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Bloodstained Letter and Battlefield Reports

So I understand Bloodstained Letter is supposed to drop from a Dead Soldier in the Keep Depths, but I have gone through all three levels 20+ times, and have found a Dead Soldier on each run, sometimes more than 1 per run, and no Bloodstained Letter. I have gone through the forums and see that many other people are having similar problems. Can somebody please confirm that this is a bug and that a fix is in the mix?

Also, I've scoured the forums for where to find the Battlefield Reports, but same thing, except NOBODY has found this. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?
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It is indeed a confirmed bug by many players including myself.

As far as we know, NONE of the players have found the Battlefield reports.

The Bloodstained letter is bugged in a different way for many players. Many reports have been characters created sometime within the first week after the game is launched were NOT able to find the Bloodstained letter from the correct corpse (Dead Soldier) *Note the letter is not found from "Dead Guardsman". Dead Soldier corpse is a rare occassion and may or may not spawn in every The Keep level 1 map in Act 3. However, just like any other letters/journals, if you found the corpse/source of that particular letter/journal, it's guaranteed to drop 100%.

If your character cannot find it from the Dead Soldier, like when you loot the corpse it only dropped gold, then your character is bugged like many others including myself.

Also just to recap it's the same bug appeared from Act 1 "Lyceum" and "Villager's Journal". NONE of the players have found either one and it's confirmed by Bashiok that those are indeed bugged.

Hopefully this thread gets the attention it deserves and these achivement bugs be patched soon!

Hope that helps.

PS. Devs, please jog these down in your bug fix list in the upcomming patch please!
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Bloodletting Letter did drop for me by random dead soldier in deeps 1 on hardcore and since i was looking for Fall Of Barbarian Part 5 that i found a run after this in the same level so its bugged by some players since it wasent for me or be very lucky it will drop from 1 of the dead soldiers
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I found the bloodstained letter in the keep depths level 1 on normal. My character was created on launch day. For me it was right around the corner from the portal if you go through in reverse, in a hallway. It was my second walk through. I still haven't found the battlefield report.
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Got to agree with everything BlueAnge1337 wrote there...
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Bloodstained Letter is not bugged (at least for me), have found several times, almost every time I have run through the keep.
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Blood stained letter does drop. I have come across it 3 times with 3 characters. It may be partially bugged or ridiculously rare. My last time seeing it was on june first with my dh in normal keeps floor 1 off a dead guards corpse. I only need the Battlefield Reports. I dont even know where that may possibly be. I spent nearly 40 hrs in act 3 hell farming gear to advance and find the reports.

Once you get to hell/inferno just farm the floors for gear and rares. You will most likely find them when doing that.

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Bloodstained letter is bugged-- just not for everybody. So consider yourself lucky that it's not bugged for you. Please Blizzard, get on top of this already!
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Hi. So bloodstainded letter is definitely bugged.

With my original Barbarian character from day 1. I Farmed dead soldier container for more than 20 times (more than 100 times keep depths 1) and no drop.

But when i started new character and went thru first 2 acts again, bloodstained letter droped from first dead sodier container i met.

Just another 9 hours for that ... huh.
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this is because of the server rollbacks from the start. the game rememberd u had it at some point, so it wont drop again. but the achievement progress got reset. so all u wanna do is get a friend find the book and in with a new lvl 1 char.
thats how i got all the "bugged" books
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I actually found the bloodstained letter, not sure if it was on a corpse or guardsman, but I picked it up and it didn't activate anything, so I looked in my journal, and it was not in there. So I picked it up but it didn't act like I picked it up. I created my character a couple of weeks after launch day. This all occurred yesterday, 6/7/12.
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As to those reporting that Bloodstained Letter is bugged...

This is tied in with the achievement bug and Lore bugs of the first couple days of launch.

You may have actually got it on your first toon (check your Lore list, you likely have the entry), but it was during one of those times where it wasn't saving the progress properly, or it rolled back (not sure which happened).

This means, no matter how many times you run Keep Depths Level 1, on which difficulty, that character already found it, and Lore entries are one-timers per character.

So, that means you HAVE TO get it on a different character.

I had to re-acquire a good dozen+ lore entries on my Wizard, cause while I got them on my Demon Hunter, they got caught in that black hole the first few days, that sucked up a bunch of them.

Hell, I only JUST re-found the Abandoned Servant's House in Act 1. I found it on Launch Day on Normal... not seen it until 2 days ago, on Nightmare with my 2nd toon (and I've farmed Act 1 Inferno ALOT). All because of the same non-tracking of Achievement progress.
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I found the battlefield reports once but that was before blizz screwed up my achievements the first day. So I made a new char and dont know where to find them
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I just find Bloodstained leatter inside of The Keep Depths level 1 frome a dead body
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I just found it a 3rd time on my one and only character (Barbarian), but it doesn't do anything after the 1st time. All three times, I found it on Nightmare mode. It drops from Dead Soldier.
I have screenshots of before and after clicking on the Dead Soldier, but don't see any way to attach images on this forum, lol.

Found a way - photobucket, lol.

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Have a similar issue, my character was created in the first week of release. But I had not gotten to Act 3 until a few days ago. I find the dead soldiers body on the first level of the keep, but nothing drops from his corpse (is completely different from guardsmans body).

Oh this was all on normal mode...
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Just saw the new patch notes for tomorrow's maintenance. Bugs in Achievements will be fixed.
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06/11/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Diabolical
Just saw the new patch notes for tomorrow's maintenance. Bugs in Achievements will be fixed.

For people who previously got them but did not receive them, no where does it state that broken achievements (ones you cannot get because they are broken), will be fixed...

"Achievements have been granted to players who previously completed their objectives, but were not correctly awarded completion credit."
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Ok, ppl. This thread is not about WHERE the lore items are; it is a request to Blizzard to fix known bugs with the 2 lore items listed. They are known to be bugged and they need to be fixed.
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