Was doing some Hell Butcher runs with my buddy W4LTR0N, helping him level up. All was well; did a few runs no problem.

Then on third run, we get to the butcher, and about half way through the battle I realize hes just STANDING THERE in the middle!!

Butcher sets his sights on him, and charges him, throwing meat hooks at him, etc. It is clear something is wrong! What could it be? did he get minimized? is he making a SANDWICH!? or did BATTLE.NET decide to disconnect him for no apparent reason??

no one knows! but I throw myself between him and the butcher trying my hardest to lure the fat piece of meat away from my fragile helpless friend.

While dancing with the abomination and getting pretty low on health myself; I see a message pop up saying that W4LTR0N had been slain by a FIRE GRATE!!

Immediately after this disgraceful humiliating death; W4LTR0N leaves the game.

I avenge his death and butcher the Butcher and put his firey torture room to rest.

W4LTR0N logs back on to find his hero in an oddly peaceful state, clearly in another realm beyond the mortal world of the Hardcore Heroes.

Turns out it was Battle.net that killed my companion. Some could call it a a random disconnect; I call it Diablo eliminating him the only way he thought possible. It was clear to all of the minions of hell that if W4LTR0N persisted he would become an unstoppable force laughing his way through the gates of Inferno.

R.I.P Buddy. Sorry you had to go that way.