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Tempest Rush bug

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Sometimes when I'm in the middle of a Tempest Rush my monk will instantly teleport back to where he started it, without warning. This generally results in my death whenever it happens, because I'm primarily using the skill to avoid damage or retreat when I'm low on health. It's extremely frustrating, and it's causing a good percentage of my deaths. It happens frequently, but not all the time. It might be related to lag, I don't know. The only other thing I can say is that it usually seems to happen when I left-click to end the skill with normal movement. I have FoT - Thunderclap on my left button, and no, I'm not teleporting myself into the mobs. There's no animation, no delay, no nothing, I'm just instantaneously right next to the mobs and I die.

I will probably have to trade in Tempest Rush for some other skill until this is fixed. Probably Blinding Flash; then I'll have three skills from the defense tab plus a defensive mantra on my action bar, just like every other Inferno monk in existence. I'd love to try and make this skill work, but the bug is just too much to deal with.
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Jeah, this is definitely a bug. Every Monk i talked with so far, got the same problem. It seems the server has a problem to get his calculation in line with the animation. What i mean is, the animation (that happens on the client) shows you, that you moved, but the server seems to think, that you couldn't possibly get behind enemy x, and therefore it corrects your position back to where you started the skill.

So what i'm trying to say is, that this problem mainly happens, when you use the skill to push your way through enemy groups, just because of a broken collision detection.

Hope this helps with fixing the bug. Right now I can't even tell how often my Monk died because of this... jeah... it's extremely frustrating!
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Just lost my 60 hc Monk due to this bug. I wish I had known about it before.....there are about 5 other posts in the bug forums about this, but no blue giving insight if its even being looked at.
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I've also lost my 60 HC monk to this bug. Trying to get out of plagued in act I inferno and constantly just getting warped back into it (WHILE LOSING SPIRIT ON THE CHANNEL).
It's so unreliable/frustrating I'm forced to not use the ability. Something that doesn't work all the time is not reliable. Period.
Anyway, I'd REALLY like to see a (blue) comment on this bug since it is extremely deadly, especially trying to get out of desecration, plagued, or anything.
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Got the same problems with my monk. IMHO thats a really big problem, because as meele you rely on skills, which support you to get out of a big group or a champion pack with chains, etc. I can't imagine a better skill in that place and it's really frustrating right now that you get ported back in 3 of 4 cases when using tempest rush.

I would be glad to see a bug fix in the next patcht or at least a blue post in this thread. :(
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Who broke tempest rush?

I really wanna squeeze their nipples.
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