Diablo® III

the Journey from Ashdem (trial RP)

hi. i am from one of the many RP communities in some of the blizzard games we all love adnd enjoy. i see a lot of potential with diablo 3 in the role-play world so i decided to start an RP so please join and i hope for this community to expand like it did with all the other games.

Ashdem. what is Ashdem? where... is Ashdem? nothing but a tiny speck on the great world that no one knows or cares about. well you've gotten sick of it, the poverty, the loss of hope. they all say the same thing: "you aren't gonna make it!! why would any sensible person want to take up the hero life?". well its time to prove them wrong. journey out into this world and seek the adventure you've desired from the beginning of time!!!

character creation:
Starter equipment:(weapon and minor armor)

hope you guys have fun and i will be here to guide you the whole time and maybe even join so let you journey begin!!!
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Name: Strider
Starter equipment: Standard leather clothes, quiver and longbow
Personality: Quite but resilient and persistant.
(first time)
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come on guys there's gotta be some creative RP minds in Diablo 3
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You are correct, there is a lot of opportunity for role-play in D3, however your initial post does not give a lot of information about the type of role-play other than the group is travelling somewhere. This may be why you are not getting much of a response (and consider this is a fairly new forum). Detailed intro's for RP threads get more attention than those who are not descriptive. I would recommend elaborating on the plot line a little so people who are interested have an idea of what to expect.

Also, consider expanding your character sheet to include a physical description (including male/female) and class.
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Name: Arron Tollson
Gender: Male
Description: Short brown hair which tends to be slightly unkempt. Eyes of dark bronze, a lightly tanned skin from work out of doors. Stands about 6', strong back, farmer's clothes clean but simple and build to last.
Starter equipment: 30 GP, sturdy but worn backpack, rust colored mare named "Lad" of even temperament, father's old guard's sword.
Personality: Young but curious of the world, peaceable, trusting.
Backstory(optional): Arron's father had served in the guard of the Mayor of Karanth for 15 years before having had enough of the brutality of the world he had married and moved to Ashdem. Arron grew up never knowing of his father's earlier life and never thought much of the worlds beyond the simple boarders of the town and farmsteads that surrounded it. Eventually as even the smallest towns get from time to time he met a stranger from outside the village and heard marvelous tales of towns that spanned from one horizon to the other, mountains and barbarians, tales of ancient ruins and undiscovered splendors. He, at the age of 23, was finally realizing that he had lived a sheltered existence.
After a year of arguing with his parents, his father mostly, they gave him their blessings to leave and find his place in the world, or, as they hoped, that that place was there with them. So it was that as they took their last embraces his father finally told Arron of some of his history, who he had been and what role he had taken in history. Knowing the world was dangerous, even in such secluded places as this his father gave his son his sword, as was always intended, the inheritance of where one comes from being the most precious gift.

(Not sure how often I will be able to post but if things go well I should be around to add when I can)
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Name: Malfaar
Gender: Male
Description: dark hair that hover over his eyes. medium height and moderately built
Starter equipment: 10 gold coins, sack, flintlock rifle, and heirloom bracers
Personality: warm-hearted, carefree, serious during battle
Backstory: i was sick of this place. everywhere were people derived of hope. i myself living alone since the "incident" that claimed my parents. well i couldn't stand it any longer... i lived in the old cottage where my parents raised me, living on selling cattle. there was always barley enough to eat with all the villagers inland saying i'm "cursed" from surviving, saying i should have died with mum and dad. the only prized possessions i had were from my late grandfather, an adventurer. some worn steel bracers with strange indentations and a machination he invented called a flintlock rifle or his personal name for it "Bain". i had ample practice reloading and using the old thing to drive wolves away from the cattle. though my aim is questionable i can't take this musty place any longer. taking the few possessions i have, looking back at the little cottage i grew up in one more time my sights are directed forward into the waiting woods to confront my new path...

OOC: you closest city is Wilumshire
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there are no guns in diablo 3
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06/06/2012 02:29 PMPosted by jdawg
there are no guns in diablo 3

that's the beauty of an RP my friend!! you can think outside the box! everything would be lame if you couldn't add new things. heck Ashdem isn't a real place in Diablo! Its all about how creative you can get along the lines of your original theme or game.
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ok i guess we can start RPing so everyone start making posts and stuff.
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