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Asus G75v Wierd lag- HELP

Hello everyone, I just bought a Asus G75V
Cpu : Intel core I7 3610QM, 2.3GHz
Ram 8GB
System : Win7 premium
Hardisk 750 gb hdd
And Nvidia Geforce GTX 670M 3GB

But it makes like a black flash. And then starts heavy lagging with 7-8 fps in 10 seconds, Thne it stops for about 15 seconds and does it again, Anyone else expirenced anything likely?
World of warcraft FPS 208 - on Ragnaros.
Hope to hear from someone.
- Also it doesnt help in anyway to take graphic's down- On max graphic in diablo it has 150 fps- In lowest graphic it has about 200
But whatever if its highest or lowest graphic, It makes the black flash and start lagging.
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Also got a G75V

Ive got the same problem...

I think its the drivers for the graphics card.. and i cant seem to find a good set of updated drivers since the graphics card is such a recent model...

If you find a solution please post it here.
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The driver needed to fix this problem is the same as for 570m

download for win 7 64bit at


about 200 mb.
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Hey, I tried to do but it says This graphic driver could not find a compatible gaphicwere,
Did it say that to you?
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I have the g74sx and it's not your laptop so don't worry. It's this game. Prior to patch 1.0.2 the game played great now it's terrible performance. Honestly I don't even play anymore unless a patch is released and I test it to see if it's fixed which hasn't been for weeks now. TONS of others with the exact same problem on different hardware. TONS of threads about the issue and not one response from Blizzard I'm sad to say.
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But i have the same issues in Counter strike saurce Just its still playable there- In gta iv It gets so heavy thats it not playable same in diablo III
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06/13/2012 09:45 AMPosted by Waruge
But i have the same issues in Counter strike saurce Just its still playable there- In gta iv It gets so heavy thats it not playable same in diablo III

Oh um I don't know then. I have all those games and they play fine on my computer. My g74 maxes CSS out no problems. GTA IV I have in my steam library but haven't tried on this laptop. I see a bunch of different models of the g75. Which graphics card does yours have? Mine has a nvidia 560m w/ 3gb. The lowest end model g75 I see has a 660m w/ 2gb so you should be just fine. Maybe try a different version nvidia driver? That laptop should not struggle to play source, that is for sure.
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Nvidia 670m With 3gb also..
And i run ofc max in everything but it makes this black flash and goes down to low low fps :/
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Nvidia 670m With 3gb also..
And i run ofc max in everything but it makes this black flash and goes down to low low fps :/

I'd try a different version of the drivers if you are having issues just running source. 670m should definitely not have any issues running any current games. That is top of the line. Maybe try contacting ASUS too.
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I tried to Contact Asus. they hang up, Called the dealer i bought it from, They said they can send it to repair but i must reinstall the computer then... Witch is redicolus..
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my screen is flickering while I play and have low FPS for some reason...I did not pay $2500 to have no drivers available and not be able to play Diablo III
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Hello everyone,

I have the Asus G75 :

Cpu : Intel core I7 3610QM, 2.3GHz
Ram 8GB
System : Win7 premium
Hardisk 750x2 gb HSS and Nvidia Geforce GTX 670M 3GB

I am running the Asus drivers (296).
I was having crazy FPS drops however running the game from a 16GB cruzer USB stick has pretty much solved that. Game runs in maxed out smoothly.
However! I occassionally get artefacts... random white numbers and shapes. This is only for a split second and not very often. It seems to happen in similar spots, though difficult to recreate. I have tried all settings both in D3 and Nvidia pannel, no changes. Still get these artefacts, although rare.

performed fulmark Vantage benchmarking scored around 11 000.
No artefacts, I tested League of Legends no artefacts or problems there either.
Youtube/desktop no issues there either. Only seems to happen in D3.

Rather concerned it may be my 670M that has a problem :S although only happens in D3 and no actual 'performance issues' PC barely breaks a sweat... (no heat etc)

Some help or confirmation would be nice.
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I studied the 670M nvidia for over 4 hours last night, And it seems to be very outdated all ''New/High graphic'' games its having a big problem with. Though i heard u could mod your driver yourself But anyways, I'm Returning this Asus G75v Couse of thetrouble with it.. As it seems theyre not going to solve it within 4-5 month before next driver is released...
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Well I really dont want to be without this PC... I just want to establish if its a driver problem fine I can wait. As I mentioned performace wise its fine atm. However its just these random artefacts occassionally I get in Diablo 3 that are worrying me. Is card broken? or is it merely the useless drivers that are out for the moment causing the problem in Diablo 3.

if someone can confirm or help me confirm this I would be ever grateful! :)
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I have a new Asus RS71 running with Core i7-3610QM and 610m vc. It runs fine when solo play but I had to turn the shadow off to make it more smoother. It lags pretty bad when I join with someone. Even when I turn everything off, I see very little improvement. It seems the 600 series are just not good.
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Well as I said for me the performance is fine well at least it seems that way, I can run it on maxed out. It just no matter what settings I use in both Diablo 3 and Nvidia pannel, I get these random artefacts like white shapes and numbers that appear for a split second, its not often and can happen after 10 seconds of gameplay or after 1 hour.
The 610M isn't really a ''gaming mobility graphics card'' and not that powerful this might be why you are experiencing poor performance, try cranking it down to lower resolution and detail settings and turn AA off ( I feel it looks better without AA).

I just want to confirm that it is not a physical problem with my GPU and not merely a driver problem that waiting for new drivers to be released will fix.

PS: Try running Diablo 3 of a 16Gb usb stick. just copy paste the folder over.
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Had same problem, fixed VERY EASILY

When the download manager comes up, download the whole game. Even though it says playable, you have to download the entire thing for the movies not to lag.

Simple. Its not your computer, its your impatience.
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Hi, I don't think we are talking about the same thing :S its not in movies its during game play...
And I am playing the game fully downloaded from a USB stick which I use on my other PC and game runs perfectly no artefacts...
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I have the exact same problem as many of you out there. I have a ASUS g75vw. Diablo 3 performs horrible. I’ve looked at all the forums and I’ve tried everything, accept the usb stick, will try that. I have come to the conclusion that
a) It’s the drivers for the Nvidia geforce gtx 670m card, currently at version 296.44
b) it’s the hard drive, don’t think so though since there’s a lot of ppl with the same model and the same problem
c) it’s the game, yeah maybe but seems unlikely, maybe it’s a mix of bad drivers for the graphic card and a need for a patch from Blizzard

The game was utterly unplayable for me until I turned of the 3d vision and it still sux, especially when we are more than just me in the party.

I have contacted Nvidia about new drivers and I hope you will too. They are not saying anything witch has made me absolutely sure I will stick to ATI the next time.

So to conclude, what I come to realise from all my “research” is that there’s probably nothing wrong with the computer, I have been able to play other games like Guild Wars 2 beta with very good FPS, but the drivers are outdated.
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Easy fix, it is a trial software that comes preloaded on new PC's.
It is called Wifi or Wireless Console 3.
Turn it off and disable the startup from happening again thru msconfig.
D3 runs fine after removed.

Hope this helps someone out.
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