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Bug - Monster with 1 HP left can't die

I was in Nightmare Act 3 (looking to raise the catapults). I had used Venom Hydra, Ice Armour, Force Wave and my signature skills to attack against the Demon Trooper. The mob was left with 1 hp, and it just won't die...


not sure if anyone else might have experienced this.. but.. I think its a bug..


Edit: Link for clarity
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I've actually run into this on more than one occasion playing multiplayer in various areas. Sadly I can't be more specific in that, but I can say that any of these monsters I ran into still took damage and died from another players attacks.
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The same thing just happened to me during the same quest actually, against two Demon Troopers as well. I also noticed that the monsters were completely invulnerable a lot of my attacks, except for the bleed effect on Impale with Chemical Burn. However, they were left with 1 hp, and I couldn't kill them.
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Just had the same thing, will have to kite these until Blizzard fix this
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I know i'm necro'ing this thread; frankly in finding the issue it's at the top of the list of matching US forum results on google, so hush up when i say, these bastard glitched monsters WILL die if you persist and hold out for a minute

hear me out

i was running a bounty where you had to clear a dungeon of some kind; i got one of these glitched monsters that prevented the clear status from registering; as i contemplated my options, i had looked up the matter and found my way to this thread and saw that some people had friends or something that were able to do it, so i started putting together a message to a friend of mine who was online at the time while my enchantress was attacking the glitched monster, and halfway through composing the private message in-game, the glitched monster died and i cleared the bounty

i thought it was just a fluke, so i tested out my theory on the next glitched monster i ran across, and sure enough, the little guy will die if you persist on your attack long enough

my recommendation is to use simple generator skills; since the monster's at one hitpoint, once whatever voodoo protection he has on him gives out, he'll die even if you sneeze on him, but do be patient

again, apologize for necro'ing this particular thread, but i'm putting it out there that there is hope
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