First off I'd like to say I've been a fan of Blizzard games since they released SC back when I was 7 years old. SC kept my jaw dropped for hours, it was ages ahead of any game out there at that time. Blizzard made a bench mark in gaming history with SC and WoW. Especially WoW you had celebrities playing all different kind of people from all walks of life, Hill billies, gangsters, probably even some Amish people with a 10 million player base! Anyways to my point. What... the hell did you guys do to this game?!?!?

Now I know this post may seem overwhelming to the people who don't read too often, but believe me this affects everybody in the game if not the world who play's Diablo 3.

First let's talk about the design of this game and it's objective -

They want you to farm, trade, work the AH, and obviously have fun. They wanted Inferno to take weeks if not months to complete. They want you to experiment with the "trillion" builds that were apparently "viable". Good intentions right? Poor execution. They really should've waited another year to release this game... Maybe even 5 there are so many things wrong with this, not just the classes. I'd also like to point out that the AH is mandatory to progress through inferno unless you don't mind playing Diablo 2(the repetitive part) might I add Blizzard has said they DO NOT WANT. I'll explain several mistakes which lead to the AH being completely screwed which was their biggest mess up in my opinion.

Lets talk about the repercussions Blizzard -
1 - you guys failed to hire competent people to play D3 before it's release.
Repercussion - DH and Wiz were able to do Inferno Diablo within the first week.
Therefore the AH was being handed multi-million gold worth items into the AH when 90% if not more of the players were in act 1 inferno and below. Ask yourself what this does to the AH? I'm pretty sure we all know the answer and see where this post is going.

HOW DO YOU MESS THAT UP? How do you design a character that can shut down inferno in less than a week. Not to mention it took people less than 1 week to figure it out and you guys have been in the works of Diablo 3 for minimal 5 years! That's embarrassing.

2 - Chest Exploit : People were doing chest exploit's I don't know the detail's I wasn't doing it but I've heard that people have seen streamer's doing it, now if you know how fast information spreads through the internet a few people streaming the exploit I'm sure the people watching followed. I know I would if I saw that.

Repercussion - I can understand how this might've gone unnoticed you can't catch all the exploits and bugs before a game release. However what it did to the AH was detrimental none the less.

3 - People hoarding gear to 1+ player's. This was being done by thousands of people who are now geared to the teeth and throw in multi-million gold worthy items into the AH for us pawn's to buy.

In the end you guys made this game so reliant on the AH, you can argue with that but not many people have bought Diablo 3 to play Diablo 2 in the sense of you spend your whole day farming just to suck the luck **#%. I am literally doing that right now on my Barbarian.

Before I write on. Statistics and facts. If you are on act 1-2 farming only 1-5% of your items will sell on the AH depending on your luck. I've tried selling average gear, example : 100+ dex blues with 50 vit sell for 10k. Doesn't sell. Shields with 20% block chance vit and other odd yellow stats. Doesn't sell. The only item's people want are the act 3+ items OBVIOUSLY because of the better stats... Which is the repercussion of your guys fail Blizzard.

Intentions : Everybody be around the same act, every class take weeks if not months to get up to late stages of Inferno. If this was executed properly majority of people will be in act 1-2 selling act 1-2 items on AH therefore bringing the prices down to the vast amount of act1-2 items in the AH making around 30% of your blues/yellow's AH-worthy. However it's not like that.

Advice Blizzard - Change the AH, don't make it so reliable to progress. Change the gap stats of items between act 1-4 act 1 weapons say are between 250-600 damage for 1 handers in act 4 it's between 900-1500+. Possibly add in another act in the future that'll offer higher stats.

Summary - Thumb's this up. This took me a lot of time and I'd appreciate some open mind's and understanding.