Diablo® III

Demon hunter with a shield

Level 50 at the moment and I've leveled so far with a shield on. I would like to know if anyone has tried this path in inferno yet with trying to stack resistances and all. Were you able to take projectile hits and not die?

On softcore I'm farming act 4 inferno on my DH and know what I'm doing but am too poor at the moment to test this. Please share your success/failure.

PS- Inferno only
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I'm interested in this as well... Im getting sick and tired of 1shots by everything.
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I use a shield on my DH in inferno because i was getting one hit. it helps a bit. i was able to take about 3 hits from some in act one after i stacked some resistances. i was at about 25k hp.
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I don't use shields, ever and take a few hits before I may die.
Even if I do use a shield, it wouldn't really do much at all to help in the situation. Would probably make it worse as I probably could have killed the elite if I wasn't wearing the shield.

I do have in my bag, a resist to all shield and a 1H crossbow, but when I fight elite mobs in inferno, I don't use it. (it just sits in bag)

I'm not anywhere near act 4 inferno, so I wouldn't know if I'd get 1 shotted there.
I can take 3-5 projectiles though.
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You'll never be able to take more than a few hits, tank, or survive lagging out at a bad time.

I kite and sometimes dps behind a tank, avoiding damage rather than soaking it, so I use a quiver with +discipline that helps much more than armor and blocking from a shield.

But if you don't have the gear to survive a single hit (100k EHP is ok), a shield might help.
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