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Hi guys, so i've made a gold find DH, currently in inferno, sitting at bout 30k dps and 152% GF base. I find that even in highly populated areas i can onli make 100k max outta this. Eith 5 stacks it will increase to bout 150k but that seems to be the bottle neck. Any1 else know where i can get better luck with a gold find build? (what areas?) i've seen people makeup to 500k an hour with gold find and was just wondering if any1 managed that or is it just all exaggerated hogwash?
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Hey man, I am mining Warden-Butcher with a wizard. about 17k DPS, 32% gold find. i make about 100-150k per 20 mins or so... that's roughly 2-3 runs an hour.

What i do is start in Northern Highlands and follow the path through the Manor. Before you reach the warden you'll have already maxed out NV from the leets along the way.

With your DPS I think you can run it way faster.

And most people i ask would tell you act 3 is THE gold mine with the number of mob spawn. But needs 50k+ DPS to be mined efficiently and some durability too.
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Gold find sucks. MF gear is better in every way.
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07/14/2012 03:22 PMPosted by Spicynoodoh
Gold find sucks. MF gear is better in every way.

Go up to Penslinger's post for the most optimal gold find run you will find anywhere in this game.

Now Spicynoodoh, what you claim is not true. With 0 percent gold find the max amount of gold you can get in act 1 is maybe 750 ish if you are lucky. With 250 % (which is what I have, all good gear with good res too) I find stacks of gold in the range of 2500 gold. Since I do a lot of 6 property crafting, I find the Gold Find extremely beneficial, and no matter what there is always a chance no matter how slim of finding good gear on the ground. Although I do agree MF is better in every way in Act 3-4 inferno just because 1 drop there can make all the difference, the thing is Act 1 is just so rare either way you do it (sadly).
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