languages.

That's a serious issue for me, and one more in a list of disappointments.
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That's the same thing that happened to me. I got the game yesterday and changed my language to english. I played some hours of it and today, when I was going to log in, I had to change it to portuguese, for some reason. I mean I can't see why restricting people to play the game in a way can help them.
I still don't understand why they did this. I played in english for some days but now I had to change for portuguese. Don't matter how they do this translations, never is as good as the original!
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