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How does this 60 DH build look for HC?


Tried to maximize dr as best I could given the limited (read:no) +armor abilities for this class.
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Seems like I need to make room for an escape ability, what is a good one, Vault + Tumble? What should I lose? Looks like either Gloom or Sentry. Leaning towards keeping Gloom since it helps with burst. I think if I keep Gloom I need something to aid me in discipline upkeep, hrm.
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you need SS

It will save your life!
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switched it up a little bit w/ SS:

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I dunno, I have some DH gear sitting in my stash but the class just does not seem very well suited for Hardcore.

That guy you just made would only work in groups. The guardian sentry as a real crap radius. If you use it to defend yourself, then u give up alot of mobility trying to stay in its zone (for a measely 15% dr). In a group, that might be ok. But for solo... Shadow Power only lasts 3 seconds and is about as good as Ignore Pain for the Barb except it lasts 40% less. Meh, needed I guess...

My friends DH recently died. The enemy had vortex. He got chained summoned to the enemy and quickly ganked. That was A4 Hell. I can't imagine how quickly he wouldve gone down in Inferno.

*Edit: You got rid of sentry, better I guess. I still don't think he stands a chance.
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It looks like you will die. A DH is a good example of a class, which beyond normal, can't survive on just skills alone, so what gear you mean to use is integral to your skill build. Share that info as well.

There are a few DH hell/inferno guides on this forum now. I'd suggest reading them.
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I see what you are trying to do here... but unless you plan to run around with a 1HX+Shield, you are just going to end up with a tiny bit of burst durability and then get smashed. Probably still would even with the shield, but slightly less.

The problem is you have what looks good on paper but is unsustainable in reality, so you are still going to end up running away at some point, but when you do, you are left with no resources to kite with.

The first time you encounter Frozen + Jailer you will drop like a sack of bricks.

Even swapping Sentry for Vault isn't gonna buy you that much survival, a little but not quite enough.
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You are absolutely right. You have no escape ability. Unless you are absolutely confident in your ability to not get surrounded, you can kite your life away (no pun intended). I would personally drop shadow power for Vault with the no discipline cost rune.

Why is this?

Well, shadow power uses as much discipline as SS - which is far more important for breaking CC (frozen, etc) and dropping aggro when playing in a group. Sure, shadow power reduces damage taken, but only for 3 seconds. 20% lifesteal can be nice - but generally its not going to save your life. Nether Tentcles already gives you the little bit of lifesteal you need.

With vault you can vault while jailed, and vault THROUGH enemies. This is very important as it allows you to not get cornered or trapped in within walls.

This is how I would set it up. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bRdVXY!caT!acYbZa

With cull of the weak, you have great synergy with Your primary and Secondary attacks.

The crit per second gives you a huge DPS increase, but you can keep brooding if you want. ?Once again, Brooding is not going to save your life, killing things faster will - I guess brooding can save your life when your running from things though...Your call on the last passive.
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I guess marked for death is interesting. I do prefer Elemental arrow (nether tentacles) as it does massive damage to groups and can heal quite a lot if you hit anything more than 5 monsters... Mine died at 59 cause of a massive lag spike, but other than that it was doing quite well in groups. 1 exception: when i went solo for a bit, a mob overpowered me (a3 hell). I was running to the door but it had waller... I was surviving, but moving sloooowly. I would recommend some speed, and to somehow save your discipline as much as possible with the other defensive skills... Definitely look into nether tentacles though.
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you will find out something very soon -- you wont kill a damn thing.

I've had success with this build so far in HC. I'm only paragon lvl 2, but stun grenades keep them in place very well, better than entangling IMO.


Once I have faster attack speed I will use turrets instead of chakram cloud (the slot is only used because it takes up no resources and lasts 2 minutes)

Why this works.

1) 6 echoing blasts is phenomenal. If you set the trap while gloom is active, each hit gives you 15% life steal.

2) Stun grenades keep a much larger area at bay

3) If you can get close to 3 hits per second, you can remax your hatred very fast and make a perma-freeze situation with constant spike traps healing you. That's my goal.

4) Interestingly, this build does NOT require a bow. It can be done with a 1hander and shield.
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I can't stress enough the need for you to have movement speed. I like what youve done with the addition of armor on alot of your items. However you are missing a ton of All Resists. In fact, you'll get way more bang for your buck if you lost armor and gained Resists since they equally share a role in dmg reduction. You definetly should be pushing 450+ all resists at this point given you have so little dmg.

Lose the mf. I understand its nice to have, but mf should be an addition to gear, not a main mod (Ammy for example). You need to get you character solid before you start increasing your mf. Personally, I never gear mf as it usually takes the place of a much better dmg or defensive mod and in the end I've always found kill speed to be better than mf (but thats just my opinion).

I recommend not using trail of cinders on vault as you have no increased disp from gear. The reason being is if you come up against a pack of reflect mobs with additional cc mods, you are probably gonna end up backing off or bailing. While you may be using vault to get out of a situation you will be damaging yourself from the ToC as mobs chase you. This result, in your case, is having to use smoke to remove the dmg you're taking. This results in more disp used and less to use to escape or reposition. I'd recommend Tumble for the second use reduction (this is especially handy in double vortex situations.

So heres some gear suggestions with the setup your are using atm.

Helm: Lose the mf gem and put in a HP gem. Get all resists (50+) while maintaining dex and cc mods. Vit is a bonus

Ammy: Get at very least, 7+cc while maintaing armor and resists (or lose armor and gain vit). You'll actually get more eHp from 75vit (for example)

Shoulders: If possible replace armor with 50+ all resist or get that as an addition while maintaing existing mods (minus mf ofc)

Chest: Fine. Upgrade when possible after other items have been upgraded

Gloves: Crit with dex is first, then vit, all resist and armor

Bracers: 3.5+ crit with existing mods. You can even lower you dex amount with the addition of crit and gain more vit.

Belt: Fine. Addition of All resists would be nice

Ring (R-hand): Addition of crit would be very beneficial

Ring (L-hand): mirror the right hand or at very least get, dex/vit/crit. Currently your ring provides only 6% life (maybe 2k life) and no other dmg or defensive mods.

Pants: Currently have only one real mod imo (vit ofc). Get at least all resists. Dex and 2 sockets would up the dmg a bit more as well

Boots: Movement speed with existing mods would be perfect.

Shield: I can't comment fully on the use of a shield as ive never done it. However, I would expect since you are using a shield, you would want to gain as much eHp from it as possible. Get Vit, Resists and Armor on that while maintaining 25+ block. Armor can be replaced with 6+ crit chance or as an addon (personally id prefer crit)

So end result is you've dramatically increased vit, resists and dmg (through cc) without losing too much, if at all, armor. The massive increase in crit chance (end result will be well over 35 if following my suggestions). You can then lose Sharpshooter (as it becomes very ineffective above 30%) and use perfectionist for an additional 10% to life, resists and armor with the added bonus of disp reduction cost.
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