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GeForce GTX 560 Ti and Diablo 3 Issues

I just bought a gtx 560 TI yesterday(to replace my old 8800gts 512mb) and i run into the same problems like low fps drops and micro stuttering. I'm monitoring my card with MSI Afterburner and the GPU spike like hell. The game now runs worse than it did on my old card!
Yet another problem i have: when my CPU is OCed the cinematics stutter like crap!
Not to mention the other problems that you already know with the game. I gave you money for a game that i hoped it will be good and optimized. It seems i was wrong.
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I have a Nvidia 550 ti card all graphic is at full , but if the card is on 'HD Mode' or '3D' D3 crash ...

Look the temp of the CPU, CARD ... is probably this

move over the two side panel of your PC tower and put a fan on this .... and try it

and clean the CPU FAN maybe Help you i have a shame problem whit heat in summer or a dirty PC
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Everything is clean, temps are normal.
I tried the fix with hardwareclass "1" from D3Prefs document and the game seems to run better now, but there are still some problems. It dosen't run smooth enough and there is still some little stuttering here and there.
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i have the same problems with my NEW PoV Gtx 560ti and the bliz support just send me the short feedback, that its better that i don´t overclock my card... aha :) ... Blizzard is very funny - i never overclock my system for a game! i have a i7 System and all other games are working (Crysis I and II ...) but if i start Diablo 3 the fanspeed speed up and the degrees are not more normal... and yes i clean my system every 1-2 Weeks! Sry Blizzard but this is no service!
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I have done everything everyone has said on here and I still get over heating,tearing, and very very bad lag. I did everything Bliz said to do. The list they give you if you have issues.... I have a i5, 8 gig's ram, EVGA 560 ti and I run every game max out and never get anything close to the heating/tearing/lag this game gives.
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I also have an MSI 560Ti 1GB card and met some issues including low, unstable FPS (<30fps) and inferior image quality compared to my another PC with 570 card.
I have tried the following and the problem is fixed.
It worth a try but please note that it is always RISKY to do the VBIOS update so I wont write down the details:

0) download the latest driver from nVIDIA
1) google and download an updated 560ti VBIOS suitable for your card manufacturer. In my case I looked for my MSI card. I believe you can find one if you are using the card from the leading brands.
2) google and download a nVIDIA "nvflash for Windows" utility
3) follow the procedure which should be found together with the nvflash tool to update the VBIOS on your VIDEO card
4) shut down and power on your PC. In the Windows, install the latest display driver and check the "whole new install" option
5) reboot and see if the problem is fixed in Diablo 3.

After the VBIOS update, I get a stable and smooth 60fps under 1920x1080 with high SFX settings including AA. Let me know if this works for you.

From where did u dodnload this bios update ?
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