Diablo® III

I have figured it out!

After doing over 100 Warden->Butcher runs, Soloing Belial, Getting @ss %@!#d in act 3 but passing it, killing 2 rare spawns in act 4 (Yeah I haven't soloed diablo I just don't think it will happen for a while)...

I know how to play the hardest class in inferno the Monk =)!

There is no such thing as tank in act3+ its all dps kite and kill...

So first off let me say how i got my gear...

Warden runs got me most of it... I bought the other half, w/ the gear sold from warden runs.

My weapon is EXTERMELY nice which my lovely wizard friend got me.

2H (Yes 2h) 1198 rare monk staff w/ attack speed, w/.... 211 dex (yeah thats right) =)... oh also has 2.7 life steal to top that baby off.

I have attack speed in:
I have Also attack speed on my Set piece legs but i don't think it works atm... (just using for 2 set bonus)...

Now everything I have goes in this stat order

Crit Damage
All Reists
Fire Resist

(I said fck it I want the highest dps monk in the game lol)

I don't remember all my stats off hand.. not at my home CPU atm...

BUT! I do know my dps


My spec changes ALOT but this is what i use most of the time


+41% increased damage... (Boosts my dps to about 50k)...

Thenn the mobs get a nice mean debuff of 48%... yeahh u feel the pain...

I do sometimes switch around my primary to Way of a Hunder Fists / Blazing fists.. and !@#$ just melts like butter... but when they hit u (the mobs that are immune to the knock back) u die...

Anyways I believe now that DPS is the way to go

SO AFTER SAYING ALL THAT... I still rolled a wizard.. sick of sweating my balls off killing %^-*.

Wizards make things SO easy amg... Arcon is to much fun also... lol
Ka May Ha May HA!!!!!!!
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"SO AFTER SAYING ALL THAT... I still rolled a wizard.. sick of sweating my balls off killing %^-*. "


Anyways good information regardless. I was interested using combination strike but didn't know how effective it would be with one primary.

Exploding palm, flesh is weak could add more DPS. Love me some exploding palm but I run a similar build so glad yours is effective.
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I hope for your sake you're still levelling that wizard if you're talking about archon being good (solo at any rate).
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Ah yeah my wizard is 55 and is decked out to 20k dps lol i am sure its gunna suck in inferno but for right now its fun =P!
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Combination strike is insanely strong, sadly not viable due to lack of survivability on the class.
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!!! I have sucked at no game TY VM! My name is famous!...

Actually I take that back, I am horrible at CoD
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