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Diablo 3 Launcher won't start...

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Ok so deleting the battle.net folder worked.. it updated everything is peachy now... wtf
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i give up completely. i only get to play occasionally because i work third shift and have a family life. If this is how blizzard treats their customers, I want no part. It has been well over a month and there is still not a fix for this. I have literally done everything to get it running to no avail. I've un-installed, deleted files, reinstalled, deleted files, started in safe mode, ran as admin, set tcp and other ports on router, did selective startup, etc. I'm talking about I've done everything I could from the tech support and forums, to stuff online. Ever since this patch I haven't been able to get anything and all I get is the run around with customer service. Way to treat your customers blizzard. This needs a fix and now.
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I completely agree FlukOfNature! I would have never even bought this game if I knew It came with a bunch of problems! I think there should be some kind of compensation! something to make up for all the times we sit down excited to play a game we expected to be great and all we got is a glitchy mess, a short story and now no game play at all! I'm done with this bull too..
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this might help go internet explorer tools internet options connections in lan settings unclick automatically detect settings also in properties off d3 icon untick run as compatablility

it worked for me

ty blizzard after searching a lot u had the answer
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I reran the Diablo 3 setup on my mac and then everything was fine. i know this won't help many, but i hope it helps at least one
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I'm on a mac, this worked for me.

Went to:

My hard drive (where game is installed) / Users / Shared / Battle.net / Setup / diablo3_enus

and I ran the file in there called Diablo III Setup. Doesn't reinstall just lets the updater work correctly. Hope it helps.
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I experienced similar issues tonight, just after updating the launcher itself when asked to. I followed the CheatngLoser instructions, and it now works like a charm. An updated downloaded and installed correctly, and now I can play normally.

Thanks for the help !

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Same story over here on my Mac.

Thanks to the instructions from DonkeyHoetee and CheatngLoser, it works fine now. Let's hope it stays like this!

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Hey THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Worked like a charm even on PC. File was right where you said it was!
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d3 won't launch on mac, stuck at the initializing stage. please help
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I just had the same problem myself.. So disappointing. No body knows how this can be fixed? Ill be contacting Blizzard tomorrow to see what I can do. Has anyone tried that so far? If so what has Blizzard said!?
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Ok for those of you who can get the launcher running and get stuck at launching here's what worked for me. Close the launcher and hit:
end agent.exe and any other bnet related processes
go to the program files folder and delete EVERYTHING there
relaunch the launcher in compatibility mode with administrator privileges in XP SP3 mode
once the update is done hit launch nothing will happen, curse whatever god you worship but then open task manager and close agent.exe again.
you should see the process restart and diablo should launch.

So I've tried everything on this thread and this ended up working for me.

I made sure my C:\ProgramData was clear of ANY battle.net or blizzard folders of any kind. In the folder Diablo 3 was installed on, D:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III for me, I made sure the updates AND Bnet folders were EMPTY. I also temporarily disabled my AVG antivirus.

I followed most of the steps in the quoted post above and eventually the actual launcher appeared and I could click on play.

I did not "go to the program files folder and delete EVERYTHING there" I simply skipped that step because it sounds retarded. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Don't know about these steps on any other OS but they did work for me.
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i can't start my game can anybody help me pleaseee!!! even i restart my macbook it is still useless....!!!
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start game/setup and then in win task menager (click alt+ctrl+del to open) end process - explorer.exe it will unblock launcher and u will be able to dl game files/play game
to restore desktop just go for "file" option in task menager and run explorer.exe
btw do not restart explorer.exe before u actually hit play button and logged on
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6248285042#4 T_T
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I have the same problem... My launchers shows, then my Agent log in password shows up. I put in my password and freezes.... Argh tried everything and I'm going cazy! Having D3 withdrawals .... Wtf is going on. did the up date screw up the log in process or is really a file problem?
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when I try and open the game it said there is a new patch and then it said fail to download check the internet connection? what do i need to do to fix this the connection is fine
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didnt work for me...!@#$
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is anyone getting the launher to open but it just sits at the "initializing" stage?
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Having the same issues... Just downloaded the new Mac OS and now I cant play it on my mac. Launcher starts but never moves. Can someone help with a fix or can Blizz fix this plz?

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