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Movement Speed Cap?

I was wondering if there is a cap on movement speed.

I am wearing a belt that gives +6% movement speed, and boots that give +11%. When I check my character profile with just those items, it says +17% to movement speed (correct).

As a Demon Hunter, I also use the Hot Pursuit passive, which is supposed to add another +15% when I'm at full hatred. When I activated the passive then checked my details at full hatred, I was only at +25%, when it should technically be at +32%.

Is there a cap of 25% movement speed or is this a bug?
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Anyone else having this issue?
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cap at 25%
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06/09/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Eccentric
cap at 25%

I just went to 60% with my barbarian, so no it doesn't cap at 25%.
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90 Goblin Priest
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It seems to me that the movement speed bonus from gear and persistent buff are capped at 25%, according to the stats tooltip at least... But the temporary buffs do not get capped...

Still wanna some more direct confirmation... e.g. someone can dig into the code?
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Having the same issue here, got capped at 25% as well.
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06/09/2012 07:32 AMPosted by Deadgye
cap at 25%

I just went to 60% with my barbarian, so no it doesn't cap at 25%.

hard cap at 25. can go above with skills.

25 is cap
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have perform some test, while wizard with storm armor can move at 50% maximum,

but demon hunter with hot pursuit can move at 25% only.

i think this is a bug.
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As already said, Persistent movespeed, think gear and passives that doesn't require an action input caps at 25%, however temporary movespeed stacks past this, try Smokescreen with Displacement, Shadow Power with Shadow Glide and Tactical advantage, you will get like 130% ms bonus!
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hot pursuit is temporary, it gone whenever you spend hatred.
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just a note, my wiz can constantly fighting at 50% mv for 15 minutes,

while my dh can only run for 3s, while lose speed whenever he fight.
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he doesn't necessarily have to spend hatred when he fight so his passive could potentially be up all the time.

your wizard used a skill slot in order to move that fast while DH only need to equip a passive slot.

active slot =/= passive slot
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wizard armor is a passive skill which is on active skill slot, just check the duration of the spell.

You can only say that us an active skill if it has the timer like DH shadow power, or even double of that.

Seriously, i don't mind to use an active skill slot of DH if it gives me 25% movement whenever i am hit.

By the way, wasn't blizz assume DH should move faster but being thinner and less dmg than the wiz.

their design is kite,kite,kite & kite.

So, it is a problem if some other class can actually out kite the DH.

while storm armor is what actually does happen, although you can say argue wiz use storm armor at all.

but there should be no situation that a skill is totally worthless. while hot pursuit is one of the case if you already got 25% from items.

by the way, monk movement bonus is similar case, while it have no drawback but smaller advantage.
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