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knock back the best special skill?

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instead of doing the dps race on weapons, i try to think of alternative styles that can b more fun.

knockback can exist on both the weapon and a quiver which i assume can be stacked. i always imagine using a 1h xbow with >3 aps firing a stream of nether tentacles on a relatively large enemy. with that many tentacles and each hitting 2-3 times with ~5% to knock back, that would be awesome. whats truly awesome tho is that after the knock back the enemy should be right in range of the same tentacle that caused the knock back making the enemy take damage from the same tentacle. ofc this knock back can happen more than once in that long beam of tentacles.

i have a quiver with 1.6% freeze. 1.6 might seem very little but it procs a lot more often than i expected. using 1h xbows with ias build and stacking knockback to 4-5% it might be fun lol. getting ~4% chance to chill on hit on ur shoulders will also help as the slower movement speed of the enemy will potentially make him take an extra hit from each tentacle
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dont forget rain of vengence + stampede
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05/31/2012 03:36 PMPosted by Alucard
dont forget rain of vengence + stampede

lol ya that too, but correct if im wrong stampede doesnt knock back heavier enemies right?
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